Good things happening on Saturday in Barbados

Shona and Marcus make plans for Saturday night

We’re taking it easy this weekend. Auntie Moses has volunteered to take the two little ones starting at… noon Saturday!

Thank you, Auntie M!

My friends, you know how it is. Every once in a while as a couple you need more than a few hours alone together. We are so blessed to have Auntie Moses because about once a month she calls Shona and demands the children for Saturday night sleepover. No argument from us and you can bank on that.

After dropping them off we usually spend the afternoon doing something we haven’t done before as a couple. Sometimes we pretend we’re tourists. Other times we visit some friends or do something very unusual. (Last year we took an archery session with some friends and that was fun. We haven’t done it since but it was really enjoyable to learn something new. I wouldn’t mind doing it again.)

Then we go to dinner, and then maybe a movie or spoken word or standup comedy somewhere. We’re usually joined by a few friends later in the evening, but sometimes we choose to keep it just us.

Later, but not too late, we head home for a glass of wine without having to worry about “I need a drink” or “I heard something”. You know we love the little rascals, but sometimes you need a break to remind yourselves that you are people, not just the roles of Mummy and Dada.

We promise this to our children

When you have your children, your mum and I will take them for overnight stays as much as we can. You don’t know it yet, but you’re really going to appreciate the mini-vacation on Saturday night.

Love, Dada

Where are we doing on Saturday?

There’s so much happening this weekend, but we have two items on our list so far. The first is a visit to the Manipura Gallery launch by artist Annalee Davis. Shona just loves her work.


The Milking Parlour, Walker’s Dairy, St. George, Barbados

Saturday November 27, 2010 10am – 5pm


Website: Manipura

The second thing we’re thinking about is dinner and a show at the Tropical Winds Hotel at Long Bay in St. Philip.

Dennis Warner and his band are putting on a show and we are looking forward to our second evening with a song writer & singer who really knows how to entertain. If he lost his musical ability, Dennis could be a stand-up comedian any day. You have to experience his show to appreciate the fullness of what I’m saying. For Dennis Warner, it’s about his audience, not him. You come out of his show uplifted, happy and thinking he’s your friend who was there just for you.

We last saw him many many years ago when he passed through “Wally’s” in Brooklyn. You remember that, don’t you Shona? Back when we were in love! 😉

Here’s the details on the show. See you there…

Dennis Warner at the Tropical Winds Hotel, Long Bay, St. Philip, Barbados

Saturday, November 27, 2010, 7:30pm – 10pm

Dinner & Show: Bds$85 per person (“excellent food!” …Shona)

Children 5 and under for free (no way we’re taking them, but that’s us.)

12-17 years: $30 (very reasonable considering they eat like horses.)

Reservations Recommended: 423-0548 (Tropical Winds Hotel, Barbados)

*** A big thank you to LINC Enterprises for letting us know that Dennis Warner is at the Tropical Winds Hotel. Without your fax, we wouldn’t have known.

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  1. Wendy S.

    It is good to hear that Marcus is thinking about some private time together with Shona. Many men don’t bother.

    Marcus, do you have a brother for me?