Something going very wrong at The Nation newspaper?

The Nation Newspaper is at it again:

“The sophisticated radiance class cruise ship Jewel of the Seas made its inaugural visit to the Bridgetown Port today docked with approximately 21 000 guests and 850 crew.”

21,000 passengers ???!!!

That is more than 3 times the size of Oasis Of The Seas, the world’s biggest cruise liner!

… above sent in by a Barbados Free Press reader. (give thanks!)

Do the truth and accurate reporting matter to The Nation Newspaper?

Just one day after we caught The Nation Newspaper publishing a fake photo of Grantley Adams International Airport, the newspaper is now reporting that 21,000 cruise ship passengers arrived in Bridgetown on Royal Caribbean’s Jewel of the Seas. (Nation News article Jewel brings 21,000 cruisers)

21,000 passengers must have been a tight fit in the cabins because the designed capacity of the Jewel of the Seas is 2,520 passengers and 842 crew – a fact I confirmed online from a few sources including the website of ship builder: Meyer Werft

My research expenditure was a few keystrokes and about 60 seconds.

Could it be that the best journalists and hardest working staff of The Nation Newspaper…

… are now working together at Barbados Today?


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11 responses to “Something going very wrong at The Nation newspaper?

  1. All that can be said is that old habits die hard .Can anyone question the propensity for embellishment as it relates to that newspaper ? The single most inaccurate document in the history of elective politics in Barbados (boxill-chapo pole ) found its roots right there where yellow-belly journalism thrives.

  2. Rosie

    Must admit I’m an avid reader of the nation news paper I really do find way too many easy to spot errors. Worst yet was when they used wikipedia as source of information, the no so reliable source to cite. In this age of technology, journalist the persons who should be versed in research and english have become lazy and laid back. Shortly I can see IM language being used as people become so use to this with their blackberry fingers lol 😉

  3. BT Rocks

    Barbados Today is running circles around The Nation and the Advocate in terms of professional journalism and eye-catching presentation. It is too bad that more of their stories aren’t searchable online.

  4. Barbados Today!

    The fake photo of Grantley Adams International Airport is still up on the story at The Nation’s website. 🙂

  5. Barbados Today!

    The Nation has corrected the 21,000 passengers figure to 2,100 and republished the story online. The link in the BFP story has been filled with an unrelated article.

    Here is the new article on the 2,100 passengers:

  6. Slap Happy

    It seems like the Nation doesn’t have any proof readers or researchers. If they do then they are not performing their jobs correctly. Who knows? Could just be case of sheer laziness0.

    Could it be a case of texting gone amok. Yes, the cellphone companies would prefer you to text rather than use voice. They actually encourage it; more money for them if you do. People are reading and writing in texting mode. The illiterate and the literate are now in sync. Soon, illiteracy will spike again.

  7. Expat

    Maybe it’s the Guyanese doing this.

  8. As the previous post commented their seem to be a lck of proof readers or perhaps they think their readers are dunces ?

  9. dimwit

    If you take semi literate people and put them in a position of operating a newspaper what in heavens name do you expect,,,,,,,,,DUUUHHHH!!!!!

  10. I did an interview recently with a Nation Newspaper reporter about my win in Puerto Rico at a recently concluded dance competition, with my dance partner. She was not very attentive and although scribbling my responses and also using a tape recorder she was still able to get some things wrong. At the end of the interview I spoke to one of her superiors and asked him to make sure that the news report did not rub me the wrong way since whenever I open the paper there are numerous mistakes and the reporters there do not seem to have attended Journalism school. He made it a point to ask me if I have any experience in writing to which I had to enlighten him to my qualifications in Research and the writing of reports. He also let me know that I am not the only person who has complained about the accuracy of reports in the paper. But I guess nothing will be done about that anytime soon. Needless to say, the report on my success did indeed rub me the wrong way because of errors but since I was not surprised I could not be bothered.

  11. Under-Disguise

    How can you be so picky ?

    Its a typo
    Since when has a typo become a reason to condemn and castigate in such a manner ?

    What has gone wrong with you people ???