Nation Newspaper publishes computer game screenshot as real photo of airport!

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Welcome to Flight Simulator’s version of of Grantley Adams International Airport! (ROTFLMBAO)

Oh this is fun! Did someone at The Nation have a little too much to drink when the article Jetblue boss wants airport upgrade was published just after midnight Friday morning?

Not only did the editor not notice that the “photograph” of Grantley Adams International Airport (GAIA) is a screen capture of Microsoft’s Flight Simulator computer game, they captioned the, ah, ‘photo’ as “Grantlay Adams International Airport”. I haven’t seen the dead-tree version of the paper this morning, but someone should have a look to see if the computer game “photo” made it to print.

Don’t they have a real photo of GAIA in the files at The Nation?

The Nation probably has hundreds of GAIA photos, but when it’s late at night and you’ve had a rum or three, going into the files isn’t as easy as just stealing something off the internet.

And here’s the really good part: I found the website of the Swedish chap who created the screen shot published by The Nation. It looks like the newspaper just went to Anders Svensson’s website, ripped off his copyright-protected art and used it without attribution.

High Flying Flightsim

Anders S. Svensson lives in Umea, Sweden and he loves Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. He creates his own backgrounds and colours for the airplanes and “pilots” the aircraft all over the simulated world. Anders documents his trips at his website High Flying Flightsim so fellow enthusiasts can share his enjoyment and he publishes photos of his computer screen to show where he’s been.

One of his website pages deals with Flight Simulator trips to the Caribbean, including Barbados’ Grantley Adams International Airport. You can tell it’s Anders’ photo in The Nation because even the clouds are identical. Yup, The Nation ripped off his photo right from the page where it says All screenshots © Anders S Svensson, Umea, Sweden

Oh well, on occasion The Nation has ripped off our work without attribution too.

Here’s what it says at Anders’ website. You can click on the link and scroll down to see the photo that The Nation stole…

An Antillean Airport and Airline Adventure

Come along for a tour of the lesser Antilles in Flight Simulator 2004
 and in the environment of several amazing add on sceneries.

Lots of images here. Click on any image for enlarged view.
 All screenshots © Anders S Svensson, Umea, Sweden. 
Background image is a screenshot from the Grenadines with Bequia and St Vincent.

Sceneries used are:
Antilles 2004 ver. 1.4, antilles200413.exe: All islands from Montserrat down to Tobago with airports, mesh, landclass. An absolutely beautiful scenery. Highly recommended. Visit Antilles Group web site.

Piarco, Trinidad International airport by Bill Melichar,

Antigua, V.C. Bird International by Christian Delblond, one of the authors of Antilles 2004,

St Barth, Gustaf III airport by Christian Delblond,, and mesh by Francesco Romeo,

St Kitts Robert L. Bradshaw airport by Christian Delblond,

(Read the rest and see the photos at his website)


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25 responses to “Nation Newspaper publishes computer game screenshot as real photo of airport!

  1. GAIA worker


    Thank you BFP. You are cRaZy! This is going all over everywhere.

  2. Stupid

    What does “ROTFLMBAO” mean?

  3. Crying

    The Nation represents professional journalism at its finest! I would say “Bajan professional journalism” but it’s Trini.

  4. WSD

    What does “ROTFLMBAO” mean?

    I think it means “rolling on the floor laughing my black ass off”

    Did I get it right, bfp?

  5. Jetblue a Top American Airline Industry, really?

  6. About

    This latest performance from the Nation is about what I’ve come to expect. Flight Simulator instead of a photo of the airport! How can they live with themselves?

  7. Politically Tired

    They just get better & better !!

  8. Slap Happy

    No Way! They could have at least used a post card shot. Maybe with one showing a B.O.A.C airplane.

    Isn’t there some kind of review before a story is printed?

  9. Chicago

    They changed the incorrect spelling on the photo (Grantlay to Grantley) but the flight simulator photo is still there. This is hilarious!

    Did the photo appear in the print (paper) edition of the Nation?

  10. nevermind kurt

    Aren’t they embarrassed enough to take it down? It’s a photo from a computer game. They must know by now. Can’t anyone make a decision until the boss gets in tomorrow morning?

    The Nation gets worse and worse with every passing day.

  11. Oh My!

    This would be unbelievable except it is true. The Nation hasn’t bothered to take it down. Arrogance? Stupidity? I don’t know how to call it.


    the Nation should turn off the lights and go home. There is no reason for the paper to continue. Flight Simulator! JC!

  12. BFP

    Hello WSD,

    You said “What does “ROTFLMBAO” mean? I think it means “rolling on the floor laughing my black ass off. Did I get it right, bfp?”

    Yes, you got it right! 🙂


  13. Nation Newspaper at it again

    The Nation Newspaper is at it again:

    “The sophisticated radiance class cruise ship Jewel of the Seas made its inaugural visit to the Bridgetown Port today docked with approximately 21 000 guests and 850 crew.”

    21,000 passengers ???!!!

    That is more than 3 times the size of Oasis Of The Seas, the world’s biggest cruise liner.

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  15. Barbados Today!

    A day later and the fake photo is still up at The Nation’s website. 🙂

  16. Barbados Today!

    The faked photo is still up at The Nation!

  17. Barbados Today!

    Another day later and the faked photo is still posted at The Nation’s website!

  18. Feel the love!

    Three days later and the Nation hasn’t removed the Flight Simulator ‘photo’ frome their website.

    they’ve probably been in executive meetings trying to decide what to do!!!!!!!!

    Fukin idiiots!!!!!!!

  19. BFP

    Here we are on November 11th. The Nation still has the Flight Simulator screen shot posted as a “photo” of Grantley Adams International Airport.

    Nation journalists must be proud to work for such an organisation. 😉

  20. Lik'em

    November 12. The faker photo is still on the newspaper’s website.

  21. Red Lake Lassie

    My turn!

    November 13.

    The stolen photo of the computer game picture of Grantley Adams airport is still posted at The Nation story.

  22. Chicago

    Sunday November 14, 2010.

    The Nation has not removed the stolen/copyrighted faked photo of Grantley Adams International Airport.

    Visiting the photo daily is a reminder of their lack of professionalism. Will they take it down? Will they bother?

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  24. Hi,
    Just checked the statistics of visits to my website and you came up as a refferal site. Interesting article this about using my FS2004 screenshot as a real photo and a stunning proof of the Flight Simulator beeing “as real as it gets” as Microsoft so humbly put it.
    I have a lot of images on my web site, real and screenshots, and there has been rip offs before. And, yet, it’s very easy to get my permission, it’s just an e-mail away.

    In the world of the sneaky and stupid…

    Best regards and happy flying
    Anders Svensson
    Umea, Sweden

  25. RLL

    It’s still there! The Nation has no shame.