Leadership chaos at the Barbados Labour Party

“Has Owen Arthur become so drunk; power-hungry and confused about what is acceptable that despite being a 3-term Prime Minister he would allow himself to be summoned to George Payne’s house in the dead of the night – just to sign a document, which now makes him a puppet leader?”

BLP Buyer’s remorse? Lack of viable options? Normal cut and thrust politics?

ONCE again Barbados Free Press prints an article about the BLP leadership chaos and Owen Arthur’s silence about the vote-rigging. This could be from the same anonymous author as the last Owen Arthur article, but we have no way of knowing because it’s coming to us through the popular Anonymouse.org Proxy in Germany.

Like everything you read at BFP and elsewhere on the internet, take it with a strong shot of rum ‘an doan believe anything without a sober second thought in the morning!

Who wrote this article? What’s the agenda?

Is it written by a Mottley supporter, or by a famous DLP supporter who’d rather see his party face Mottley and not Arthur in the next election?

We don’t know, but after a tonic and pink gin Robert says that some of the phrases are vaguely reminiscent of someone who’s name begins with “H”. Any other guesses from the Cheapside seats?

Ladies and gentlemen, BFP presents this article by an anonymous author…

No magic and after 14 years – no legacy

Despite the feeble attempt at damage control, even the few Owen Arthur supporters who clamored for his return are now having second thoughts. They too are disappointed having heard his un-inspiring address to the 72nd Annual Conference of the BLP over the last weekend. His dwindling support base now realise that if Owen is to impress anyone (which he didn’t last Sunday) then he has to do much better in his up-coming budget response. As I understand it, the buzz in the hive is that Owen Arthur’s speech to the BLP’s 72nd Annual Conference was like watching a horror moving in slow motion. It is being said that the hive dwellers are wondering if there were on Elm Street since what they heard and saw was really a nightmare.

It is being said that even Owen Arthur’s most loyal soldiers have come to accept what the Governor of the Central Banks said recently about him. Like the rest of the Barbadian society, Owen Arthur’s dwindling support base now realise that he is like the wizard of Oz. To some he might have been a star but he has long fallen from grace.

That cheque that was displayed at Haggatt Hall was the justification for campaign finance reform as well as for a Prevention of Corruption Act.

The bottom line is – Owen Arthur has no magic, plain and simple, and when the public relations was taken from him, the society saw a tired old man who is bitter and who wants to make everyone else as unhappy as he is. He is simply the past of the BLP and so could hardly be the future of Barbados.

Has Owen Arthur become so drunk; power-hungry and confused about what is acceptable that despite being a 3-term Prime Minister he would allow himself to be summoned to George Payne’s house in the dead of the night – just to sign a document, which now makes him a puppet leader?

Is that why he now has to be so silent, despite the overwhelming evidence of electoral fraud and other similar infelicities within the BLP he lead because he dare not anger George Payne and Dale Marshall at whose pleasure he is now Political Leader and Leader of the Opposition?

Can you imagine that the BLP’s Conference was pushed back by two weeks and yet, it was still the most disorganized in the party’s history? And so, it ended as it started. Whereas in the story of the Wizard of Oz – Dorothy was trying to get home to Kansas – the Owen Arthur faction of the BLP is now going down the same “yellow brick road” looking for a way to win the election.

Unfortunately for them, they have now fallen into the ‘rabbit hole.’ The theme of its 72nd Annual Conference required some direction as to where the gang-of-five are taking the BLP and Barbados. But given the weakness of Owen Arthur’s speech, one can only conclude that the BLP under his watch, is charting a direction away from Grantley Adams’ legacy.

It is being said that the high-point of the Conference was the action of George Payne and the suppressive BLP Executive who refused to entertain and motion for change, which will stamp-out corruption while ensuring greater accountability, transparency, and democracy within the BLP. But George Payne, Owen Arthur, Dale Marshall, Gline Clarke, Ronald Toppin, Peter Philips, Jerome Walcott and their accomplices – have signaled their intention to continue to deny 90% of the members of the BLP of any right to vote or have a say in the BLP‘s business. Shouldn’t such a human rights violation be immediately referred to Amnesty International?

That BLP Executive includes the same Dale Marshall, who – a few months ago, was telling Barbadians how undemocratic the Act is, which allows the Minister to appoint 450 persons to serve on constituency councils. And so, it is glaring that the ruling faction of the BLP lacks credibility.

