With unemployment so high, is Barbados importing Chinese workers?


Just wondered if anyone can explain the presence of these Chinese who seem to be workers … here in Barbados? Were they brought in for some project? (With unemployment so high it makes me wonder.)

I took these photos on December 1, 2010 at about 4:30pm.

All the best to you!

.(click for large. License plate removed by BFP editor)


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10 responses to “With unemployment so high, is Barbados importing Chinese workers?

  1. Lionel

    Seems that they could be Chinese tourists: I don’t think the Barbados government would import Chinese workers at this time, when life is hard for the ordinary Bajan worker.


    Hey! wise up! do you think China will be doling out charity with no quid pro quo ? Welcome to the real world…..

  3. Markie M.

    Tourists? With no women and they are riding in the back of a truck?

    Dosn’t look like tourist to me.

  4. 214

    Chineeman will WORK and dont play de ass
    Bajan want to mess around, as we all know.
    This is how the Guyanese and the Chinese put Baje out of work
    becoz Baje want MONEY, he dont want work.

  5. JustSayinBajan

    Lionel, you said, ” I don’t think the Barbados government would import Chinese workers at this time, when life is hard for the ordinary Bajan worker.” All I can say to that is lol, hahahahaha.

    Successive Barbadian governments for many decades have brought in foreign workers at times when life was hard for ordinary Bajans and to do jobs Bajans can do . That practice continues today and will continue into the future.

    Also, you know those illegal aliens Prime Minister David Thompson said were to leave the country months ago if they didn’t qualify for amnesty? I have got news for you. Some of them are still in Barbados and moving around in plain sight. If you don’t believe me, read the November 17, 2010, and the November 18, 2010, issues of Barbadostoday.bb. There are articles about a Vincentian woman who came to Barbados on vacation 4 years ago and never left. You will learn from those articles that there is no shortage of people who will hire and help illegal aliens instead of Bajans during these hard times.



    Having said the aforementioned, it is possible that the Asian men in the photo are not in Barbados to work.


    anonymous I have to agree with you! Why you think there are hardly any farm workers in the USA or Canada! The mexicans that work on those farms work hard! Bajans I heard use to run from work! To them farm work was “below” them!

  7. theNickster

    Cheap labor? the Gov wouldn’t say no.

  8. JustSayinBajan

    To Anonymous and Anastasia,

    Mexicans flee in droves to the U.S. claiming there is no work in Mexico. At the same time, Mexican employers employ illegal Guatemalans and other Central Americans to do work they claim they can’t get Mexicans to do.

    Americans are complaining there is no work in the U.S. At the same time, American employers are hiring Mexicans and people from all over the world to do work they claim they can’t get Americans to do.

    Bajans are complaining there is no work in Barbados. At the same time, Bajan employers are hiring Guyanese, Chinese, and others to do work they claim they can’t get Bajans to do.

    Bajans go to Canada and the U.S. to do farm labor and to work as maids, jobs many would not consider doing in Barbados. Canadians are complaining Bajans and others are being brought in to do jobs they would do if they were offered more money. Canadian employers say Bajans work harder than Canadians and that is why they prefer to hire Bajans.

    I personally know of a hotel in the U.S. that recruits housekeepers from Barbados. Unemployment for Americans is above the national average in the city where this hotel is located, but the management of the hotel prefers to hire Bajans, because they say Bajans are better workers than Americans.

    Do you get the point I am trying to make. In every society, the natives are said to be lazier than the foreigners. The natives always say they would do the jobs the foreigners are doing, if only they were offered more money. Employers, always concerned about the bottom line, hire whomever they can get to work the hardest for the lowest price.

    Bajans are said to be lazy at home, but are said to be very good workers abroad.


    Hello JustSayinBajan – you have made some salient points. What I find interesting, although this point may be slightly off the subject topic…. we talk of West Indian integration… when Owen Artuhur was in ‘power’ he opened the doors to Guyanese. When David Thompson took over… he chased them out. So much for unification and amalgamation…. a pie-in-the-sky concept mooted since 1956…

  10. halfbaje

    u only now seeing this truck???? i been seeing it every morning 630am in wildey heading up the highway, they are def workers, even have bags with tools in them, you can also see the same truck carrying them home around 5 on a afternoon too… thining they are tourists is a joke