Johnny Clegg and Savuka sing for Mia Mottley

One (Hu)man, One Vote! – for Barbados

Ousted BLP leader Mia Mottley says she was fighting for “one man, one vote” during her recent campaign for election as Chairman of the Barbados Labour Party.

We support one man, one vote when it comes to choosing the leadership of political parties, even if Mia is rather new to the fight. She will recall that BFP criticized her in the past for not taking her leadership to a test before the general membership.

Mottley said the only two times she has spoken recently was when she was removed from office and at the BLP conference when she announced she was no longer going up for chairman of the party. At that time, she recalled she was fighting for “one man, one vote”. On both occasions, she recalled that she said only time and God will determine the future

… from The Nation article Mia speaks her mind

The BLP and the DLP need open leadership contests where every member gets a vote – but those holding the reins of power don’t want that because then the political elites might lose control to a populist candidate.

Does Mia Mottley really want “One Man, One Vote”? We’ll come back to this subject occasionally and see if she is serious or just blowing smoke.

One ‘man, one vote — step into the future
One ‘man, one vote — in a unitary state
One ‘man, one vote — tell them when you see them
One ‘man, one vote — it’s the only way

Johnny Clegg and Savuka

God, how I miss the times when I first heard Third World Child.


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4 responses to “Johnny Clegg and Savuka sing for Mia Mottley

  1. Why does Mia Mottley just not go off into the sunset ?

    She tried to belittle me by dropping me from the race in St. Philip West.

    Little did she know that my sweet boy Owen would return to the helm and save my political career.

    It is true…..A DAY IN POLITICS… a very long time !

  2. Scrupie

    Is this the real Lynette Eastmond? I think not ,cause for sure Mia Mottley has won her seat in Parliament with commanding majority.

  3. My Name Is Not Sylvan

    I find it touching how the most vocal defenders of Mia Mottley, are formerly her harshest critics. These crocodile tears fool no one.

    The BLP is bigger than Mia or Owen, it has space for both of them. Like all family squabbles this will be resolved eventually.

    The DLP’s biggest supporters are the people who want to make the most of the Owen/Mia schism. It’s a 9 day wonder that deflects criticism away from the middle class who are now trying to figure out how to make ends meet, because their allowances are now taxed and VAT has gone up. They have become poorer when everything is about to become more expensive.

    They want to make a meal of the Owen/Mia controversy because poor people who had bus fares increased by a party that boasts as it’s biggest social accomplishment free bus fares for school children. Now they find out that they have to pay that and more. The BLP deliberately kept bus fares low, they didn’t monkey around with cheap theatrics.

    Bajans are watching the previous critics of the BLP, Mia and Owen cry long tears about Mia, and they are not fooled.