Owen Arthur purports to have the moral authority to talk about discipline but Barbadians want to remind him not to confuse discipline with the cover-up of wrongdoings or him being a serious threat to Grantley Adams’ legacy and by extension – freedom of expression within the BLP. The people of this country are aware that for 2 ½ years Owen Arthur drew a cheque from the Barbados Treasury without working for it and that he only went to Parliament to get his name mark. I am also hearing from BLP supporters and insiders that Owen Arthur only attended three (3) meetings of the Parliamentary Party when Mia Mottley was leader. No one will ever forget that he called a Media Conference at the UWI to cuss Mia Mottley, on the same day he should have been in Parliament.

The Barbados economy does not want fixing, it wants restructuring and according to Clyde Mascoll, it wanted restructuring over seven years ago. This country therefore needs a new politics and a new economic and development model. The answers will not come from Owen Arthur and he knows that. Recognising that fact, he has now made Clyde Mascoll the BLP’s lead spokesman on finance and economic matters, confirming that he: Owen Arthur is really the Barbadian version of the Wizard of Oz: he is just a tired, feeble old man – some say a fallen star who has no magic. A man with no magic and after 14 years – no legacy. His public statement to Mia Mottley that the BLP and Barbados need her is as insulting as his tribute to the late Prime Minister Thompson, was.

And so, if Owen Arthur could not survive on the $3000 he was getting in 1992 when he said that politics for him is a painful exercise and too much of a burden to carry – how is he surviving now on his present pay and given his two new responsibilities, especially when the high cost of living is factored into the equation?

Everyone knows that Owen Arthur’s only interest in politics is to get revenge and to also ensure that the DLP never wins the government again. Therefore, given the electoral fraud within the BLP about which Arthur remains silent, one wonders if that silence means that a BLP government under him, will also tamper with electoral boundaries to ensure what he seems to want as his legacy, that is:- to be the ruler of Barbados for life.


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17 responses to “Leadership chaos at the Barbados Labour Party

  1. OWEN AUTHUR IS A LOW LIFE POWER HUNGRY BASTARD WHO HAS NO RESPECT FOR WOMEN and bajans should make sure there they dont have short memories againowen never came to the u.s.a and give a speach to barbadians that you can question him he always says he is taking no questions that tell me that he is a bully and a dictator buy how different the late David Thompson was as opposition leader or as prime minister you could as him any question and he would answer you that you who was gentleman and who is the scums of the earth bajans please used your heads please dont ever vote for a low life drunkard ever again

  2. My Name Is Not Sylvan

    Owen Arthur knows how to run the Barbados Economy.

    His administration presided over one of the most prosperous periods of post independence Barbados.

    He has never advocated “wait and see” as an economic strategy

    He would never have tolerated a tourism minister that after almost three years in office can say that he “hopes to see a plan of action by next year”

    Owen Arthur’s administration was responsible for the lowest ever rate of unemployment in this country.

    When he said Job #1 is Jobs, he delivered jobs. He never said that the three most important issues were “cost of living, cost of living and cost of living” only to then turn around and send the cost of living through the roof.

    He understood that to strategically subsidise the cost of diesel had a multiplier effect that kept costs lower throughout the economy.

    He never, ever threw his hands in the air to use a recession a reason to excuse himself from the responsibility for running Barbados.

    These DLP supporters posing as Bees who write from Anonymouse don’t want to tell you that!

  3. WTF?


    (Arthur) would never have tolerated a tourism minister that after almost three years in office can say that he “hopes to see a plan of action by next year” ????

    Arthur tolerated Tourism Minister Noel Lynch’s “plan” for Cricket World Cup.

    How did that work out?

  4. My Name Is Not Sylvan

    WTF while we are at it…

    not badly at all.

    while the results of the world cup competition were admittedly not what was projected. We have since had the world 20 20 competition as a direct result, the security forces in Barbados have been modernised, and our public health systems have been bolstered. The ability of Barbados to attract the Women’s World Boxing Championship and the Fireball Yachting championship have no doubt been bolstered in part by the performance of the island during the Cricket World Cup.

    So yes 2007 Cricket World Cup did not live up to expectations primarily because of the early exit of both India and Pakistan (which is no fault of Noel Lynch) but the island continues to reap legacy benefits to this day.

    While we are at it at least Noel Lynch did something and made a contribution to the development of the industry. You and I can debate that. He never, sat around twiddling his thumbs for 3 years waiting on a Tourism Master Plan and the current minister seems quite happy to wait for another year still!

