Sublime irony: Muslim TSA guard feels Catholic nun’s genitals

Muslim TSA security guard searches Catholic nun’s groin for bombs and weapons

As the outcry over virtual strip searches and genital feeling by minimum wage TSA airline security guards grows, this photo from Drudge Report really says it all.

Matt Drudge captioned the photo “The Terrorists have won” and I quite agree with him.

It’s totally out of control. If you had to pick the risk factor in that photo, which person is the most likely to be a threat to commercial air travel?

That’s right, Islamic Supremacists are the risk. How do you tell them apart from normal non-threatening Muslims? I don’t know, but I do know that feeling the genitals of Catholic nuns and New York Jews on their way to Disneyland with the grandchildren is not the answer.

The Muslim terrorists have accomplished what they set out to do.

My family will probably not fly to or through the USA again for some time. If the Brooklyn relatives want to visit us, they are welcome anytime – but Shona and I will not inflict flying upon our family if we can at all help it.

I suspect that we aren’t the only ones who feel that way.

Barbados Tourism industry: prepare to take another hit because this anti-flying feeling is turning into a movement in Europe and the USA.



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28 responses to “Sublime irony: Muslim TSA guard feels Catholic nun’s genitals

  1. John Da Silva

    Wait a minute! So a terrorist could not be dressed as a nun?

  2. Weston

    I have no problem with the picture. Hating all things Islamic – THAT’S what the terrorists want so it can further justify their senseless Jihad.

  3. Fairness is the enemy of Justice

    A Muslim terrorist could dress as a nun or as a Christian preacher, but they couldn’t pass a background check that pre-screened them for “easy air travel.”

    What the United States Government refuses to do is to adopt a security policy that relies upon background checks and positive identification.

    Instead, the TSA implemented a security policy that relies upon finding that one tube of toothpaste filled with explosives in the millions of passenger movements every day.

    The nun could have been vetted as a non-threat through background checks and profiling. “55 year old Catholic nun. Born in Iowa, became a nun at age 26 and has been a nun for the past 29 years. Works in an orphanage in Nebraska. NOT A THREAT.”

    The nun could be issued an identification card backed up with retinal scanning to confirm identity before boarding. No need to see her naked or feel her private parts.

    Compared with, “Male, 27 years old, single, born in Saudi Arabia, citizen of Saudi Arabia, in USA since 2007 on student visa, student at University of Texas for the last 3 years.” POSSIBLE THREAT

    In that case, search and search some more, but do not issue an “easy air travel” identification card.

    90% of US citizens could be issued with an “easy air travel” identification card with confirming retinal scan, but the US government won’t do it because the Muslims would cry foul that it wasn’t “fair” and “equal” treatment.

    Fair is the enemy of justice and the enemy of common sense.

  4. Fairness is the enemy of Justice

    John, they never checked to make sure the “nun” was a really a nun. They only checked to make sure that the woman dressed as a nun didn’t have explosives in her crotch as some Muslim terrorists have been known to do.

    It they confirmed she was really a nun, they wouldn’t have to worry about explosive underwear, would they?

  5. Group51

    Astonishing religious prejudice on this blog, a disgrace to whatever your religion is and to Barbados.

  6. Expat

    Shouldn’t we also be caressing the groins of visiting Guyanese people?

  7. Expat

    What is the difference between a nun’s habits and an Islamic hijab? Why is one banned in some places and the other not? Answer these questions, you bigots!

  8. The Difference

    The difference between the nun’s habits and an Islamic hijab is that nuns are not in the ‘habit’ of suicide bombing, and some of the people who wear hijabs are.

  9. surprise surprise

    surprise surprise. i searched the drudge site exhaustively but it does not have the story. BUT all the right wing, anti-immigrant, anti-obama, hate-filled, racist blogs and sites have the story. the same sort of sites that bfp learnt how to publish sensationalist headlines and promote intolerance. the type of sites that bfp emulates and gets their non-Barbados focussed material from.

    bfp why dont you just come out and say you have an agenda, fuelled by your evangelical christian right wing affiliations?

    oh guess what? i saw a woman walking near oistins this morning clad in all black. face covered. i thought of you and smiled. it must really piss you off when you see them walking around barbados even though they are an extremely small number.

  10. BFP

    Hello surprise surprise

    Nice to see a visitor all the way from Germany. Your eyesight must be excellent to see someone walking in Oistins!

