Breaking: Barbados gasoline, diesel, kerosene prices up Sunday night

Death of a thousand cuts continues for the lower and middle economic classes

The Barbados government is raising retail prices at Midnight Sunday (ie: just before Monday morning). This was supposed to be kept secret until Sunday at 7pm, but somebody accidentally posted it online at the Barbados Government Information Service… or it was not an accident and the Barbados news media agreed to cooperate and keep the information secret until Sunday at 7pm. Take your choice, folks… but once it’s online it’s tough to put the toothpaste back into the tube!

Petrol: Up seven cents from $2.38 to $2.45

Diesel & Kerosene: Up eight cents to $2.23 and $1.45 respectively


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21 responses to “Breaking: Barbados gasoline, diesel, kerosene prices up Sunday night

  1. John Da Silva

    Gas in the UK today is about $4.00 per litre. Makes our prices seem not too bad at all.

    I jut bought a 2008 Nissan March which gets great mileage and is all the car I really need. It cost me $80 to fill up.

    I try to plan my trips carefully by either leaving early before rush hour starts, or later after it has ended. I also try to plan my trips to make sure I take the best route based on what I have to do that day.

    Traffic is getting worse in Barbados and this is one of the most important contributors to poor mileage.

  2. Capt. Nobody

    What is going to happen with the Wharf road in town? That is cause of lot more consumption of gas!!

  3. Nonsense

    I would hope wunna lying

  4. Undertaker

    Will we even be able to drive with “compressed/natural” gas like they do in trinidad? Is has been promised for soooo long. Is that what the vehicles that the NPC where driving around supposed to be testing? We always spend our millions in the wrong areas. Just like how solar technology should have off the ground we should been reaping money from that industry. Even the USA is envolved in that area now soon we will importing from them.

  5. Undertaker

    Please forgive the typos I did not proof read it helps to keep the literacy rate high.

  6. I understand Broad Street is to be made two way as compensation for Wharf Road?

  7. permres

    Broad Street should be pedestrianised permanently.

    Private car access into the town centre should be prohibited (more multi-storey car parking needed).

    I might use a Google map of Bridgetown to show how this CAN be done.

    John da Silva has the right idea. I have gone one step further, and sold my car.

  8. Paul Archer

    When I worked in Bridgetown I decided to stop driving and rode a Honda Rebel 250.
    It cut my journey from 40 to under 10 minutes and I spent $15.00 every two weeks in gas.
    We should look at Bermuda’s policy of 1 car per family and any extra vehicles limited to 2 wheels (mopeds etc).
    Of course all the reduced high vehicle import tax revenues which our government treasures so dearly would be compensated for by a much reduced energy bill, increased forex reserves, and a higher standard of living due to reduced pollution and traffic jams.

  9. bajan kidd

    you know why we have so much vehicles in Barbados and can’t seem to get rid of alot of them?

    Some smart ass decided that he wanted to see a car in every driveway/ in front of every house in Barbados.

  10. rasta man

    And who was that smart ass? Anyone we know

  11. Johnny Postle

    Anything new besides the same?

  12. Dean Miller

    Actually, the real reason we have so any cars is because our public transport system is totally unpredictable and unreliable. It isn’t like some other places when you know for sure the next bus will arrive in 15mins. I’ve missed the 7:30 bus on mornings because it came at 7:10, and been late because the same bus came at 8:00. The we all know how wonderful of an experience it is to ride in a ZR.

  13. Facts

    Why did you put in this article?

    This is not newsworthy – price increases by 7c.

  14. Disaster

    It’s not newsworthy to you Facts, but it’s newsworthy to me. Death of a thousand cuts I understand fully. Business is way down, costs are way up. I am barely holding on and I have no email service because LIME changed everything and I am screwed and can’t get it back.

    What is this about the Bajan news media and the government agreeing to keep the price increase secret until 7pm Sunday?

    That is a serious charge. Where is your proof BFP?

  15. gg

    Mr. John Da Silva,

    What about a fast ferry service. Anyone familiar with Bermuda knows how effective moving passengers on the water can be. Especially with tourism. It would alleviate congestion on the roads.
    John Da Silva Jr. could put together a feasibility study on what impact a ferry service would have on the island.
    After all Barbados is completely surrounded by water.

  16. @disaster – go to and look for Category “Notices” hover cursor and look for sub-topic “Press Releases” click on that look for November 5 and download the PDF embedded in that link – voila!

  17. Facts

    The fast ferry service is has been touted for years. It is theoretically sound and surely would make business sense.
    However, the down-side is the poisonous effect it will have on sea life.

    If you do a little snorkeling behind areas where there are hotels, you will see the damage done underwater.

    I think before any attempt is made to engage this type of business, a serious study should be done on the possible effect on sea life.


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  19. gg

    Small catamaran style ferries with capacity to transport 300 persons may be the answer. They could operate in deeper water. When making the approach to the dock they could reduce speed in order to reduce the size of the wake. There is always negative factors with any from of transportation.

  20. queen mcmillion

    Come on people be realistic. Study it. If $20. in gas putting your needle at half mark or a little more above before the prices went up, Dont you think that we should be paying more for more instead of paying more for less. Bull Shit. It is de same gas that we was buying all along. its just that they dialute the gas to get more money cause it burning out fast. so instead of we paying more say like $30. a day we actualy gine be spending $60 a day. because they dialute it. they dont have to to that. if wonna understand what i am saying good. if wonna dont understand read it again and again till wonna understand cause this information of an example i give wonna just now come from de source. think hard.