  5. Jenny M

    Trying to destroy Owen Arthur in this cowardly way will not help. He has made a great contribution to Barbados and we need him now. All of this nastiness was tried in 1993 and he still survived . He will survive all of these cowardly, terrorist tactics. THE MAN GOOD FOR BARBADOS !!

  6. what will they think of next

    Who is the “we” that want him now, Jenny M?

  7. @My name is not Sylvan , please tell us that you are not serious . You have managed to tie every thing that has happened in Bim to C.W.C. In your quest to exonerate ……. or should I say exalt Noel Lynch you conveniently forgot to mention the FLOATING HOTEL , and its costs to us. Repeat after me . POST HOC ER GO PROP TER HOC . Now tell us , was it fourteen million dollars ?

  8. Jenny M

    @ What will they think of next
    Barbadians who have never seen things so rough……those not blinded by Dem propaganda

  9. what will they think of next

    The whole World has never seen things so rough, JennyM. I think I remember Barbados being a part of the World.

  10. David G. Brooks

    BFP: “… phrases are vaguely reminiscent of someone who’s name begins with ‘H'”

    Oh most definitely, in fact the above phrase should have been more like “who’s nameS begin with ‘H'” … no doubt about it.

    By the way,

    HH where did that cheque that was displayed at Haggatt Hall come from?

    Say again, sorry, I didn’t catch that … which Bank?

    And, said Bank was at that time a subsidiary of which company/group of companies, which have now fallen from grace?

    And, who was the lawyer (and politician who displayed said cheque) for said Bank and Group of Companies? (May he R.I.P. – maybe that was what killed him in the end, as maybe he didn’t realise what he was getting himself into … Stress –> Cancer, etc.)

    And, HH, who have you ‘been’ working for again?

    And, don’t you look like the picture of health now, stress free and happy!

  11. Adrian Loveridge

    Lest we forget. US$15 million (BDS$30 million) to charter the Carnival ship.
    All for a net gain of 44 long stay visitors for the first 4 months of 2007. What a legacy!

  12. Hi folks,

    Please leave my sweet boy, Owen, out of the fracas !
    It is because of him that I am running for a seat again.
    Mia did not realise what she was doing when she dumped me.

  13. Owen Arthur is a man for sale. He has since been purchased by George Payne for two signatures and now serves at Payne’s pleasure as Political Leader and Leader of the Opposition. Never has the Constitution of Barbados been so vulgarized or the Office Leader of the Opposition reduced to such and all-time-low. This is Owen Arthur’s legacy. Perhaps consistent with the terms of that deal, he is now showing ‘zero interest’ in stamping-out corruption among his faction of the BLP.

    Barbadians no longer have to wonder what prompted Owen Arthur to get-up from next to his wife in ‘the dead of the night’ and go to meet George Payne in a house where three other men were waiting. What is also obvious is that despite being a tired and feeble old man, Owen Arthur has an unquenchable thirst for power and will do anything to satisfy that hunger.

    But by going to George Payne’s house ‘in the dead of the night’ Owen Arthur has communicated two extremely serious messages to Barbadians. The people of this country are now aware and are very worried that were they to believe the scare tactics about the economy and make the error and put Owen Arthur in a position to become Prime Minister again, while they sleep – he would be doing similar ‘dirty secret deals’ with the very people who do not feel that Mia Mottley or Freundel Stuart are the type of leaders they want running this country.

    The second and most frightening message Owen Arthur has communicated is that he is a man for sale–that once the price is right he is willing to deal.

    In this case, he was purchased with four signatures. Never in the history of Barbados has anyone become leader of any political party through such an offensive and dirty secret deal in the dead of the night.
    I kid you not my friends. Owen Arthur has therefore taken politics in Barbados to a new low and effortlessly – he and the gang-of-five have shown the immorality and the dark side of Barbadian politics. There might be some truth in him saying that he is the same yesterday today and tomorrow because he was proven to be corrupt when in Government and also now in Opposition. Even gear box has a moral minimum. And so, this is the sad end of a man and his four accomplices who have fallen from grace. These men have made it clear that they are willing to wheel and deal.

    It must therefore have been a sad day for members and supporters of the Barbados Labour Party to find themselves locked-out of their own headquarters (first time in 72-years) and kept at bay in the boiling hot sun, as armed Police stood guard, while Owen Arthur, Gline Clarke, Ronald Toppin, George Payne and Dale Marshall locked themselves behind close doors (in air-conditioned comfort) to finalize the transaction surrounding their dirty deal.

    With Owen Arthur having been purchased and George Payne having acquired an asset (albeit toxic) Owen Arthur now seems compelled to remain silent, despite the ugly activities going on all around him within the BLP.

