Mia Mottley’s father Justice Elliot Mottley quits Belize Court of Appeal under controversy

Will Justice Elliot Mottley return to haunt backroom Barbados politics?

Belize news media and blogs are reporting that President of the Belize Court of Appeal, Justice Elliot Mottley, tendered his resignation in a constitutional showdown with Prime Minister Dean Barrow.

“It was in August of this year that the former Chief Justice Conteh brought to my attention the amendment to the Constitution. It was then that I discovered that the terms and condition of my appointment as President of the Court of Appeal of Belize had been unilaterally altered. And this was done without my knowledge and consent. Once I became aware of this, I determined that I would resign my position as President of this court. I will say no more on that.”

Justice Elliott Mottley quoted in The Reporter article Appeal Court President admits resignation is because of Constitutional amendment

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We at Barbados Free Press can’t pretend to understand the background to the political and legal controversy over this move in Belize, but judging by the internet traffic and citizens’ comments, it’s important to the people of Belize. There is speculation that Prime Minister Barrow is consolidating power and that he will appoint a family member or friend and political supporter to succeed Justice Mottley. Whether true or not, even the talk about this is disturbing and…

That’s serious business when it comes to democracy.

We in Barbados know the problem when the judiciary is politicized and we urge our friends in Belize to fight the politicization of the courts in any way they can.

Let’s make one thing clear: based upon what we are reading on the internet, we don’t believe that Mia’s daddy is the bad guy here. Maybe he’s a victim. Maybe he’s a principled person who won’t stand to see his judicial office corrupted or overridden by politicians.

We don’t know and we’re not knowledgeable to comment one way or the other on this specific situation in Belize… but we do know one thing from Barbados’ recent political history…

Judicial office be damned: Justice Elliot Mottley is not afraid to insert himself into Bajan politics.

On May 31, 2009, we wrote about how Justice Elliot Mottley brought his judicial office into Barbados politics when his daughter Mia Mottley was “chosen” as leader of the BLP…

“As we said in our article Why The Barbados Labour Party Needs A Real Leadership Contest & Convention – And Why Mia Mottley Will Never Agree To A Leadership Vote

“I wasn’t there, but like many people I’ve heard the stories of screaming, shouting and banging that could be heard out onto the street until some thinking person sent a text message to one of the participants that party supporters milling about outside were hearing the disaster. Later, the rumours came around that Mia almost lost the position until her father threatened to lay waste to half the old-boys network if his little girl didn’t assume the mantle of BLP leader. Yes, Mia’s daddy – Justice Elliot D. Mottley – was at the inner-circle meeting on election night and not just to provide moral support to his daughter. Judge Mottley took a very active role in the political process – according to what was heard on the street.

Once again folks – I wasn’t there, but I’ve heard the stories and so have you. Whatever happened on election night that saw Mia Mottley emerge as BLP Leader, it sure wasn’t a unifying experience for the BLP. Nor was this a satisfactory “public” fight where a clear winner was declared by the party.”

Justice Elliott Mottley didn’t do his little girl any favours back in January 2008

We at Barbados Free Press agree upon many basic issues – otherwise we wouldn’t still be together posting this blog several times a day after five years. That said, this is Cliverton writing this article and a few of my friends at BFP don’t agree with the following…

I believe that Mia Amor Mottley will one day be the first female Prime Minister of our country.

Mia’s time is not now. Her father tried to push her into a position before the country was ready for her – perhaps before she was ready to assume the position. What resulted was almost three wasted years of turmoil and disunity in the BLP.

Opportunistic bastard. Of course Owen Arthur knew that David Thompson was about to die.

Former Prime Minister Owen Arthur came back and deposed Mia Mottley a few days before David Thompson died.

Opportunistic bastard. Of course he knew that David Thompson was about to die.

What an opportunistic bastard. Arthur knew. Of course he knew.

But Arthur is so power hungry that he doesn’t realise he and the BLP will pay a price for his piranha-like blood lust.

