Hartley Henry declares that he made David Thompson ‘King’

Former PM David Thompson & Hartley Henry

Well, that’s what Hartley Henry said…

With the death of Prime Minister David Thompson early last Saturday, Henry yesterday declared: “The kingmaker dies with the king”.

“My tenure ends with David Thompson, so I am not going to work with anyone else,” he said last night in an exclusive DAILY NATION interview.

Hartley Henry as quoted in The Nation article: Henry quits

Strange timing, strange wording of Henry’s announcement

Is anyone else as puzzled and astonished as we are about Hartley Henry’s comments and the timing of his resignation?

We know Henry played a role in the DLP and in advising David Thompson before the 2008 election and during his tenure as Prime Minister, but “kingmaker”? Henry’s comments seem impolitic at best during a week when people want to remember David Thompson and his accomplishments and life. It is strange to see Mr. Henry stand up now and take credit for David Thompson’s success.

Why talk now? Why resign now?

Why not wait until the Prime Minister is at least buried before focusing the public on yourself and your own career and agendas?

Oh well, it’s not like Hartley hasn’t been impolitic before.


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39 responses to “Hartley Henry declares that he made David Thompson ‘King’

  1. modesty

    I smell a rat!

    maybe he knows he can’t control the next leader of the DLP or maybe he is advertising that he is for sale to the highest bidder such as OA?

    I suspect it took a lot of people to get David Thompson elected and this is a very conceited and boastful man spouting off at at very inappropriate time.

  2. Don’t be ridiculous, Henry’s resignation was simple – he wants to run for St John and get a cushy seat!

    He failed in St George but once you send a flea and it is a Dem, it will be voted in to the Eastern parish as sympathy for the Rt Excellent EWB (the same applies for the B’s in St Thomas, viz. a leaning to JMGM Adams in their case), so like other recent opportunistic parasites, he smells blood!

    But unlike others who struck it lucky with near-failed also ran’s – will Henry be chosen? It is alleged that Senator Maxine McClean is under serious consideration as she is from that parish and never forgot her roots either…

    It’s a pity there’s no St John independent who could rattle the system – unless that boy from the country tries, Kammie?

  3. Anonymous Numero Uno

    @ modesty

    I too smell a rat! But how stupid can you get to suggest that Hon. Owen Arthur would even begin to consider HH as his advisor. I hope OA doesn’t read your diatribe, because surely just the thought of it should subject him to a terrible bout of nausea and violent vomiting!

    @ Ian Bourne

    Your silly references to “other recent opportunistic parasites”, let me assure you…..you are completely off-base/mis-informed with that type of remark. You have not a clue what’s going on with that particular matter. You are barking up the wrong tree Ian!

  4. Johnny Postle

    Hartley you could have waited a little longer. Now bajans will rip your ass apart since it was rumoured that you vexed the widow of the late Prime Minister by pushing political agendas whilst the PM was at his lowest ebb.

  5. gg

    Could we please stop this nonsensical chatter for the sake of the family.

  6. Anonymous Numero Uno

    This is not nonsensical gg, but I agree we should not go overboard right now. However, sooner or later, these are issues that must be looked at.

    HH and other DLP miscreants have done malicious damage to the body politic of Barbados, and that includes spreading nasty lies and ennuendo to win a government.

  7. Oh My

    JP, you say HH should have waited… but when you are fired you do all to save face. The new PM will not enter into a Public debate with HH on this, his thought of HH are well known to the party. Certain factions will however have their nose out of joint…… time will tell Kingmaker indeed!

  8. me

    HH knew he was going to get the boot anyway…and its like ‘I’ll get you before you get me’. The only loss here is the loss of PM Thompson. HH pleae go away.

  9. me

    A flea would get a vote in St. John before HH. ahahah

  10. what will they think of next

    He did not resign, his contract expired.

  11. what will they think of next

    Everything that was said about the corrupt Barbados Labour Party is true.

  12. bajan toy

    Ppl in st.John do not want Maxine,you know who them asking for,Irene Sandiford.

