LIME Internet blocks The Bajan Reporter website – FTC alerted

LIME by Cable & Wireless: Limited Internet, Many Expenses

Not the first time LIME blocked a website, probably not the last

We at Barbados Free Press understood entirely when we received a cc’d copy of an email this morning from Ian Bourne.

LIME has been blocking Bourne’s Bajan Reporter website ON A ROTATING BASIS just like it does with Barbados Free Press. Some folks can get it sometimes, and some folks can’t. As I write this, Grape Hall can reach The Bajan Reporter through LIME but south coast LIME customers can’t.

They don’t just shut it off you see… that would be too telling. They rotate the outage or “throttle” the speed.

Anything to please their political masters.

Hey, Alex McDonald. Yeah, you in the photo… we’re on to you, LIME and your scheme to censor political discussion on this island. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Here’s the email we received from Ian Bourne this morning. He sent it to about 30 people and news organisations, so I guess he means for it to be public. Here ya go folks…

TO: Alex McDonald, country manager for LIME Barbados

CC: (Barbados Free Press plus a List of 25+ names removed by BFP)

RE: Bajan Reporter website inaccessible to LIME users?

Good Morning Alex;

Trust this note finds you well and eager to clarify… I have everyone on board so we’re at the same page – last night a number of regular readers to my site said they could not access it – now I have a new server to accommodate increased users, I checked via Safari/Firefox/Chrome/Internet Explorer browsers and my signal is fine! But the fans who could not?

They all were using LIME, my service is no longer with Caribsurf – so my site appears in no time flat? Is there a problem in relaying my info to your customers? The fact I carry regional Football coverage from your competitors is considered objectionable? Or their forays into Asiatic climes?

In addition I decided to add Political coverage on my site, is this another problem? I recall having a chat with you at the Ermy Bourne Resource when George Payne said he was running for the BLP’s Party Chairman – I should hate to think LIME is embroiled in political intrigue at the behest of certain interests?

If that was true, it would speak poorly to freedom of press which the BAJ so valiantly upholds, even Social Media as myself, plus if this can happen to myself… Imagine what would happen to Advocate, Nation or other online media houses when they have truth to carry? Perhaps an alert campaign with each house’s subscribers should be made to warn people who they support via Internet or Mobile or otherwise they may be denied complete access to their service which they paid for which is contrary to dictums from the Fair Trading Commission?

Speaking of the FTC – I decided they also needed to be alerted of the situation in this same note, if you don’t mind? I really don’t know what’s going on and I am only suggesting possibilities, but I know you’ll deal with this ASAP, correct? Many Thanks!

IAN BOURNE – The Bajan Reporter


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20 responses to “LIME Internet blocks The Bajan Reporter website – FTC alerted

  1. X

    No matter this new LIME brand, they will always be Clueless & Worthless to me.


    There are ways that you could use to check on what Lime is doing. You would then have had a strong case to take to the public and The FTC.
    Just another reason why we need more bloggers like you. I never heard these questions in the media.


    I did a check and I can confirm that Lime is blocking the site. Ian watch your back, this may be deeper than you think.

  4. To be fair – a FB pal says;-

    Some users were having DNS issues last nite.. when they restarted their modems it worked fine.
    use Google’s or open dns’s servers, or ,

    But I still await word from LIME? I also want to know how Sunbeach & TeleBarbados get through like butter?

  5. Anonymous

    Shades of the USSR? LOL!

  6. Dear All;

    To be fair, one of my FB pals claims –

    “Some users were having DNS issues last nite.. when they restarted their modems it worked fine. Use Google’s or open dns’s servers, or ,”

    But it does not explain how Sunbeach & TeleBarbados users got thru immediately, quite a few LIME users had to reboot their modems – but some remain w/o coverage from The Bajan Reporter? In the interests of fair coverage I make this update…

  7. Hey this about me nuh? Let me talk??

  8. Knight of the Long Knives

    Both this site and BU are often blocked on my berry but I use Telebarbados at home and at work so I get no probs on the pc. I encourage all bajans to switch, the service is flawless and just so its known I have no relationship to Telebarbados beside paying customer :-).

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  10. BFP

    Hi Ian

    We found your two comments in the spam bucket, probably because of the IP numbers, I don’t know. Did we get them all?

  11. Anon

    The site still seems to be down.


    Downforeveryone gives you the site because they are bypassing the block by Lime

  13. Fishy Business

    I’m really glad you did the right thing and brought this to the public forum. Good job!
    As the site is back up on my (and I’m assuming others’) LIME service, it just goes to show the swing of power pendulum is making it’s way back into the hands of the consumer/public. As a friend of mine put it, “the revolution will be virtual”. These gestapo tactics MUST come to an end on all fronts! Price fixing, closed-door maneuvering, non-transparency et al…and it’s up to us to make it happen – Viva la Revolución!

  14. Question

    What is your take on Alex McDonald? Someone I know very well is just about ready to sign on the dotted line regarding a new business relationship with him. Is his overzealously jovial nature natural or is he trying to cover-up some inadequacies? Is he sincere? Is he absolutely above board? Does he have the business acumen that he tries very hard to suggest that he has? Is he a hard worker? Is he a leader or a follower? How often would he bring an earth shattering idea to the table? Why did he leave Fujitsu? Any help would be most appreciated.

  15. Listen…from time to time I put stories about what you guys are posting on my blog. if you need a counter part in the US…send me the info and I will post it…its time we put these guys on blast…check out my blog…

  16. Nozynelly is pirating BFP’s and my material without crediting it…

  17. No I am not…I always give credit to any source I use. I could say the same for you considering you use other peoples info and don’t credit them. Anyway. If I ever use any of your pirated information it wouldn’t be any time soon.

  18. Nozynelly stopped using BFP & me, aww, how sad? But BFP & Self use Attributes for Text or Images, so I know not where they harp nor carp…

  19. Gloria

    FTC? Is that Barbados Trade Commission? Because if you are referring to US Federal Trade Commission, they have no jurisdiction. Sounds like Barbados government is a true Banana Republic.

    Tourists, if you go to Barbados or anywhere in Eastern Caribbean with LIME, don’t expect to take your laptop and keep up with Outlook email. Even if you manage to get it working through LIME’s smtp server, your outbound emails will not be delivered, or they will be marked with such high spam grades (by LIME) that recipients’ mail software will junk it out.

    Unless you use online mail service, such as yahoo, gmail, msn, you will not be in contact with “home” during your vacation. Save yourself a TON of frustration, and go somewhere with a true operating ISP.