Who has the passwords to the Barbados Labour Party website & blog?

Dear Barbados Free Press,

Regarding your story about the BLP website still showing Mia Mottley as party leader (Barbados Labour Party website: “Mia Amor Mottley, Political Leader of BLP”), I confirm that there is a fight going on over the BLP website. Only 2 people have the password and they aren’t giving it up. That is why the website hasn’t been updated since Owen Arthur took the leadership from Mia.

Your story is up for over 24 hours at the time I’m emailing you. People are getting desperate, but it will take this email being published before the passwords to the website and the blog will be turned over to the current leadership of the BLP.

There is lesson here somewhere.

Yours truly,

One who knows.


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16 responses to “Who has the passwords to the Barbados Labour Party website & blog?

  1. Plan Ahead!

    The last entry on the BLP website is October 16, 2010. There is no action since then.

    “Houston, we have a problem.”

  2. quick solution on the way

    The newest version of the BLP which is actually the old rehashed version of the BLP is checking with their website provider in Brazil who now owns the site.

    The taxpayer will somehow pay for this, once the consulting invoices are filtered through several offshore companies.

  3. John

    How many economists does it take to work a computer?

  4. Undertaker

    If only they could just unplug the computer or reboot the server. Next time make the password: Leader#1 so that everyone will have it.

  5. New Facebook group…


    Bajans against the return of Owen Arthur: Having hijacked the BLP Owen Arthur now wants a return to the position of prime minister, a post he held for 14 years until a defeat in 2008 that saw him run from the leadership position of his party.

    “Bajans aren’t stupid, we don’t want a return to the corrupt politics of Owen Arthur

    Their logo has OSA like Fidel plus one other accoutrement which made me wonder if BFP was involved?

  6. Hi Folks,

    Why do you all not ease off my leader, Owen ?

    He is better for Bim !

  7. 62

    @Ian Bourne
    November 17, 2010 at 7:28 pm New Facebook group…


    “Bajans against the return of Owen Arthur”

    Had a look Ian. Seems to me that the site is struggling for hits, and only the same two persons are making comments. Is this your idea or is it BFP?

  8. The picture is rather BFP’ish, ain’t it? I found it funny albeit Noble…

  9. sean chandler

    @quick solution – if that is true, it’s a shame that a company in Brazil was used to develop the website for the BLP. There are several very competent local entities who could have done the job.

  10. quick solution on the way

    Sorry Sean Chandler.

    This was meant tongue in cheek because the BTA did exactly that for a porugese version of their site.

    It would be a pity!

  11. John

    Looks like the hierarchy in the BLP will have to learn to speak Portuguese.

  12. Lotsa sites need updating

    See http://bit.ly/9JkqZh as another site that needs updating.

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  14. John

    And these are the same people who want to talk about principle and democracy and respect for the wishes of the majority.The problem really is one of over stuffed egos and a feeling of entiltlment.The Barbados Labour Party was not left in any will for these black elitists.Get with the programme or move out.

  15. BLP site is totally changed now, looks primitive compared to before & their blog is now updated to Dec 2nd, re: impending St John by-election