Bajan Reporter publishes photo of dead or severely injured motorcyclist.

UPDATED: 2 similar accidents on the same day. Motorcyclist died on Passage Road and the gruesome photo is at Bajan Reporter. Motorcyclist on River Road lived (Tori Watson). See Ian Bourne’s comments and website for updated story.

Original story…

Morally Right to publish photo?

Is driver Dead or only Injured?

The Bajan Reporter (BR) is currently displaying a photo of a dead or injured motorcyclist under a truck. According to BR, the accident happened outside Starcom on River Road after the motorcyclist lost control while doing “wheelies”.

Bajan Reporter says he died. Barbados Today reports Tori Watson, 19, alive in the hospital.

Two issues

1/ Is the driver dead or alive?

2/ Should Bajan Reporter and the rest of the Barbadian news media publish such photos?

Bajan Reporter: Barbadian man wheelies bike and slides under truck in City: broke both legs and back then died!

Barbados Today


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14 responses to “Bajan Reporter publishes photo of dead or severely injured motorcyclist.

  1. Believe it or not, on the same day; two accidents, similar incidents but different outcomes – one is Passage Rd (survival) and other by River Rd. (Unlucky result and subsequent picture)

    If you read the caption on my site, I used the pic from Kammie Holder, I exhibited the photo as a reminder to motorcyclists not to do these stunts, I have had some close shaves with these guys who feel they are the next Evel Knievel.

  2. Whoops – reverse order… Passage Road is fatality and River Road is survival!

  3. Story updated now with Facebook data/comments

  4. what will they think of next

    These men on scramblers are a real problem on our roads. I am not surprise at the result(dead).
    There is a small road opposite the old Plantrac Building on Eagle Hall. There is a youngster who lives about two hundred down that road on the left hand side. He is the worst nuisance on a scrambler I have ever seen. He does not ride that bike unless he does long wheelies, he bobs and weaves between traffic with no regard for others road users, he rides at high speed on top of side walks and verges, skid turns in front of other road users. All the baffles appear to have been removed from the bike and the resulting noise is incredible.

    I am surprise that HE is still alive.

  5. zenophobia

    Why is it that these unlawful scramblers/motorbikes/drug runners are known to every Bajan, from every walk of life, but not to the police? What if he wiped out a group of innocent people walking the side of the road, or went head first through a person’s wind screen? And the noise !

  6. Distant Voice

    In the USA and UK motorbike riders who die (usually of severe head injuries) are used for harvesting organs for transplants. It usually depends on the A&E dept of the hospital where they are brought in. I dont think QEH has such a policy….what a waste! The odds of these bike riders (and their pillions) dying in accidents are very high. Insurance companies used not to insure motorbikes in Barbados for this reason.
    A bike passed me on the ABC near Hothersal doing a wheelie. It isnt possible to steer a bike when reared up on back wheel. He nearly hit a car a few feet from me and recovered wobbling all over the place.
    I spoke to a police officer about it one day and he actually admitted it was hard to catch them and most have fake plates and no insurance. I was about to tell him that they are making the police look like fools, but refrained.
    I am sure that a road block would do the trick. There is one bike that regularly passes a spot I know. Just place a few cops on the route with phones, and activate the road block. It is obvious the police are either lazy, inefficient or part of the problem (or all of the above)

  7. rasta man

    The Police are probably related to the motor bike riders

  8. sean chandler

    when I lived in the US, the police called motorcycle riders “organ donors”

  9. Troll

    The irony of everything is that cars have are the cause of more road deaths than motorcycles…….why isn’t everyone seeking the banishment of cars then ?

  10. Peltdownman

    Troll, give me a break. That’s because there are so many more cars!! Because of the lack of protection, the chance of a motor cyclist coming out of a collision alive or not very badly injured is almost zero. Modern motor cycles are so powerful that it takes proper training to use one safely. Obviously that’s not happening. Only yesterday an idiot on a very high-powered bike “wheelied” past me in the opposite direction at high speed on a wet road. “Compulsory” loose crash helmet, of course, but then again, what would it be protecting?

  11. Marvin Bareback

    I have been around the motorbiking world for most of my (long) life. It is such a shame that all of us who enjoy it a sport and recreation see biking’s reputation ruined by the actions of these insane wheelie artists. The bikes they are riding are usually not street legal…they are racing bikes that have no lights, no mirrors, etc. and usually have a competition (read:loud) exhaust…how is it that these are allowed on the road at all……if the police really wanted to find out where these bikes are kept and who is riding them, let them offer a reward and someone will turn them in…

  12. Please…
    May be cars cause accidents, maybe motorcycles cause accidents and bicycles, PSVs and large vehicles…. I am not sure

    But people cause the crashes that kill and injure.

  13. Mr. Man

    I dont mind the bikes…’s d riders that are the problem…….most of which are fellas from d block on a high riding an unregistered, un-roadworthy, too loud bike on the public road…..i strongly believe that the police in barbados has gone to d dogs……………….it does tek 7 officers to deal with a fender bender nowadays……………i mean really……….i cant believe we live on this small island with a large police force and no traffic law enforcement……..i guess it is beyond me…………and btw motorcycles cant cause more road deaths than cars because its usually only 1 rider……whereas a car has sometimes 4 or 5 ppl in it………..

  14. I have been riding a motorcycle for over 30 years and I am a certified instructor. My wife rides and when my son and daughter are ready, they will be taught to ride too. So speaking from this experience I strongly believe that these types of pictures should be printed so long as some consideration is given to the respect and dignity of the injured and/or deceased rider. The public, especially other motorcycle riders, need to see what can happen when inexperienced riders take foolish risks on public roads. Motorcycle stunt riding is never okay on public roads. Too many Bajan bikers ride city streets with no safety equipment, unstrapped helmets, weaving in and out of traffic, splitting lanes etc… Riding has inherent risks but if you obey the laws of the road and show some respect to pedestrians and other motorists it can be an exhilarating, cost-effective means of transportation. My heart goes out to this rider’s family but as shocking as these pictures are, if it stops one young person from doing the same thing, then publishing the photo is justified.