UK Foreign Office issues daylight crime alert advisory over Holetown Barbados

“A number of assaults on tourists have taken place in the Holetown area on the west coast of Barbados during October 2010.  Two particularly serious incidents happened during daylight hours.  You should exercise caution when walking alone off the busy main roads and on quiet beach access paths.”

UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office issues Travel Advisory for Barbados: October 27, 2010

Calling Barbados Police? Hello, police? Hello?

Two crimes do not make for this type of travel advisory unless the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office considers this to be the last straw.

Has the Boscobel Road Toll Gang moved into Holetown? We’ll check back at the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office for the latest news… because the Barbados news media doesn’t print the kind of stories that scare off the tourists.


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18 responses to “UK Foreign Office issues daylight crime alert advisory over Holetown Barbados

  1. i got this yesterday and sent over link to adrian if you want i can get link but would rather not post it here since don’t want to panic people over nothing

  2. BFP

    Hi Sandra,

    What’s the story as far as you’re concerned? It came up on our Google alerts, but we can’t find any more about the crimes that the UK Foreign Office are concerned about.

    Do you or Adrian or anyone have additional information?

  3. X

    A 60ish year old lady was grabbed somewhere along the west coast boardwalk, pulled into the abandoned property next to the old Chefette and raped.

    I don’t know what the second one was. I know another tourist, an older gentleman was robbed but I don’t think there was much physical violence involved, but I could be wrong.

  4. Adrian Loveridge

    I am told that the FCO site is monitored by the authorities constantly.
    Safety and security is now considered the NUMBER ONE defining factor in destination choice and it is something that ALL of us have to watch very carefully. We have to lobby more to ensure that both locals and visitors are safe.
    You just have to look at the number of comments on TripAdvisor to know these events cannot be hidden or swept under the carpet.

  5. iWatchya

    Yet to be confirmed:

    Two serious rapes in Holetown area within the last month. Details needed. People in area being warned.

  6. Just because stories are not published does not mean people all over the world get to hear what is going on in Barbados, attacks on tourists, shootings, Mobs roping a suspected criminal and attacking them. The poor girls being burnt in the shop, it does not make good reading and is not what people want when they go on holiday.

  7. iWatchya


    What would you say if your daughter or wife was walking down Holetown and was accosted and raped?

    I am sure that you would ask why the other attacks were not reported!

    That ABM recent incident brought to light the vulnerability of using ABMs in BIM in certain locations. Without this information how will the public know to be wary of a particular location or situation?

    We like to hide too many things – that will get more people in trouble.

  8. Jack Bowman

    “Two serious rapes in Holetown area within the last month.”

    Any non-serious rapes?

  9. Happydays

    Hi- as a tourist to Barbados I would just like to add that details regarding crime (unless it got totally out of hand) does not put me off returning !
    However, I would like to know of areas that should be avoided as potential “danger zones”

    The murder of the Canadian lady could well have been avoided if warnings/alerts had been issued – apparently from what I have read – this area had had its fair share of crime commited before this happened.
    Yes as tourists we like to think that we are in paradise – but would also like to know of any areas/situations to avoid !
    Put the shoe on the other foot – if you were visiting the UK wouldnt you like to know of areas where to be wary/ not to go?

  10. beachcomber

    The RBPF is a good police force but must be more proactive. Dont drive past known criminals , harassers,drug smokers and nuisances in your fancy jeeps chatting in the front seat. Stop, warn and arrest people if they breaking law. No way there should be two rapes in same area in Holetown in short space. For God’s sake the police station is right there. Cmon on Holetown police we know you can do better. The economic lifeblood thats pays your salaries are depending on you ridding Barbados of these vile stinking criminals who would rape visitors we invite to our beautiful island.

  11. There has been an increase in incidents of serious attacks on foreign visitors, including armed robbery, as well as more opportunist theft of wallets, handbags and personal possessions. A number of assaults on tourists have taken place in the Holetown area on the west coast of Barbados during October 2010. Two particularly serious incidents happened during daylight hours. You should exercise caution when walking alone off the busy main roads and on quiet beach access paths.

    This is all we have had its the same has been posted , no more updates and nothing in papers
    thank God.
    I just advise people to take care no matter were their are on holiday. I did a booking to Sea Breeze the other day and was telling customer how I walked from Oistions back to the sea breeze hotel one night because of the road works down at the gap. Joe and the rest of the party were’nt worried and neither was I, daft that might seem now.
    The last thing Barbados needs is this all over the press. I watched the BBC programme “ not sure if that link works, but you as a Country have values we lost years ago.
    All I would say is keep up those values don’t let the low life take over.
    Crime happens everywhere !

  12. Benoit santerre

    Nous allons a la Barbade depuis 1970, nous passons à Holetown 2 a3 fois par mois, nous n’avons jamais été attaqué par qui que soit. Y a-t-il maintenant du danger? nous louons un appartement dans Christ- church?.

  13. Janice Harding

    My husband is bajan but had lived in the UK since a baby.
    We came back from a holiday last friday 29th Oct and stayed in the Holetown area and saw nothing. Everyone friendy however, I would never take anything to chance and walk on my own or along a beach if there is no-one around. Please stop scaremongering as this will put tourist off and Barbados needs tourist and it is there life blood and very good for there future.
    Crimals be aware!!!! they will come and get you.

  14. JS

    There are far more rapes that do not make news they have for years in Barbados swept things under the carpet because if they dare address the issues of the true violence that lurks in one month this year there were nine murders alone.

    Many women have awakened to find men in their room.A BA flight Attendant walked a beach was raped.
    There have also been * Gang Rapes on the island of tourists.,
    Oh and all the people who are victims of muggings , petty thefts , purse snatching.
    Barbados is so expensive and the average person lives below poverty level. Just use caution ., Police need to have more patrol on beaches. Period

  15. Politically Tired

    Robin, I totally disagree with you. Holetown Police are excellent with tourists, also I know of several incidents where ‘white’ locals will go there with a complaint rather than use their local police station!

  16. terry

    I emailed the Barbados Police who passed my email onto the BTA, the reply was a 5 para waffle with no facts other than, “The Barbados Police Force is working feverishly to bring those responsible for the incidents in the Holetown area to justice”.

    That was on the 5th Nov from The Manager of Planning and Reporting Barbados Tourist Office, I have emailed back asking for specific details as we are worried.

  17. BFP

    BFP Editor’s Note:

    Karen, Robin, Fleur and Sharon are the same person, astroturfing and having a conversation with themselves.

    The comments have been removed and the writer has been blocked.

  18. Politically Tired

    Benoit santerre

    Comme vous pouvez le voir sur les postes ci-dessous vous at-il vraiment n’a pas eu beaucoup de problèmes à tous, J’ai un ami qui vit à Holetown et elle a entendu parler de rien! Utilisation de Google de traduire pour vous répondre espérons qu’il a du sens!