Eugene Melnyk helps out Hurricane Honeymooners

Canadians Jana Lee Tryan and Joe Murray said “I do”, then arrived in Barbados for their honeymoon at the same time as Hurricane Tomas decided to head our way.

They’re in love so they didn’t mind the no water / no power at their hotel for three days, but they were getting a little grungy when they met Eugene Melnyk at Bert’s bar. When the businessman and hockey team owner found they were on their honeymoon he decided to do something nice for them. Soon they were being chauffeured to Melnyk’s estate at Crane’s beach.

A nice story. You can read the whole thing at the Ottawa Citizen: Melnyk deflects hurricane slapshot


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2 responses to “Eugene Melnyk helps out Hurricane Honeymooners

  1. stephen

    Mr Melnyk is a real nice guy. Because he could, he did. I would guess that even if he didn’t have the money, he would still have offered them a room and a shower. There were lots of ‘helping’ stories after Tomas visited us. People can be giants when they want to be.

  2. Well all i can say is it was a very nice gesture from the St philip man , which proves a point its better to give than get in return regadless of what you have ,fair play to him he has worked hard for what he has got damm spiffing old boy !!!