Hating Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar for ending the hypocrisy

Trinidad & Tobago’s PM says no help for Hurricane Tomas victims unless it benefits Trinidad & Tobago too

The BFP crew joined the outrage against Persad-Bissessar’s statements made earlier this week – until Marcus walked into the room and gave us his outstanding impression of Michael Corleone in The Godfather Part II…

“We’re both part of the same hypocrisy…

…but Kamla’s decided she’d rather tell the truth.”

Proponents of CARICOM love to talk about how wonderful and strong the Caribbean Community could be if we would only unite and put aside our selfishness. If the stronger and wealthier countries would help our neighbours to the best of our ability, the entire family would progress.

Fine words. Fine thoughts.

The Caricom party line heard for decades ad infinitum, ad nauseam.

So when Prime Minister Persad-Bissessar said that Trinidad and Tobago taxpayers are getting tired of being thought of as the CARICOM family piggy bank, that she has to consult with the citizens before her government can make promises AND that if houses are to be built as a gift from T&T, it will be T&T companies that build them with T&T materials… WELL… that put the mongoose in the chicken pen!

Remember Haiti?

It’s been almost nine months since the devastating earthquake in Haiti. As with every major crisis there was lots of interest, promises and concern for a little while. Then we forgot about Haiti. All of us forgot, Barbados included.

Nine months later. Cholera killed almost 500 Haitians in the last week alone.

Nine months later. Tens of thousands still living in mud with little to eat. No problem. Haiti has been hell on earth for decades. People were eating dirt cookies before the earthquake. What’s the problem with them eating dirt now?

After all that outpouring of assistance, meet one of the Haitian people who doesn’t matter any longer – now that the moment has passed…

“This is Kephania.  She is 8 months old and weighs 9 pounds.  Her mother and father are both dead.  She is really struggling to live right now.”

…from the Real Hope for Haiti Rescue Center

Remember Haiti? Remember how Barbados limited its assistance?

It didn’t take long to cut through the Bajan veneer of sincerity about Haiti, did it?

Barbados did not take in a single injured patient from Haiti. Not twenty. Not ten. Not five. Not two. Not even one.

Our sovereign nation was formally asked by the USA to take some patients from the hospital ship, the USS Comfort, because the ship was full and people were being turned away to die. We were asked to take critical care patients, but if we couldn’t manage that we were also asked to take amputees in stable condition to free up space and medical resources in Haiti.

Barbados said “No”

…from Barbados refuses request to look after injured Haitians. “Even one is too many for our health care system” says Bajan Foreign Minister.

“No stinkin’ Haitians aboard the good ship Barbados. Not a one. Let ‘em die.”

… from the BFP article Was the US charge d’affaires surprised by Barbados’ refusal to look after Haitian injured?

In the aftermath of Hurricane Tomas, the small island nations of St. Vincent, Barbados and St. Lucia are looking for help from Trinidad & Tobago.

Ask yourself these questions… Did we really do as much as we could for Haiti for the last nine months? Why should we expect anything different from our neighbour, Trinidad and Tobago?

You know the answer, because “We’re both part of the same hypocrisy”

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26 responses to “Hating Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar for ending the hypocrisy

  1. WSD

    You really cut right to the bone with this one. I have no comment except “the truth hurts.”

  2. what will they think of next

    I see nothing wrong with what the Trinidad PM said.

  3. passin thru

    BFP doesn’t sound like they find anything wrong with what she said. Some people do. I don’t.

  4. passin thru

    We are rich compared with Haiti. Does anyone know how much money or what help we sent them since the earthquake and when we stopped? Are we still sending them money or supplies (“We” = Barbados)?

  5. Fyan Bunnah

    Prime Minister Persad-Bissessar’s comments are quite fine with me a Barbadian.
    I will now not support Chefette, or ANY other KNOWN Trinidadian entity in Barbados and call with other incensed and outraged Barbadians to join me in boycotting this madness. When these cats learn that we are not going to be trampled by other races and peopled bent on our destruction and enslavement(in any form) then and only then will this mess ignorabnce stop.
    PM Persad-Bissessar; thank you for making it so clear,

    (racist term removed by BFP Editor. Writer is cautioned that any further racist terms will result in banning. We talk about race here at BFP, but we do it civil like. Got that?)

  6. nevermind kurt

    Fyan Bunnah, your racism is showing. Persad-Bissessar is responding to her electorate who have had enough spending. Why bring race into it when it has nothing to do wit race? Unless you are full of hatred. Is that your problem?

