Australian boxer could join Barbados team over racial slur

“Blackie” slur touches off firestorm in Aussie amateur sport

When his senior coach called super heavyweight boxer Trent Rawlins a “blackie” last year, Rawlins decided he’d had enough and complained.

But the Australian Institute of Sport didn’t fire the coach, just gave him a fine, so Rawlins is considering offering his services to Barbados where one of his parents was born. Under the rules of the Olympics, Rawlins can represent the place of his birth, Australia, or either of the two countries where his parents were born: Barbados or South Africa.

Good for Trent Rawlins

Folks who use racial terms or who are racist must be sanctioned: especially persons in positions of authority – like for instance, former Barbados Health Minister Liz Thompson who apparently doesn’t like folks whose skin is a different colour than hers.

Or Japan where many restaurants and hotels regularly refuse to serve non-Japanese race people.

One standard all the way around is what it is going to take folks. You talk racist, you must repent or be sanctioned no matter the colour of the talker or the target.

We’re still waiting for Barbados to complain to China that black visitors were not allowed in the bar district because (as the Chinese put it) blacks are pimps, prostitutes and drug dealers.

“Beijing police have been visiting bar owners in the popular Sanlitun area and asking them to sign pledges agreeing to not serve black people or Mongolians and ban activities including dancing.

Bar owners said that police have been clamping down on black people and Mongolians, who are sometimes implicated in drug dealing and prostitution, as part of an Olympic clean-up campaign that they and locals fear will make for a secure but sterile Games.”

What’s that you say? We can’t sanction China for racism because we enjoy their gifts of money, equipment and free vacations for Bajan elites?

You make your choices, I’ll make mine.


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  1. BrittyBat

    I sorry about the racial slur, but Trent whoooo???? Don’t know you! I think that he should represent South Africa.