    The people of Barbados see this ‘puppet alliance’ and what is happening within the BLP as electoral fraud, election rigging, corruption and organised crime. When the people of Barbados thought it could not get any worse, BLP insiders are saying that in share arrogance, on the final day of the BLP’s Conference, the untouchable gang-of-five (which now sees themselves as above-the-law) added “human rights violation to the list of atrocities against the people of this country.

    No one expected that a political party that was born out of the poverty and the distress of the 1930’s (a period of grave social, economic and political oppression and inequality in Barbados) would be doing to its members 72-years later – exactly what it was form to stamp-out and protect Barbadians from. But this deliberate departure from the vision of our National Hero Grantley Adams and the core principle of the party he formed – has occurred because a dirty deal has been struck ‘in the dead of the night’ between the person whose silence and cooperation has been purchased and those who have hijacked the BLP and are resisting all attempts to stamp-out corruption; promote respect for the rule of law including for human rights or ensure greater levels of accountability, transparency and democracy.

    This sad turn of events in the high stakes game being played by Owen Arthur and George Payne, characterises the ‘Prior Park Accord,’ therefore any talk about the economy is nothing more than a desperate attempt by them to camouflage internal corruption and the glaring evidence of serious human rights violating within the BLP. There is an increasingly obvious lack of respect for decency by the gang-of-five but corruption and the rigging of elections is nothing to wink at.

    Therefore, each time the word: “ECONOMY” is mentioned, it must be a reminder to Barbadians that Owen Arthur is corrupt and that unknown to members of his party, he secretly put thousands of dollars intended for campaign contributions, into his personal bank account. Barbadians must therefore guard their minds and must not believe the nonsense that Owen Arthur is the only one in this country who can manage the economy.

    Owen Arthur has demonstrated that while he has a large ego on the economy, he actually has a very tiny brain. He has now made Mascoll the BLP’s lead spokesman on finance and the economy exactly for that reason. And so, as a 3-term Prime Minister, while Arthur is a puppet for George Payne, he has now become an “errand boy” for Mascoll.

    Owen Arthur wants Barbadians to focus on the economy because he wants to downplay the corruption among his faction of the BLP, which he seems to have taken an oath to cover-up, as part of his purchase agreement or the Prior Park Accord. Owen Arthur wants you to focus on the economy because he wants the electorate to forget that he has been purchased by George Payne, Dale Marshall, Ronald Toppin and Gline Clarke and that he now has to keep his mouth shut despite the public alarm about the corrupt practices now occurring within the BLP and right under his nose. How would Barbados move forward with such corruption?

    George Payne purchased a toxic asset and the BLP and Barbados are now saddled with a power-hungry-old-man who the late Prime Minister David Thompson exposed for secretly putting thousands intended as campaign contributions into his personal bank account.

  14. Can someone please tell David G. Brooks the name of the minister that was responsible for the regulation of banks and insurance companies at that time ? D.G.B. you must know that as they say , ONLY THE GOOD DIE YOUNG. They also say that there is no rest for OWEN .

  15. My Name Is Not Sylvan

    To support my point about the investments in World Cup, I see in Barbados Today that Kensington will get the lion’s share of the matches in the upcoming Digicel one day series.

    Coincidence? I think not.

    The World Cup Investment in Kensington continues to pay dividends.

  16. BFP

    “World Cup Investment” does not pay anything. It would take a century for it to break even.

    I’d rather have had a new hospital and advertised that to bring in the medical tourists, but no… we had a hell of a cricket party and the hospital is still shite and no money to fix it or build a new one.

  17. My Name Is Not Sylvan

    The investment in Kensington, was right and correct. The BLP was going to build a new hospital, and said so prior to the 2008 elections. The requirements for a new hospital had been researched by PAHO/UN consultants.

    The DLP said that they don’t need a hospital that it was just an election gimmick, and then Estwick had the temerity to speak truthfully about what the consultants had said and was demoted by Thompson. The current Minister of Health Inniss has said publicly that there needs to be a new hospital but has been too smart to make that comment to the media.

    Yes we would have had to borrow money to build the new hospital, but any competent financial manager will tell you that the correct use of debt is for capital projects, which is what the BLP did. The DLP has been borrowing money to finance current expenditure having sent the current account deficit through the roof. Even now they continue to refuse to cut expenditure, even as they tell Bajans they must pay more with less money in their pockets.

    Perhaps the constituency councils will have to schedule a “Constituency Walk Through” to hear people’s comments.