    But seriously, your agenda is to not acknowledge that Islam is a political and social system as much as it is a religion, and that millions of Muslims subscribe to a rather violent and supremacist interpretation of their holy texts. Although the millions of Muslims might represent a small percentage of the total, they have caused such damage that we have had to change our entire way of life in an attempt to protect innocent folks flying to visit grandma.

    Perhaps you have some insight into how our airline security personnel could better differentiate between a Muslim who is not a threat, and one who subscribes to the violent strain of Islam?

    By all means, please let us and the rest of the world know.


  11. Leeds

    How do you even know its a muslim?


    The TSA security guard is wearing a headscarf. She looks muslim to me.

  12. Green Monkey

    Are these machines really going to do the job as advertised by their promoters? Anderson Cooper’s guest doesn’t appear so sure.

    For all those who think these machines and groin groping, breast squeezing pat downs are really essential to foil the evil-doers and protect your safety, you better insist on pre-boarding anal probes and vaginal searches as well if you want to be truly secure on an airplane (see video above).

    Seems strange the terrorists seem content to engage in this never ending battle of wits with airport security to get past them with a bomb to blow up an aircraft, but haven’t detected this one significant weakness of the current nude picture machines and feel and grope procedures , or for that matter decided just to take their bombs and start blowing up the thousands of unprotected, and much less well defended targets that would be available to them.

    So in the interest of really defending the safety of air travel, I think everyone who believes these new search procedures are necessary should start a campaign to insist that these half measures will not do, and you want anal/vaginal probes instituted as standard operating procedure in all pre-boarding searches.

  13. Green Monkey

    The TSA is out of control (video):

  14. surprise surprise

    bfp, like you i am also using proxies. i am sure you know that. funny though that you like to know where people are coming from and like to post isp addresses etc but remain anonymous.

    unlike you with your blinkered worldview, i see what is happening within the context of world historyy, colonialism, underdevelopment, superpowers using poor countries as their battle ground and fomenting fanatical parts of societies to further their own interests.

    but what is the point of speaking of these things. they are probably too complex for your narrow, agenda filled minds that only see black and white.

  15. surprise surprise

    what bfp should do is admit that the scanners are all about money. the man who was instrumental in them becoming part of the tsa infrastructure, one mr. chertoff has business interests in the company that manufactures the scanners.

  16. Religions are a laugh!

    Group51 needs to get real.
    “The religious veil” usually drawn to exempt religions from scrutiny
    is now wearing very thin.
    Religions (all of them) no longer carry anywhere near the authority, “respect” and exemption they used to enjoy.

    The cat is out of the bag.
    Religions are nothing more than voluntary belief-clubs, of no real importance.
    It’s all about the Tooth Fairy vs. the Easter Bunny
    …oh wait a minute…I just described today’s ongoing endless Religious War that has successfully screwed-up MY WORLD.
    ..islam,the political system posing as a religion
    (and trying on the religious veil thing)
    versus christendom -or what’s left of it.

    Nuns get searched, big man.
    Body cavities and all, left to me!
    They are just as capable of inserting explosive devices into bodily orifices (male or female!) as anyone else.
    Priests and Ministers have bodily cavities too!
    NO-one is exempt from airline security safety searches,
    not me, not you, not Obummer.
    Got it?

    FEEL THEM UP. Inspect their insides too!
    Either that or stand in front of the scanner
    and let the ppl in the back see the whole saggy soggy old thing.

    Who CARES any more?
    It’s nothing more exciting than the un-exciting human body.
    Big deal. Get over it will ya?

  17. We are SOOOO hung up on our silly little bodies!

    If I was a lesbian/female, I’d relish being felt-up/patted-down by a female officer.

    If I was an exhibitionist, I’d delight in the X-ray machine.
    I get to flash to Uncle Sam and the TSA! How cool is THAT?!

    If I was gay/male, I want a big good-lookin hunky white boy to Do Me.

    Can we get over the sexuality and stereotypes so transparent in all this?
    Not likely. LOL!

  18. Slap Happy

    I don’t believe this. You have sexualized airport security. One is getting their rocks off on X-ray scanner pictures. One is wants to be felt up. This is priceless. Not really !

