Please visit our friends at… Carter County Radio

Click on the banner and listen online to Classic Rock from the Volunteer State of Tennessee!

You KNOW that Cliverton loves Carter County Radio – and he thought we should give them a plug. Not my cuppa, but anything for a friend. Done and done!


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3 responses to “Please visit our friends at… Carter County Radio


    Well well well,

    What an idea for advertising … you new comer you …!

    Listen, try BU with the same ploy, maybe you’ll get at least ONE other response …! (Shhhhh won’t say a word to wordpress … promise …!)

  2. BFP Cliverton not signed in

    We’ve been plugging our friends and their businesses for coming up on five years. The fee US$1000 per day and we leave the plug up in the normal story sequence. If you page down you’ll see a new plug every few days.

    Once you sign up, the advert is non-cancellable. With over a hundred articles up our gross revenue per day is over US$100,000, so you can see how lucrative it is.

    Unfortunately we haven’t figured out how to collect all that money without revealing who we are, so I guess the adverts will have to remain free. 🙂

  3. um what a weired banner skull and crossbones better look that up