Corruption-Free Anguilla blog shuts down over threatened lawsuit

Don Mitchell CBE QC learns why anti-corruption blogs in small countries must be anonymous

“The bottom line is that whether the gentleman who is threatening action against me is right or wrong, I am not prepared to expose Maggie Mitchell’s retirement fund to more risk of depletion.  Since I evidently lack the necessary skills of dissimulation, it would seem that the only way to ensure this objective is to cease publishing.  This will therefore probably be my last post on this blog.

A pity, really…”

Don Mitchell writes his final blog article: The End.

The Corrupt and Powerful Elites always attack the messenger

Since December of 2006 Don Mitchell argued for integrity and transparency in public service in Anguilla. Some folks aren’t happy about that and they are threatening to sue him, so that’s the end.

Mitchell’s Corruption-free Anguilla blog almost made it to the four year mark, but it’s over now.

Tell you what, Don…

Get yourself three or four secure encrypted proxies from places like or any of a hundred other providers. Use a few. Randomly change them and every three or four months dump the whole lot. Maybe use a satellite phone once in a while too. Start a new blog in a nom-de-plume and say everything you’ve always wanted to.

Or… send us the articles anonymously at We’ll publish them unedited and take any fallout.

Know this one thing:

We at Barbados Free Press will go to jail before we’ll give up the names of the authors and citizens who seek freedom of expression, democracy and transparency through our blog.

That’s a promise.


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3 responses to “Corruption-Free Anguilla blog shuts down over threatened lawsuit

  1. Bak2Africa?

    Small-island politrix, den?
    LOL at the post-Colonial Wess Indies as it descends into increasingly-more-corrupt dealings of all sorts…

  2. Barbados Free Press, find salvation in these words. Dulce et decorum pro partria mori! I have your back, let me never ever die in regret or live my life in regret. Freedom has a price.

  3. Chris B

    Hey, Don Mitchell called me some names in his hey day. But I didn’t go crying … Besides I think he might agree with me a bit more now on the humanitarian crisis in TCI. In fact, he recently wrote that the UK’s constitution changes are barbaric (I know! I’ve been saying that all along). Dudes, I have been hacked all over the net and my articles taken down. I will take your advice above.