LIME “upgrades” internet service. How many hours will it cost me this time?

LIME by Cable & Wireless: Limited Internet, Many Expenses

“Some customers may experience difficulties when sending emails via Outlook”

If your LIME email doesn’t work when you get up on Saturday morning, here’s why…

LIME announced that the company is making changes to its internet technology early Saturday morning between 1am and 5am. Their email happily says that if you use web-based email like Yahoo, Hotmail and Google you shouldn’t have any problems.

BUT… if you use Outlook or other “client-based” email, tough – just get ready to reconfigure. How long will it take? I don’t know but they lost me at “Configure your email client to send email via using SMTP Authentication.”

You just know that the LIME ‘help’ line is going to be a no-win situation for the next two days.

Cliverton? Do you want to come to our place for dinner tonight?  🙂


Here’s the LIME announcement…

Dear Customer,

Due to the passing of tropical storm Tomas, please note the new date for the scheduled upgrade below.

LIME wishes to advise of an upgrade on its internet service on Saturday, November 6, 2010 between 1:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. This upgrade will result in increased protection against spam.

The majority of ADSL customers will see no change to their normal internet service, especially those using web-based email services provided by LIME, Hotmail, Yahoo and Google. However, some customers may experience difficulties when sending emails, including residential customers using client-based applications like Outlook and IncrediMail that send emails via servers not provided by LIME.

Should you experience problems sending email after this upgrade, please do the following:

•    If you have an active LIME email account:
 Configure your email client to send email via using SMTP Authentication. You will be required to enter your LIME email address and email password. Please refer to your email client’s help section for assistance in configuring this feature or, visit our help page at to view instructions for popular email clients.

•    If you are using an alternate email provider:
 Contact your mail administrator for instructions on configuring your email client to send email via a Secure SMTP port only, or you can use as your SMTP server.

If you have any questions about your service or should you experience any difficulties sending emails, please call our Customer Service Centre at 1- 800-804-2994 or visit our website at for more information and assistance.

LIME thanks you for your understanding and regrets any inconvenience caused.


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22 responses to “LIME “upgrades” internet service. How many hours will it cost me this time?

  1. Free Google DNS –

  2. They will only be a good internet service and adsl speed when the current ISP providers have a bit more competion in the market place .

  3. WTF?

    My email is a mess and I can’t get it to work and Lime does not answer their help phone.

  4. William

    So what’s the story with VoIP in Barbados these days?

  5. The story with voip in Barbados it works but you get a lot of lagging in your speech, if you are calling from overseas with 4-8 meg Adsl speed .

  6. HappyMacUser

    as predicted! I currently run entourage as my email application on a macbookpro. Am unable to send email from the application for about 3 weeks now. Even after entering the new smtp settings it just wont send out the email. Got thru with Lime and the rep says quite nicely “oh we are unable to provide any assistance to mac users!” …

  7. Donald Duck Esq

    You won’t be able to send e-mails today if you have a caribsurf address until you make some adjustments. The personnel at the Lime Help line were extremely unhelpful and need to be better trained in getting a technical issue over to many non-technical users of the internet.

  8. Disaster

    I rely upon my caribsurf email as part of my business. It’s down and there’s nothing I can do. I’ve been trying for two days. My neighbour’s son tried (he is a teckie) and he couldn’t make it work.


    If so, please tell me the trick. I can’t get through to Lime Help. Busy busy busy all the time.

  9. Donald Duck Esq


    You need to get your own independent IT consultant to fix the matter

  10. tell me why

    According to lime you need to use their secure connection to the smtp.

    For outlook 2003
    Tools -> Accounts -> More Settings -> Advanced.

    In this box change the out going server port to 465 (previously it would have been 25) and check the box immediately after this setting.

    For outlook 2007 its the same process but the second setting right below is a drop down box in which you need to select the SSL selection (previously it would have been set to NONE).

    Mac users just find out how to set up your entourage to connect to your smtp server of choice with ssl.

  11. tell me why

    Also (for outlook) make sure that in more settings under outgoing server that the option my out going server requires authentication (or something similar is checked) and you can also check “use same settings as incoming”

  12. 'Happy'MacUser

    have followed the above instructions (SSL, server port 465 etc) as well as the instructions suggested in lime’s email i.e. instead of to use Still no success with my email client to be able to SEND emails. I am still able to RECEIVE emails. Anyone found any success??

  13. Dingdong

    you can also try using port 26 for outgoing mail

  14. DFX

    @ Happy MacUser,
    In Entourage leave SMTP server as (or click on the “click here for advanced sending options” button
    Tick SMTP service requires secure connection (SSL)
    Tick Override default SMTP Port and change it to 587
    and tick SMTP server requires authentication, use same settings as receiving mail server.

    Working for me. Hope it helps you out.

  15. 'Happy'MacUser

    Tried your suggestions. Still no success. Am wondering if me being out of Barbados and using another internet service provider (LIME Jamaica) will have any role to play in the settings i am using. Will keep trying….
    Thanks for all your suggestions thus far

  16. William


    Are you using your complete email address as your username?

  17. 'Happy'MacUser

    I am using the complete address…will try it without and see what happens

  18. William


    What SMTP server are you using?

    I think (or is only if you have a mobileMe account or a account.

  19. 'Happy'MacUser

    re SMTP servers used:

    used all above as well as SMTP ports: 25, 25, 587, 8799, 8002.

    also used: “use same settings as receiving mail server” and “logon using” – Account if with and without

    Still no success

  20. William

    On the topic of internet why is there no ? Both and and a few more regional site are out there.

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