  7. runner

    kudos to Marcus for seeing through the bs of a pappy show called “aid”(this freeness issue again and with fine print so small there isn’t a font size ), to bfp for reminding what hyprocites we are and much credit to Kamla for one very delicate phrase : “consult with the people of T&T”. When last we ever that honour bestow upon us from our servants?

  8. 225

    Truth is good; truth across the board is better. Let’s all say what’s really on our mind at the next CARICOM Heads of Government and await the convocation of the next meeting.

  9. Vivienne

    I do not know who is responsible for all that money that was collected for Haiti. If they really wanted to help the Haitians, they could have some prefab homes built and divide the building process amongst the islands, because they need a lot of housing there and that would be a faster way to get them done . . It will also help to alleviate some ot the unemployment in the islands. Maybe women has a different view on how things should be done, but those are my thoughts which I shared with a friend only this week.

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  11. eddie

    the prime ministers were not racist but were nationalistic. if the money of the trinidad taxpayers is going to be given away then trinidadians must benifit from the employment generated from it. labour direct, labour to produce the goods sent. trinidad has the same problems of unemployment and poverty as all of us and first priority must be jobs to allow people to feed their families. you cant expect trinidad to take their money and buy goods from overseas to give away or to employ people else where. She is talking of employing trinidadians of all races.

  12. eddie

    by the way when china lent us money to expant the community college and the gymnasium did they not use chineese labour, and we also had to pay them back the money, i think. i dont have the facts so feel free to correct me if i am wrong.

  13. ac

    What truth? there is a time and place for everything. Sometimes words can truly hurt and to be so insensitive openly when a hurting country is asking for help shows her lackof compassion .I am certain the countries would have agreed to some of her request as a gesture of goodwill. No but she couldn’t wait to pour salt into the wounds of those countries who were affected by the hurricane. A leader she is not!

  14. 114

    will bfp be banning or expressing outrage at fyah bunnah for calling the t&t pm a PAKKIE?

  15. BFP

    Hi 114

    We didn’t see that racist term.

    Thanks for pointing it out. We shall remove the phrase and caution the writer.


  16. Tea

    Two wrongs doesn’t make a right. In the face of Disaster, even if she means what she says… poor time and place and honesty doesn’t excuse it. A disaster and a community center cannot be equated. I understand what she is proposing and there is nothing wrong with it but there is such a thing as tact.

  17. Grim Reaper

    TnT prime minister statement was arrogant, foolish and mean spirited. She compared Trinidad giving St. Lucia and St.Vincent aid with Bush invasion of Iraq and hiring of Blackwater and blood sucking American businesses in that Arab state. That same American foreign policy is one of main reasons no one is safe from terrorism. Ask yourselves why is Al Quaida so popular among Arabs. Utterances and deeds akin to Trinidad woman PM helped big time. Desmond and Ian please get your facts right Barbados did not and will not ask Trinidad for help wrt to Tomas.

    Barbados is quietly mounting an effort to assist its neighbour St. Lucia. I recall massive amount of Bajan money ,materials and human resources raised and sent to Grenada after Ivan but all the talk from Grenada and Trinidadians was about Trinidad help. As Bajans its not our style to be boasting about helping out neighbours. Let Trinidad PM carry on smartly her comeuppence will come as night follows day. It never fails.

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  19. No Bias

    As a Trinidadian living in Barbados, I see this from various angles. While it can be said that PM Kamla Persad Besessar could have chosen her statements and timing a little more wisely, it is also true that Trinidad and Tobago has Many issues both economically and other wise. We are all going through an economic crisis. The entire Caribbean and World at large. Trinidad’s economy based on Oil may soon crash as the reserve is coming to an end. I believe her words which are described as ‘salt in the wounds’ of other territories in need, can be seen as tactless as these territories had just been through a natural disaster.
    However what she meant was that Trinidadian goods etc should be purchased to strengthen ties and also ensure Trinidad is in a position to continue giving so freely in the future. It is not to be taken in the wrong way economically. The Caribbean has always been close…we should try not not be petty.

