Arch Cot Inquest: Where are the missing witnesses?

If your name is on the following list, please contact the Coroner’s office.

Two days ago Barbados Free Press received an email from a person who said they were witness to some of the events at Arch Cot. They provided us with a lengthy and detailed account of what they saw and their contact information so we could confirm that they sent the email to us.

Their name is on the list of missing witnesses below.

We will not be publishing their statement at this time. We forwarded their email to the Coroner along with their contact information.

Friends, it is important that what was seen is testified to at the Inquest. We urge witnesses to contact the Coroner’s office with their story. We at BFP promise you this: If the Coroner’s Inquest does not hear your testimony, we will print it here. That said, we urge witnesses to contact the Coroner’s office first.

If your name is on the following list, please contact the Coroner’s office at 429-4292 as soon as possible.

Emily Anderson
Edla Bellamy
Lionel Benn
Alvin Best
Rosemary Boyce
Shawn Brathwaite
Shernelle Brathwaite
Paula Brewster
Herbert Burnett
Lucy Burnett
Peter Cox
James Cumberbatch
Michael Gibson
Kendrick Gill
Tyrone Harrison
Oneeka Levius
Stanley McDonald
Bonita Medford
Lisa St. John
Renaldo Simmons
Dorien Simpson
Donald Tull
Suel Whitehall
Charles Whittaker

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2 responses to “Arch Cot Inquest: Where are the missing witnesses?

  1. Anonymouse Not By Choice

    Dear BFP: The Elephant in the room………..Dr. JE holds a lotta sway in Bim. Some people are frighten fuh he. He is at the core of this tragedy even though he is trying to deflect his responsibility and envolvment.

  2. Diagenesis

    I’m in agreement, however, I suspect there is going to be much more blame to go around. Yes the Dr. will be there, but there will have to be a review of Mr. Cummings competence (to point to two), also, for all intents and purposes, Ms. Thompson. From what I have seen, it appears as though she is of the opinion that unless she had a pic-ax in her hand at the time then she is absolved of any blame. Legally, she may be right, however, if this kind of situation can develop under her watch I would hope that she would be grateful and not ask the populace to consider her for any such position again.