Owen Arthur’s coop may be the best thing that ever happened to the political career of Mia Mottley. It will allow her to regroup and rebuild while Owen Arthur stumbles.

The question I have is this: Will Mia’s father accept that his time has passed? Will he provide Mia with private support but keep the hell out of the way?

Elliot Mottley can be a support to his daughter… or an albatross around her neck. That’s his choice.

signed… an unusually sober Cliverton

Further Reading

“While the press release makes the retirement appear routine, Bar Association members we contacted are adamant that Justice’s Mottley’s retirement is anything but routine.”

News5: Justice Mottley retires


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15 responses to “Mia Mottley’s father Justice Elliot Mottley quits Belize Court of Appeal under controversy

  1. Rhea

    I think it is amazing that Cliverton can acknowledge that Mia was given a position that she was not ready for but still criticize the parliamentary group for removing her from it when she underperformed.


    Rhea… in what way did Mia ‘under perform.’ ?

    Spell it out for me. Thanks.

  3. Johnny Postle

    Slime is slime. Call it what you like. The only slime I like is the one that comes from Okra. Arthur is as slimy as it gets. His is a predetermined calculated move intended strictly to regain power and the continuation of his plunder. If no one has not seen through him then they never will. Arthur holds no secret intelligence in pulling the economy out of this deep abyss. His 14 years of so called plenty was borrow and spend. What will he do to pull the economy out of this mess. Barbados has no natural viable demanding resource that those outside of Barbados cannot do without. So what is he going to do?

  4. You're right!

    This article could not be more true with respect to OA.
    He is a cadaverous, opportunistic beast passing off as human. I mean, couldn’t he wait until the man died? Or, even buried? Does he have the power to force the DLP to call a snap election?

    He certainly doesn’t need the money; so what is it? Power?

    Perhaps he has a magic wand that will haul in unlimited foreign exchange.

  5. You're right!

    This act alone by OA shows what he is all about

  6. Not again!

    What makes Owen Arthur so much more desirable as Prime Minister now?

    In January 2008 the public and his own party kicked his corrupt ass out onto the street. What has changed about O$A since then?

  7. browngal

    I have deliberately not listened to OA’s tribute to former PM.

    He could have waited till the poor man shut his eyes, his actions were nasty.
    But he will pay.. one way or another.

  8. one who knows

    Owen Arthur has done a favour to Mia Mottley by trashing her. He looks bad. She looks like the victim.
    BFP is correct that Mia has been distanced from the Owen Arthur government that was voted out in 2008.

    By the time that retread Owen Arthur loses the next election, Mia will be seen as new, fresh and unassociated with the Arthur gang.

    Owen did her a favour.

  9. Rhea

    You all are so funny….she has spent 15 years by his side but all of a sudden she will be distanced from the ‘Arthur gang’?…fresh my foot…further this issue of leadership came up last year and David was not sick then…..finally underperformed in that she was unable to retain the confidence of her colleagues in her leadership….you either lead or you don’t there is no divine right to leadership…..

  10. Rhea

    Oh and David lost two elections as leader of his party and he still became PM…so why can’t Owen lose 1….

  11. Undertaker

    I agree with you Rhea.

  12. National Observer

    Real leaders do not require Daddy to throw tantrums to get them into a position of leadership. Real leaders wouldn’t want Daddy in the room.

    Mia is not ready to lead Barbados and she never will be. Daddy took care of that.

  13. bob

    What was the position with Elliot Motley and his job in Bermuda? wasn’t he given 24 hours to leave the country? barbadians seem to have very short attention spans.

  14. bob

    I am amazed at Barbadians. In Bermuda, according to the BBC Caribbean Today and which was also reported in the local media, Elliot Mottley was given 24 hours to leave Bermuda or face the consequences. He was either the Attorney General or some such thing. In this society, there is a lot of things people would like to pretend did not occur.
    What is meant by perverting the course of justice?This has nothing to do with the above statement about Mottley.

  15. bob

    errata: There are a lot of things people would like to pretend did not occur.