Tropical Storm Tomas: Not too scary in Grape Hall, Barbados

UPDATE: Heard from Marcus. There are a couple of boats smashed up at Oistins. Lots of damage, roofs off. It looks like the south took a harder hit than we did.

It was a dark and stormy night…

Is it HURRICANE Tomas?

Okay, we back up on the internet after 30 minutes without power. It’s not too bad. Noisy. Wet. Water went off with the power, but it’s back. One of our friends has one of those little wind things on top of his house and it hit 87 mph just before a calm period maybe an hour and a half ago.

Aunty Moses is down south with Shona and Marcus. Robert is off the island. Can’t find George anywhere.

As for me, I made it home in time to put up most of the boards. I am glad I oiled and exercised the wing nuts about six months ago. Thanks to Robert for insisting about that.

Right now I’m feeling no pain and not lacking for friendly companionship. The harder it blows, the tighter she holds on.

I’ve had worse nights in my life. 🙂



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25 responses to “Tropical Storm Tomas: Not too scary in Grape Hall, Barbados

  1. J

    Trees dancing in the wind. Fruit falling. Branches being stripped off.

    A lot of wind but not much rain.


  2. David G. Brooks

    … and a non-operational Doppler Radar that was recently install at Castle Grant – some part of the system has failed, and not that they ever got it up on the internet, been waiting months maybe a year for that now.

    Yet all the other Radars – in Guyana, Trinidad & Belize – installed as part of the same funded project by the EU are up and running and on-line.

    Yet is Barbados’ duty or rather in charge of issue watches and warnings for the other islands from Grenada to Dominica, except the French islands – they’ve had a radar on both islands for years now.

  3. David G. Brooks

    I give up when it comes to our Met. Office – I just don’t know what else to say, except to be shame as a Bajan.

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  5. iWatchya

    Dark and heavy rainfall with lighting and thunder in the South.

  6. naturalbajan

    I don’t know if this info was posted before but check this for any weather updates about storms and hurricanes.

  7. Undertaker

    This system I saw was on the guyana website since thursday night. We heard about it friday evening thought.

  8. RLL

    Cliverton brags about the girls but has anyone seen any of them?

  9. Laughing

    Good morning…can anyone tell me the website where i can access these doppler radar images?…for Guyana etc

  10. bajan kidd

    Doppler radar or not, Bajans are too complacent. You mean to tell me that with all the technology of the day, that people can’t go online and check weather sites for themselves, or maybe the fact that IT IS STILL HURRICANE SEASON and these things are expected. Almost everybody got a blackberry, and most cellphones that are sold now, are gprs/edge enabled. Bajans should have no excuse. When the MET office says that we may be impacted by a system, and we aren’t, people get vex. When they say that we will get impacted, and we are, they still vex.

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  12. damage in the south

    assessments are not in yet but there was a fair amount of damage to trees and roofs in the south.

  13. Mathilde

    I have not had power for 2 days, no idea when it will be back, and now no water either. I live in St Peter.
    Alot of trees have fallen over, not just branches, but massive old trees keeled over from the roots up. The rain was being driven so hard by the wind it went UP my door, through the crack at the top of the door frame and then down, dripping into my house, the door is now so swollen I can barely open or shut it. It is terrifying how little warning anyone had and how quickly it went from a disturbance to a storm to a hurricane. Pure luck for me that Im one of the neurotic worry-worts and had water stockpiled and tons of candles.

  14. runner

    This is storm crept up suddenly … hogwash.. Trinidad, Guyana already had alerts as of Friday am. We are too full of ourselves and then we expect the world.. he is gone, get over it .

  15. Weston

    Why doesn’t the Barbados Light and Power website carry information on the current disruption and progress with restoring electricity to those parts of the island which are still without power. Pathetic.

  16. Weathered Out

    Someone please help me to understand what happened over the weekend with the Met office DEM and whoever else is responsible for informing Barbadians of impending deteriorating weather conditions. It appeared to me that they were ALL asleep, or were on vacation. All that is coming across in the print and electronic media is that Barbadians are lackadaisical. But I think that our good folks at the Met Office and the DEM were and ARE NOT prepared.

  17. Weathered Out

    Did anyone hear how Roy Ward, Disaster Management Specialist chastised the Barbadian public over the damage caused on Morning Barbados. This guy sounded like he had some kind of beef with Barbadians and the vulnerable.


    “Sneak up” what !!!! By midafternoon on Friday, information was already on the net about this hurricane. The same information I saw was repeated by CBC AFTER 7.00 p.m. … for the FIRST time. My lights were already charged up and I had already started to get my water stored away.

  19. East Coast Man

    Which MP, a member of the Bald Head Crew, could find himself in the hilly part of the island in pitch darkness on Sunday night? So obsessed is he with power ….. not electrical, but political ….. that he was knocking on people’s houses telling them that the PM was outside.

    Does he think David Thompson’s mantle is going to fall on him? Owen better watch out. Mia was backraised, now Owen is going to be bushwacked.

    Ask him how many flashlights or containers of water he carried for the people he loves so much. Ask them if he even brought a pack of Andrews to remove the chalk dust from their stomachs.

    With apologies to another previous comment:- George Walton going Affur Owen with Pain.

  20. Barbados’ 7th Prime Minister delivers all-clear as his first official act and pictures of Tomas’ power (Barbados only get a TAP, y’hear? We still lucky…) will be up at BR later on today.

    Although former PM Thompson gone and Tomas did what it had to do, both events are creating a situation making it feasible for elections to be called earlier than usual…

  21. runner

    @Bourne …. if the events unfolding is creating the possibility of an early election, then we are in shambles…when a ruling party will capitalise on the raw emotions of a population and a natural disaster to “stand tall”, to garner votes.. question then : what about the old virtue of “accomplishment” ? and at exactly what cost..that is, to hold an election ?

  22. Mathilde

    My electricity came back on last night, yippee! But my parents are still without and their water is trickling out dirty brown, and they live in Holetown which DOES have power so its really odd. I kept checking Light & Powers website to see if ANYONE thought of making a list of what areas they were currently working on and what areas were so heavily damaged it would take till the weekend, but of course there is no such thing. It would have been nice but ah well.. such is life here..
    I dont know about you guys but I had no internet all of Friday so by the time I got to check on the so called ‘bad weather’ that was coming it was night and I had enough time to bottle water and bring in the patio furniture.
    From what I heard Trinidad and Guyana had warnings out from the morning and work had stopped by midday. Seems like the money allocated to updating our MET office went somewhere else, anyone surprised?
    Anyhow thats me rambling off, sorry, had my first solid nights sleep with my beloved fan on and feel like Im on cloud 9. Now if only everyone else could get their power back!

  23. Capt. Nobody

    Barbados will take at least 10 days to recover from this hurricane…yes because it was an hurricane and the center passed on the south of Bim…lots of disinformation from the local Met office, they should be all fired in one time!
    So now you can understand what would happen in case of cat 4 or 5 hurricane. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and pray that will never happen.

  24. rasta man

    Anyone has their MCTV out like me?