  13. Anonymous Numero Uno

    @what will they think of next
    “October 27, 2010 at 12:34 pm
    Everything that was said about the corrupt Barbados Labour Party is true.”

    Hi WWTTON, would you care to detail “everything”? And maybe when you answer, you can explain how it is that presumably with Cabinet approval, the rich BJERKHAM clan and company have been given a super sweet deal by Minister Michael Lashley that includes not only an enormous amount of precious Government land, leased at $100 PER YEAR, but gives Bjerkham in the end, profits on the backs of poor Barbadians, to the tune of near ONE BILLION DOLLARS!!

  14. Anonymous Numero Uno

    “leased at $100 PER YEAR”

    I forgot to add “for 99 years”

  15. Tony Hall

    I like Hartley Henry but the timing of what he said was out of place at this time. He is not hand-to-mouth so he needed not get into this type of diatribe.

  16. Anonymous Numero Uno

    @bajan toy
    October 27, 2010 at 1:54 pm
    “Ppl in st.John do not want Maxine,you know who them asking for,Irene Sandiford.”

    BT, you telling me that having proven to have an outstanding lack of substance when one examines her poor-rakey Senate speeches, that Irene could now want to high tail it from St.Andrew, to get a safe seat in St.John?

    I thought that the large amount of PR placed behind her, and the high profile promotions were meant to strengthen her against George!

  17. Anonymous Numero Uno

    @Tony Hall
    October 27, 2010 at 3:10 pm

    “He is not hand-to-mouth”

    I agree, he could not be Tony. Not at $155,000 per year for writing junk in the newspaper, and manufacturing lies and ennuendo!

    I believe that due to the special arrangements attached to this deal, where Hartley stated that he was NOT working for the Government, yet he was paid by the Government, the details of this contract should be published for all to see. The taxpayers deserve it.

  18. what will they think of next

    Thanks for everything, Hartley.

  19. what will they think of next

    Just remember BLP supporter, Irene does not have a corrupt bone in her body. That is why she is not a member or suppoerter of the BLP.

  20. Knight of the Long Knives

    You cant’ buy class people. Ya just can’t.

  21. Maybe

    what HH did was a good move for the DLP. i would even go so far as to say, he had the party at heart, even if that sounds laughable to some.

    here is why.

    our country is a 9 day wonder. if HH was to do this or as some say, get fired, after the late PM’s burial it would be a big news story and open up the can of worms which some in the DLP would not want at this time. by Sunday this will be forgotten.

    if one looks at everything that is coming out of the DLP they are trying in the comments to show a face of unity because most believe there is a fight to come.

    as we can see even here, ppl are sayin now is not the time for this. i 100% agree with this as now is the time to give the late PM’s family all the love and support with can as a nation.

    my only question would be if HH had a contract which came to an end with the death of the late PM, who was paying him the $155,000 per year?

    but alas like a lot of other stuff, we will never know.

  22. Anonymous Numero Uno

    @what will they think of next
    October 27, 2010 at 4:02 pm

    “Just remember BLP supporter, Irene does not have a corrupt bone in her body. That is why she is not a member or suppoerter of the BLP.”

    You have not even attempted to answer my questions, and supply the information I requested of you. Typical DLP STYLE.

    Here is something that is out of whack! We are being urged to cool the temperature of political debate at this time, and understandably so; I can certainly agree with that, but it gets a little difficult sometimes.

    Here is why! The radio stations and TV, continue to broadcast very emotive and politically firey sound clips from Mr.Thompson, many of which can be challenged.

    I believe that what should be broadcast only, are those speeches that speak eloquently and in a non-partisan way to Mr. Thompson’s developmental vision for our beloved country. It seems to me that there are many of the latter that are now seeing the light of day.

  23. gg

    Not only is it nonsensical, it is also disrespectful! You are discussing the seat of the former Prime Minister, The Right Honorable David Thompson. He has not even been laid to rest.
    Have some respect for his family….maybe they should have some say in what happens to his seat…in due course.
    The Great Eternal Spirit is the source of all things. The finite mind lacks the capacity to comprehend his/her own intellect.
    Let this be a time of inward reflection by all Barbadians.
    Let us seek that cosmic source…..we shall be like a tree planted beside living waters, bringing fruit in due season.