  20. The PM came back and said that her statements were misinterpreted……..to which I think not.I think that some people are just being petty and shortsighted. We also hear that talk of Caribbean Integration but I do not see that as one or a select few giving all the time and the others just taking. It means give and take, it means I look out for you and you look out for me. If US troops were to come in with building materials and then use UN funds to pay their workers then there would be no problem but the US would be ensuring that their people benefit from the aid given. It is a known fact that we are all in a time of recession and TT is not exempt from that, so if there is an excess of building supplies I do not see why they cannot be bought from TT instead of TT sending monetary aid. God forbid that a tragedy strikes TT and they then have to get assistance, from who will it becoming from, the same people that just got it? I think not. She has to look out for the interest of her citizens. Some say that she is using this as a political tool and she better do that since those citizens that she is protecting as the ones that voted her in. This incident shows me that there is the need for more transparency where issues of finance on the macro economic level are concerned. Like any other country TT has money worries and they should not be afraid to openly admit that. She could have done what others do by promising and pledging aid while sending very little or none at all, but she was up-front and open with her position. I’ve always heard that the truth hurts and so it does but I’ll rather hear the truth upfront and hurt for a while than hear lies and be blindsided by the hypocrisy that exist while floating around in a fantasy world.

  21. eener

    T&T is being selfish. For those who do not understand talkng about a Gymnasium and China and all that we are talking now about EMERGENCY aid. The St. lucians have lost schools, homes, crops, tourist facilities, water supply, elctricity, road networks etc. How could you say I will only help you if you use my products and labour? If you do not use MY product and labour then go and cyarr yuhself? If you give somebody someting you give them. You do not tell them what to do with it. Today you can be standing ..tommorrow you can be on your knees. Watch it hear.

  22. yankee trini

    Eener!!! are you listening to your self???let me tell you nicely WE dont have it to just SPEND like that again,things not good down here like bofore MY CARIBBEAN BROTHER!!!!we have the CLICO incedent,public servants under paid from since 2005,HIGH inflation-food prices,the OIL is running out…..all she is saying,is that she cannot just write a cheque like many times we have done in the past,without consulting with the people…we have to look out for our interest to my friend…and dont take this personal…at the end of the day i say this in general,the money belongs to the citizens(TAX PAYERS)of T&T and its up to us to to what we want with it…………………..

  23. kimron frederick

    we all suffer the same problems on a daily basis, probelms is averywhere but in oreder to diminish such problems we must have unity, we must be able to unite to build stronger nations. such a statement made by TNT Pm can have advesre effects on their economy because we are the ones that assist in keeping this economy booming, we buy must of our product from trinidad so they benefits from us anyways. i think what kamla wants is that we buy all our products from them then after she will recognise us. suppose some diaster occur in trindad. i wonder who they will ask for assistance.

  24. Kareem david

    TNT is bullshit, we hav to boycott product from trindad let they feel it

  25. guest

    She’s a grandstander stealing info from private citizens and lawyers to stalk people who they abuse in parliament and have used the police provocation and entapment to terrorize them whith her overbearing illiterate perspective on everything which rich people pay for while she mocks dmeans and threatens citizens she has targetedd for her derANGED RULE WITH HER HUSBAND ROODAL MOONILAL AND HIS TRSASH FAMILY WIYTH IS INDIAN GREED FOR OTHER PEOPLE’S LIVES AND INTRUSIVE HARASSMENT UNDER FALSE PRETENSES WITH THE SUPPORT OF GUn TOTTING POLICE TO CREATE FALSE ACCUSTIONS BISSESSAR IS A FOUL MOUTHE DPRETENTIOUS INCOMPETENT ABUSETRR WHSE NAME WILL BE NAMED WITH THE PANders to her thieving mockery and public abuse of people who have rpeatedly reported her to the police for tryiing to use her position to ellicit info for false allegations based on her shemes to degrade private citizens into supporting her fairy tale m lies and violent assaults she freely touts as a future threat to those persons she has been stalking the police can’t be that corrupt or deranged bissesar you are not untouchable ie threating robinson to defame people for hooligans who attempt to trap persons in your scenaris of guilt by using decit and lying bad mouthing lawyers who demean with moonilal persons they want to degrade with brainwashing commentaries they hope wont be lies one day but you are in fact the illiterate nuissance phone calling rat using the police to force contact with your target and creating your filthy scams to outdo people with more integrity than you no matter how you stick your head in hollywoods trash bin you are a law breaking intrusive bunch of slithering snakes. It is illegal to foerce peole intom inquiries to satisaify macocious nasty polticians and citezens who terorize persons with violence public drgedation and boasting about your privilege to stalk and brutalize persons and deny claims with impunity and thye support of the lawyers for your advancement to plitical office you cant force citizens to answer questions of any nature because they wont tell you or pander to false aspiarations you have or you nasty lies.