Rio De Janeiro explodes as police battle Brazil’s slum gangs

or… “Why Brazilians would like a Barbados vacation”

You know, this business of Barbados tapping into the huge Brazilian tourism market might be the right move at the right time – even started if a little later than we should have.

Picture yourself as an upper-middle class couple in Rio De Janeiro. Time for a vacation and you’d like to get away from it all to someplace fairly nearby and different from any place you’ve traveled before.

You visit the BTA’s Portuguese language website:

Barbados? Sounds good to me right about now…

Police raid slums, AK47 battles in the street, 24+ dead, dozens wounded

“Schools in violence-struck areas saw low attendance Wednesday as worried parents kept children at home.

Gangsters armed with assault rifles and grenades used cars to block major thoroughfares, then robbed people snarled in the resulting gridlock and set some cars ablaze, sending black smoke billowing into the sky.

Security officials say the gang attacks aim to force authorities to stop a campaign to force gangs out of shantytowns where they have long ruled with impunity.

Thirteen shantytowns have been pacified over the past two years. The plan is to free 40 – a small fraction of Rio’s more than 1,000 slums – of gang control by the time of soccer’s 2014 World Cup.”

… from the Forbes article Police raid slums, 10 die, as robberies rock Rio

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