Canadian Government warns about investing and real estate purchases in Barbados (!!!)

Dear Barbados Free Press,

Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada recently changed the Barbados Travel Advice and Advisories to include the following additional paragraph:

“Canadians interested in purchasing property or making other investments should seek legal advice from appropriate professionals in Canada and in this country before making commitments. Disputes arising from such activities could be prolonged and costly to resolve.”

This change reflects a report circulated at Foreign Affairs earlier in the year.

Also of interest is that Long Beach is still listed as a place to avoid for reasons of crime and personal safety. I understood that the Long Beach rapist/killer was caught, but I don’t know if the continued listing is an oversight or the result of new crimes and information.

Yours truly,


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20 responses to “Canadian Government warns about investing and real estate purchases in Barbados (!!!)

  1. oh no

    What did we do to deserve this from the canadians?

  2. X

    We treated Allard poorly.

  3. Peltdownman

    @ oh no

    I think that they are reacting to problems many overseas buyers have with attorneys in Barbados hanging on to their money.

  4. Some condo builders think, oh I’m going to strike it rich in the condo building buisness. They have a plan of a 20 unit condo building and get 10 sold which they then use that money to start construction. With the hard economic times, 6 back out, this now leaves the builder in a bind. All construction stops as he runs out of money and the 4 people that were willing to hang in there, may never see their unit finished.

  5. Peltdownman


    Welcome to Four Seasons!

  6. White Trash

    When hard working law abiding well intentioned investors from Canada are treated like white trash, what do you expect?

    If Canadians continue to pull out money and put it elsewhere this can’t be good for Barbados.

  7. WTF?

    X says “We treated Allard poorly.”

    Allard’s troubles may be part of it but there have been many other smaller investors who left considerably poorer and abused too. Wasn’t that condo owner who was in court for 17 years or something like that a Canadian? Can’t cover up this shit anymore with the internet and facebook, ttwitter etc.

  8. babylove

    Don’t forget that cotton businessman who had his home set on fire and then the Barbados army came with guns and seized his business against the orders of the Barbados court.

  9. nevermind kurt

    This had to happen but the timing is funny. Didn’t Barbados and Canada recently complete some investment treaty or meeting? I remember something but I wasn’t paying attention. Can anyone fill in the details on the recent Canada and Barbados meetings?

  10. GEAR BOX

    The issue at hand is that Barbados is fast becoming a country where its legal fraternity are stealing and robbing many local and overseas investors in addition to stalling the legal process so as they can keep funds and lands for themselves. The greed of this bunch is showing worldwide and at some point in time we all will pay. Our legal system needs cleaning up. By the way were is the TRANSPARENCY, ACCOUNTABILITY & JUSTICE.

  11. Donald Duck Esq

    This does not look good for the international business sector as well.

  12. canuck

    I have been waiting since 2007 for the home i purchased in Barbados and substantially paid for to be finished….TLC in Barbados certainly does not mean Tender Love and Care….more like Thiefs, Liars and Cheats. It is a sad situation. Many Canadians who like myself would have spent lots of monies in Barbados are spending it somewhere else. It is a certainty that when the Canadian Gvernment makes these types of statements they must be receving lots of complaints.

    Wake up Barbados, you are not the only island in the sun……….

  13. Ripped Off

    Hey Eversince I fell in love with Barbados and bought a home there I have grown to realise the lack of integrity which exists. The lawyer
    who handled the purchase of my property kept
    the deposit funds for 8 months. Eventually he
    was brought to task by the Law Society. Management Companies, take funds and refuse to
    show accounts, treat investors like idiots and developers fail to reach a decent level of construction, If I could sell up tomorrow I would.
    Sharpen up Barbados

  14. West Side Davie

    It is serious business for the Canadian government to make this announcement and I hope our government pays attention. I forget the statistics but Canada is a huge investor and user of our banking services and Canadians are a big part of our tourist business.

    This change to the advisory cannot be the result of a single burned investor (Peter Allard). There must have been a number of recent incidents for Canada to make the announcement.

  15. HM

    What do you expect, with lawyers allowed to ‘pay back’ money and carry on as before and construction companies/people doing as they will. Does anyone ever get debarred or jailed?

  16. rhubarb

    And they are still saying that a driver’s permit costs $100.00 !!

  17. canuck

    Good news travels fast…bad new travels faster.

  18. Bajan Abroad

    Well done Canada! Now the British and Americans should issue similar warnings.

    It is not just that the lawyers take too long to settle land transactions, the government acts questionably in this regard too.

    Just look at how native Barbadians are forced to sell their lands for arbitrary amounts (not free market prices) to “squatters” under the Tenantries Freehold Purchase Act, and how disgracefully Violet Beckles was treated.

    When it comes to land everyone is treated like “trash” in Barbados – just on a different scale.

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