  24. Anonymous Numero Uno

    October 27, 2010 at 5:40 pm

    oohhhhh! What super sensitivity!

    Hey gg, nobody is being disrespectful to Mr. Thompson. Why don’t you walk up to St.John right now, and listen to what HIS people all over St.John are talking about?

    They are discussing whom should be the next person for them, to walk in the shoes of the distinguished departed man! Some have even already approached Mrs.Thompson about being the candidate. You want to go up there and stand on a corner with a bullhorn and tell them they are disrespectful?

  25. Jack Bowman

    Ian Bourne, referring to possible candidates, says: “unless that boy from the country tries, Kammie?”

    Given the political-party choices, it really doesn’t matter to Barbados which party governs the country. It isn’t even a choice between apples and oranges. It’s a choice between these apples and those apples.

    But I definitely want my parliamentarians to be able to write grammatical sentences. You up to that, Kammie?

  26. Straight talk

    Mr Henry was the fount of all knowledge to the BLP corruption during the election campaign, and more importantly the guardian of it during the first 100 days, and everso.
    His corruption keeping him from following through with the people’s service as opposed to the governing elite’s must never be forgotten.
    Bye bye yardfowl.

  27. what will they think of next

    What is a Yardfowl?
    Certainly not Hartley, he is a loyal member of the DLP. We are grateful for him.

  28. Watchman

    While talking about HH, what about Arthur the ‘Queen Maker’ and ‘Queen Taker”?

    I am puzzled and confused! What ‘tragic loss’ is Mr. Arthur talking about? There is no sign of loss on his face in his so-called tribute.
    Furthermore, how could he be telling Mr. Stuart about being his ‘own man’? Why didn’t he allow Mia to be her own woman and not expect her to follow his way of doing things? Also, what does Mia have about herself to ‘sort out”? This is an insult to her. Why didn’t he help her to do this before he betrayed her?
    Before, I didn’t, but I have more respect for Ms. Mottley than ever before. For Mr. Arthur and his four cohorts, Conference time will tell who needs ‘sorting’ out.

  29. Persnicka_t

    It is not as if there is no one well-suited and prepared to take over the responsibility of representing the St. John constituency in the House of Assembly, though that person does not currently occupy a seat in Parliament, is not a woman, and could not possibly be seen as a carpetbagger. The person of whom I speak is none other than Dr. Leroy McClean, at present the Consul General of Barbados to Toronto, Canada. Those who know of Dr. McClean’s work both in St. John for the Rt. Honourable the late Prime Minister Errol Walton Barrow and later as the Personal Aid to that colossus, and know of his contributions to the DLP in the Senate when the party’s number in the lower house had been reduced to two, recognise that it is imperative the Government not forget nor be allowed to wallow in maudlin emotionalism in its approach to serious questions of continuity and principle. The Democratic Labour Party must present Dr. Leroy McClean as its candidate in the next election for a representative of the constituency of St. John in the House of Assembly.

  30. Watching

    If it is only one thing that we as a people should have learnt from Prime Minister’s Thompson illness is that the person we elect to the serve in the House of Assembly should be someone who has the potential to be a leader.
    It was only a short time ago that we were all wondering if Mr Thompson could not continue “who we gine put”, since most of us were not impress with Mr Stuart stint as Acting PM. Let me hasten to say that I think he is the best of the lot. The current DLP team is really a C-team if we are honest with ourselves. I say ourselves because it is the party that I support.
    I am suggesting that in choosing a candidate for St. John we need to take the emotionalism out of it and be very pragmatic. Let this nomination be the beginning of choosing candidates basis on merit and not just because we like the person.
    St John has the distinction of electing persons with Prime Ministerial potential we should step up and not down.
    I have seen some names suggested on this forum which should be analyse critically.
    There should be a set of criteria that each one should have to satisfy in order to be considered for nomination.
    1. Is the person seen as a potential leader?
    2. Is the person fit and in good health?
    3. Is the candidate a peoples’ person?
    4. What is the potential candidates ‘work ethic i.e. is he/she a bluffer or a slacker
    5. Is he/she a team player? No prima donnas need apply.
    6. Is the nominee familiar with the party’s philosophy?
    7. Can the individual deliver his/herself well? Not referring to lack of public speaking because this comes with experience.
    Now let us take a look at the suggested persons.