    Sexual insecurities run amok

  19. Green Monkey

    There is no security at the top of the world (or why the TSA gets to grope us)

    By Justin Raimondo,


    Since the end of the cold war, US foreign policy has been focused on maintaining our imagined position as the world’s sole superpower, and that means intervening in every “crisis,” arbitrating every dispute, dispensing dollars and discipline to the elites of every nation. Hypnotized by the myth of our alleged invulnerability, which is just another aspect of our much-touted “American exceptionalism,” the 9/11 terrorist attacks traumatized the national psyche. A good part of the rage that followed the attacks was rooted in this illusion-shattering effect, and there was only one way to repair the damage: the rampage that began with the invasion of Iraq, extended into Central Asia, and, today, shows no signs of ending.

    The problem, however, is that this response has only succeeded in underscoring our vulnerabilities. The Shoe Bomber compelled us to give up our shoes to the TSA. The Underwear Bomber gave the government access to our genitalia. And soon enough the Suppository Bomber will give them free entry to the very crevasses of our personhood, and what is left of our dignity will perish along with the Constitution.

    It was all predicted long ago by one Garet Garrett, a conservative editor of a very conservative and indubitably American publication, the Saturday Evening Post. Garrett’s last book, an account of the American experiment published in 1956, ended with the Voice of History speaking:

    “How, now, thou American, frustrated crusader, do you know where you are?

    “Is it security you want? There is no security at the top of the world.

    “To thine own self a liberator, to the world an alarming portent, do you know where you are going from here?”

    If only we had known, back then, perhaps we would have taken a different road. A few, like Garrett, saw what was coming, and warned against it, but they were “isolationist” Cassandras, easily ignored as the US entered the world stage determined to project American power to every continent, and into every “crisis.” Our CIA encircled the globe with intrigues, overthrowing democratically elected governments and installing friendly dictatorships. Our tax dollars flowed into “development projects” that filled the pocketbooks of local elites and impoverished the people. Our diplomats and generals bestrode the earth like giants, plenipotentiaries of America’s imperial will, succoring our protectorates and rebuking our enemies – who, by that time, had become legion.

    When the Soviet empire teetered and fell, we took credit for it instead of heeding the lesson of imperial exhaustion, and this escalated our hubris beyond anything yet seen. More “American exceptionalism.”

    No, there is no security at the top of the world. Furthermore, at these dizzying heights, it is hard to see anything at all, beyond our own mythology of Manifest Destiny and other self-regarding hallucinations. Our vision obscured by conceit, and our other senses deadened by complacency and impending decadence, we are blind to the very real danger that comes at us with the persistence of Nemesis.

    That’s how those nineteen hijackers caught us, unawares, at the very height of our power – or, rather, what we thought was power. That’s why we are still looking for bombs in peoples’ shoes long after the terrorists have moved on to new methods. That’s why we will continue to make the same mistakes, and suffer the same consequences, as every imperial power since the dawn of history.

    The TSA can conduct a full-body search, prison-style, on everyone who gets near an airport: we can lock down the country, and treat everyone like a potential criminal, conducting random searches on the streets like they’re already doing in New York City. We can turn the country into one big prison yard, and still the terrorists will get through, eventually.

    They’ll get through because we’re creating new enemies every day, many thousands of them, as we extend our perpetual “war on terrorism” to new regions, and claim more blood sacrifices on the altar of our new god, Revenge. The conduct of our foreign policy for the past decade or so ensures that the supply of terrorists will be endless, as the relatives and loved ones of our victims come gunning for us. By hook or by crook they will get us – unless the cycle of revenge is stopped.

    More at:

  20. Green Monkey

    The findings of the University of Chicago Project on Security & Terrorism seem to back up Justin Raimondo’s conclusions in his column posted above.

    How to end suicide bombings: New book argues the problem is not Islam, but lengthy military occupations


    Despite a popular belief that suicide terrorism is the result of religious fanaticism, such bombings are really a calculated response to occupations by outsiders, according to research in a new book, Cutting the Fuse: The Explosion of Global Suicide Terrorism and How to Stop It. The book examines exhaustive data on suicide attacks since 1980 in the Middle East, Chechnya, Sri Lanka and around the world.

    The data show that the best way to reduce suicide bombings in Afghanistan or Iraq is not to condemn Islamic extremism, but to end foreign occupations as quickly as possible, Pape claims.

    Pape’s co–author is James Feldman, a former professor of decision analysis and economics at the Air Force Institute of Technology and the School of Advanced Airpower Studies. The book is published by the University of Chicago Press.


    The central problem is that leaders in the United States have constructed a narrative that identified the threat as coming from Islamic extremists who hate the United States. That explanation led to the invasions, occupations and eventual efforts to establish democratic regimes, something that requires a heavy military presence, the authors explained.

