Barbados contractor blows whistle on Florida corruption

Chairman of Pompano Beach Advisory Committee wanted US$2,000 a month “contribution” or no city contract!

Vicente Thrower, Chairman of Pompano Beach Advisory Committee, had a nice little business going on the side. For a “consulting fee” or “donation to the community”, Thrower used his influence to ensure companies received lucrative contracts with the city.

And, if people didn’t want his “assistance”, he used his position to deny them the contract or make life very difficult.

Then Thrower met long time Barbados resident and business person Lynn Allison and demanded US$2,000 a month – saying she should pay up if her company wanted to hold on to its $200,000 annual contract with Pompano Beach.

Lynn Allison ended up going to the FBI and Mr. Thrower soon found himself wearing some new jewelery: handcuffs.

Now here is the kicker, my friends. Here is what is illegal and corrupt in Florida, but is PERFECTLY LEGAL IN BARBADOS because we have no laws against this kind of corruption…

“Prosecutors also allege that Thrower, while serving on the CRA advisory committee, did not disclose that he was a paid consultant for two developers and a nonprofit group that had business interests with the city. He was paid more than $50,000 to lobby for those groups and it was his responsibility to disclose those financial relationships, prosecutors said.”

… from the Sun Sentinel story Contractor: Pompano activist pushed for ‘contribution’

In Florida, corrupt politicians are arrested for what is done every day in Barbados.

Lynn Allison showed that all it takes is one person to fight back, to expose this kind of corruption and the whole thing falls apart.

But that’s only where there are laws against corruption – instead of Barbados where we have no anti-corruption laws and our culture and public officials permit and embrace corruption.

The other factor is that in the USA (if it is necessary) you and your family can move hundreds or thousands of miles away to a new city or state. On a small island you and your family can’t escape. If you complain, you and your relatives are targeted and you’ll soon find yourself out of work. Just ask Reudon Eversley about that!

That’s why here in Barbados, our politicians and police have to be pro-active and fight corruption for us.

But we have no laws against corruption, so it all falls apart.

(Photo: Grig Cook, President of Veco Commonwealth Construction (l); J. Patricia Alleyne, J.P.; Dr. Leonard Nurse, Chairman of Barbados National Terminal Company; and, The Honourable Anthony Wood, J.P, M.P., Barbados Minister of Energy and Public Works at the 2004 ground-breaking ceremony for the oil terminal. See our story here)

Dodds Prison & The Oil Terminal

Built by VECO, the most corrupt company Barbados could have chosen.

The FBI has hundreds of hours of taped conversations and room-fulls of documents pertaining to VECO’s business in Barbados, but the DLP Government isn’t going to ask for information it doesn’t want to know.

How many hundred millions of dollars were spent on Dodds Prison and how many will be spent long into the future under the BOLT contracts? Where is the money going? Where did it go? Does anyone in the public really know?

Take, for instance, those shiny new stainless steel prison toilets and sinks at Dodds… how many “sub-dealers” and “consultants” were in the supply chain from the factory to the plumber who installed the toilets and sinks at Dodds?

Were those expensive stainless steel prison fittings purchased directly from the factory, or were they purchased through a series of Miami-based companies established by a relative or friend of someone in the Barbados Government?

If the DLP government wanted to, they could have investigated one item like that as an example and they would have seen the truth. Yes, those high-value toilets and sinks would be an ideal example. So would the security systems of alarms, locks, computerized entry controls and video equipment. All are high-value items where another ten or twenty percent could easily be skimmed through Miami.

But the new DLP government did not want to examine Dodds too closely. They just yelled a bit for political purposes. Did you think that the DLP would really investigate Dodds to expose the truth?

There is only one political party in Barbados, my friends – and you’re either in or out. This whole business of DLP vs. BLP is just a little show put on by the DLP and BLP elites who worked together to profit from Dodds Prison at your expense.


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6 responses to “Barbados contractor blows whistle on Florida corruption

  1. Tessa

    First, Congratulations to Lynn. I support you… They are some good honest barbadians and yes it takes only one. Get those anti-corruption laws in place and let us maintain our integrity and keep our dignity. Remember our Motto “Pride and Industry” Don ‘t let those bastards tear us down and put us on the level of alaska et al. Many people up here speaks very highly of Barbados. Barbados is beautiful island (166 sq miles). Maintain it. Caring citizen.

  2. reality check

    only $2,000 per month
    What was he thinking?
    chicken feed for Barbadian politicians.

  3. Pieter Pieper

    When the present prime minister and his party,the D.L.P can say there is no problem with the legal profession(lawyers ),when Haynes(a lawyer)an official connected to the Barbados Bar Association acknowledges that there is a problem with lawyers in Barbados,when accountability, transparency and anti-corruption legislation are shelved and are no longer of importance to this present D.L.P government,it becomes very obvious that this present government is as corrupt as the previous government.God help us !

  4. Newbie

    Anyone that thinks there is no need for ANTI-CORRUPTION + INTEGRITY LEGISLATION IN BARBADOS has their own agenda to protect. There is an obvious need for a change in the ANTIQUATED SYSTEMS that are used to GOVERN??? this island. Magistrates AND Lawyers both in and out of PARLIAMENT control Barbados TO THE ADVANTAGE OF THE ELITES however you look at it, they play games with the legal system and the lawyer’s clients while making (not earning) lots of money, with no regard to the hardship that their clients are having to endure in the pursuit of JUSTICE. Should anyone show any courage in ATTEMPTING TO NAME AND SHAME any of the ELITES or their BUSINESS ALLIES then the full THREAT of the standing DEFAMATION LAWS are brought to the forefront in dissuading that person from further disclosure OR WHINING as it is put, (this tactic even works with the national news media). It is amazing that this one laws carries such THREAT in Barbados when lots of other laws and rules are broken everyday WITHOUT CONSEQUENCE. THERE IS NO DEFAMATION IF THE ALLEGATION IS TRUE, but when a judge has absolute power (or so it would seem) to send a person to jail for a simple misdemeanor ( i.e, not dressed to the court’s satisfaction) then there is a chance that real ABUSE OF POWER will occur when the matter becomes much more serious. With fear of abuse for speaking out then there is no FREEDOM OF SPEECH in Barbados either. We would condemn countries like Zimbabwe but Barbados is not much different just MORE SUBTLE with ITS METHODS OF SUPPRESSION AND VICTIMISATION.