    UNDENE WHITTAKER – Very poor speaker in spite of being a teacher for several years.
    She seems to be very shallow intellectually. Really she is not suited for elective politics however she is a good foot soldier.
    MAXINE MCCLEAN – Based on her utterances in the Senate she too appears to be shallow a very confusing speaker. Before anyone tells me that she was a UWI lecturer, please note that she had the distinction of not having her contract renewed for non-performance i.e. she is a bluffer. Just check with anyone in the Credit Union movement. Also have the distinction of making a presentation on the credit union movement and not being able to answer questions on her presentation.
    IRENE SANDIFORD- GARNER – Very likable person but is she more than just that. She did a good job of organizing Ryan Brathwaite’s welcome home party after his gold medal feat. However she missed the boat with the Haiti Relief Fund came out of the blocks two weeks late. Was given the lead role with respect to QEH but went M.I.A.
    The people of St. John need a strong and sound representative not an event planner for if they did JULIE PARTY RENTALS is available.
    HARTLEY HENRY – Stated that he will never run again after his unsuccessful attempt in St George i.e. sore loser.
    He cannot commit to an answer, whether parliamentary group made right choice in selecting Mr. Stuart as new Prime Minister. In my books he is not a team player. Maybe he was told your services are no longer needed.
    We now come to MARA THOMPSON what can we say about her. For years she was the wind beneath Prime Minister Thompson wings. She knows the type of representation to which the people of St John are accustomed for she was right there walking every step of the way with him.
    Inter alia she fits the above criteria. Should she interested I think that she is the best candidate.

  31. Persnicka_t

    Though we all grieve our late Prime Minister’s loss – especially at such a young age with obviously so very much yet to offer our island – it is of paramount importance that we refuse to allow our tears of sorrow to blind us to the tasks that still lie ahead and the pressing need to depend upon our reason in these trying times. In my humble opinion, we should not now in our established democracy fall prey to that emotional and easy option of turning to family as replacement and dynasty-building that usually spontaneously occurs to the unreflecting in times of political distress caused by the death of a leader.

    For what it is worth, I think that the DLP should present Dr. Leroy McClean as its candidate in the next election for a representative of the constituency of St. John in the House of Assembly.

    He more than fits your criteria, Watching !

  32. Bajan Spy

    Jack Bowman, I am tired of your attacks on Kammie. Did he take away your wife ?

    As was the custom in times of old, can we bury the “King Maker” with the king ?

  33. Watching


    I concur with respect to Leroy. When I spoke about Mrs Thompson, Mr McClean name was not yet in the fray. He was the heir apparent twenty three years ago. Maybe it is his time now.

    I must admit that I have one reservation about Mrs Thompson that is, she is now a single parent with a young family who will need her twice as much now.

  34. jdid

    Ian you stole one of my lines. I once said ya cud send a goat in a BLP jacket to St Thomas an he wud win. almost got me into some crap lol

  35. Jack Bowman

    @ Mr. Bajan Spy

    1. I’m sorry to hear of your tiredness.

    2. Mr. Holder did not take away my wife.

    3. You can bury whoever you want, as long as they’re in a kind of dead situation, going forward.

    4. Do you have other questions? We’re here to help.

  36. philosophy?

    “Is the nominee familiar with the party’s philosophy?”

    Don’t forget the party’s promise of ITAL FOI and a ministerial order!!!

    according to this thread, some ministers and members prevented the PM from implementing these promises.

    These members and ministers should tender their resignation on behalf of the party and the DLP.

  37. Johan Kendrick

    CBC should be renamed Dems T.V, and further more supported by the Taxpayers of Barbados. What a laugh Ha! Ha!

  38. Izabajan

    what a pompous jackass…

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