Musical tribute to Prime Minister David Thompson

“The whole nation praying for you.”

Tribute to Rt. Hon. Prime Minister David Thompson of Barbados

Song written by: Shawn Barrow
Musical Arrangement: Anderson Ward, 
Vocals: Shawnie + Mr Impact
Recorded at Uprising Studio


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4 responses to “Musical tribute to Prime Minister David Thompson

  1. Sonny

    Nice, BFP,
    You could have put in a few more photos (not necessarily with celebrities).

    However, I think it is a very thoughtful and meaningful gesture.

  2. BFP Cliverton not signed in

    Hello Sonny, we didn’t do it up. One of our friends found it on YouTube and sent it to us. We thought we’d share it.

    Thanks for your kind thoughts.


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  4. THEA

    yes it is a real shame that Rihanna is not at home performing at this time