    “But we now have strong evidence that the narrative — that suicide terrorism is prompted by Islamic fundamentalism — is not true,” Pape said. Despite some military success, suicide terrorism has continued, Pape said.

    The book’s extensive research points out that after the United States occupied Afghanistan and Iraq, suicide attacks worldwide rose dramatically — from 300 between 1980 and 2003 to 1,800 from 2004 to 2009. More than 90 percent of the attacks were anti–American. Indirect occupations, in which the United States helps lead an occupation without committing troops, such as in Pakistan, have the same impact as direct occupations and explain the rise of suicide terrorism there, Pape said. The research also showed that civilian casualties during occupations increase suicide terrorism by giving terrorist leaders rallying points to turn local residents against the invading force.

  21. Huh?

    “9/11 was our fault, 7/7 was our fault, there’s been 17,000 terrorist attacks since September 11th, I guess they’re our fault,”

    “I guess the last 1,400 years of history, where Islam’s been at war with non-Islam, is our fault. It’s ridiculous.

    “We’re not the cause. The root cause of the problem is the Koran, it’s Islam.”

  22. Green Monkey

    “We’re not the cause. The root cause of the problem is the Koran, it’s Islam.”

    That’s what the powers that be and the Christian fundamentalists, would like us to believe . We are pure as the driven snow, only acting from the most pure, benign and altruistic motives, and all the terrorism we must contend with is the fault of the fanatical, evil-doer Muslims who hate us for our freedoms and our Christian faith.

    Look at it this way. You see a big bee hive down the road in some unoccupied, rab land, and you tell your friend, “I really like honey and I am going to break into that hive and get some honey.” Your friend says, “But they are Africanized honey bees and they sting like mad when they are provoked. It’s best to leave that hive alone and to go and get some honey at the shop. ” You respond, ” Well I don’t mind taking a few bee stings as long as I can get some of that sweet, sweet honey, besides what I don’t use I can sell to the neighbors and make some good money.” So you go ahead and raid the bee hive and get severely stung in the process by enraged bees and then come crying back, ” Oh Lord, Owww, Owww. Look dey sting muh! I did jus want to tek some uh dat sweet honey and dey gone an sting muh jus fuh so.”

    The Western world has become reliant on the honey known as oil, and unfortunately the Muslim Middle East is the world’s honey pot and therefore the West has for a long time been interfering in that region, overthrowing rulers we don’t like, propping up totalitarian dictators and occupying countries in order to exert control over the honey that we all love so much. Now that we feel the sting from the blowback, we are crying the blues and blaming the bees for a natural inclination to defend their hive in whatever way they can.

    The CIA and England’s MI6 conspired (this is a conspiracy fact, not a conspiracy theory) in the 1950s to overthrow a democratically elected Iranian PM, Mohammed Mossadeg, (he was threatening to nationalize the Iranian oil industry, then controlled by a British oil company, the precursor to BP), and they installed a dictator in the form of the Shah of Iran who used his notorious secret police, the SAVAK – (notorious torturers – trained by CIA and Israeli specialists) to terrorize and torture dissidents and opponents to his rule.

    Of course torture doesn’t count as terrorism when the US of A’s satraps and flunkies torture and execute their opponents to keep themselves in power and ensure that oil profits keep flowing to the US and British oil companies.

    Nor does it count as terrorism when the US invades a Muslim country on a transparent pretext of deposing an evil dictator (they once helped install and supported for years) and/or confiscating the WMD’s he didn’t have, which lead to the deaths of thousands of men, woman and children, the displacement of 4,000,000 from their homes into refugee camps, and dramatically increasing rates of childhood cancers, leukemia, and birth defects in areas where the invaders used their own WMD in the form of their depleted uranium armaments . No, by definition that cannot be terrorism, and it only a misdirected religious zeal for a false religion that might make an Iraqi Muslim think that it was and lead him to seek revenge. It is most unreasonable for an Iraqi Muslim on learning that his pregnant wife (like many of her neighbor, relatives and friends) has given birth to a baby with no legs or arms and a grossly misshapen head or on learning that a friend was turned into a lump of melted flesh after being burnt alive by a white phosphorous cannon shell launched illegally (as per the commonly accepted rules of war) by a foreign invader to think of those incidents as “terrorism”.

    The wholesale destruction by the altruistic foreign invaders in Afghanistan of homes and villages likewise cannot by definition count as terrorism against the inhabitants. See: “Pentagon Blows up Thousands of Homes in Afghanistan Repeating the horrors of the Vietnam War” at

    It would only be terrorism if they were to do the same thing to our homes and villages, because our motives are pure and theirs would have to be inspired by the Muslim fundamentalists’ typical hatred of the West and freedom.

    I hold no brief myself for the Muslim faith (or for any faith for that matter). However, as long as we persist in the simplistic notion that for our convenience we can ignore the injustices and horror we have visited on the Muslim world because they are crazy fundamentalists and would hate us even at the best of times and write off terrorism as solely the actions of religious fanatics, it is unlikely that things are going to get any better for a very long time. So be prepared to endure in the coming months and years ever more widespread and intrusive patdowns and X-ray searches and ever more intrusive and detailed monitoring of your daily activities by the state in the name of keeping us safe from terrorism. Welcome 1984.

  23. Jacob from Colorado

    We are not coming to Barbados island because the TSA made us cancel and I am writing to say why we cancelled. Because we were coming for a holiday in February but not now. We were hell bent to visit a different country that is warm and different than anywheres we holiday and safe and friendly and Barbados fit the bill. I’ve been reading about Barbados to learn about the island. The topper came when we read about your George Washington house in Denver Post and we said lets go. The TSA is the reason we cancelled. They treat good Americans like criminals. Read this about what they did to a woman having her moon time. This is the last straw. When the TSA criminals stop what they are doing then we will come to visit BArbados.

    Parker, Colorado

  24. Green Monkey

    The Opt Out Report (video)
    Airports unusually quiet.
    Air traffic down.
    Scanners turned off in numerous airports.
    Less people selected for gate rape.
    “Pat downs” much less invasive.
    48% are now actively seeking alternatives to flying.

    TSA Blinks in Face of We Won’t Fly and Opt Out Day Campaigns, see it here:

  25. Green Monkey

    The airport security solution that could put Michael Chertoff and his clients flogging their irradiating, nudie picture machines for $150,000 US out of business:

  26. Joe

    No surprise here! The Council on American Islamic Relations, a group connect to the terror group Hamas, is calling the new invasive pat down procedures at the airport a violation of religious rules and says TSA should only search Muslim women around their head and neck.

    The fact is, many Americans and travelers do not feel comfortable with the new naked body scanners or the full body (or groping) pat down, however, if we have to do it, everyone should have to do it.

    From CAIR:

    CAIR today issued a travel advisory for airline passengers who may be subjected to new Transportation Security Administration (TSA) “enhanced pat-downs” that many of those who undergo the procedure describe as invasive and humiliating.

    The advisory comes after two of the nation’s largest pilots’ unions urged commercial pilots to avoid both full-body scanners and public pat-downs. Pilots have compared the new pat-downs to “sexual molestation.” A union for flight attendants has expressed similar concerns.

    Special recommendations for Muslim women who wear hijab:

    If you are selected for secondary screening after you go through the metal detector and it does not go off, and “sss” is not written on your boarding pass, ask the TSA officer if the reason you are being selected is because of your head scarf.

    In this situation, you may be asked to submit to a pat-down or to go through a full body scanner. If you are selected for the scanner, you may ask to go through a pat-down instead.

    Before you are patted down, you should remind the TSA officer that they are only supposed to pat down the area in question, in this scenario, your head and neck. They SHOULD NOT subject you to a full-body or partial-body pat-down.

    You may ask to be taken to a private room for the pat-down procedure.

    Instead of the pat-down, you can always request to pat down your own scarf, including head and neck area, and have the officers perform a chemical swipe of your hands.

    Pat down yourself? Really?

  27. Tuco

    Weston and Green Monkey — If your mentality is representative of what I might have encountered in Barbados, I’ll pass on the opportunity. Only lobotomized caliber intellects would be so silly as to believe that passivity and even total isolationism by the US would abate Islamic jihad to any degree whatsoever. You call all jihadists LIARS if you refuse to accept their bold and public proclamations that Western Civilization is their enemy, Sharia Law is their way and establishing a new worldwide Caliphate is their goal. Not since the “useful idiots” (Joseph Stalin’s term) of the Cold War era have I read such blithering stupidity in any forum. ‘Course, I suppose I should be charitable — once you two evolve from toddlers to adolescents you might begin to understand the world as we grownups do. In the interim, here’s hoping your faces clear up soon.