Michael Winner’s new book: Not so unbelievable!

A delicious, indiscreet memoir about dining with Hollywood stars

Death Wish director and #1 Barbados fan Michael Winner just published a new totally uncensored book of his meals and relationships with some very famous people: some dead and some still living.

Jack Lemmon, John Cleese (above with Michael), Faye Dunaway, Burt Lancaster, Robert Mitchum and a host of other big names are included in Winner’s memoir “Unbelievable! My Life In Restaurants And Other Places”

Will the stars be offended here on earth or wherever they are now? I doubt it.

Michael Winner is not unkind to anyone except those who serve him bad meals.

Can’t wait to read his new book, which probably could be titled “Lives of the rich and famous Hollywood stars with all the cow manure striped away”

Michael Winner loves Barbados.

According to a few reviews I’ve read, the book mentions Barbados frequently if for no other reason than Mr. Winner loves to spend time here and so do many of his famous friends.

We’ll leave you with something we wrote about Michael Winner back in July of this year…

“There can be no dispute that our old friend Michael Winner loves Barbados – and not just the West Coast / Sandy Lane crowd either. We’ve seen him pass through places like er, Grape Hall, and he’s usually smiling away in the passenger seat of a Mercedes like he’s just had a tonic and gin… or five.

Sometimes he waves at folks in much the same manner as Queen Elizabeth in a motorcade. We wave back. Like we said, Michael Winner loves Barbados and we get a kick out of him too.”

… from the BFP article Michael Winner talks about Paradise Beach, Simon Cowell and Barbados Free Press

Ha! Shona couldn’t help herself!

“Michael Winner’s Queen wave?” said Shona. “Oh my… I have an idea!”


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6 responses to “Michael Winner’s new book: Not so unbelievable!

  1. Simone

    Love it! Just hope his royal assness does not see it because you know he will write something nasty about Barbados Free Press (like you care!) LOL!!

  2. BFP

    Hi Simone

    Actually, I’d bet he secretly loves the photoshop cartoons whether he says so or not.

    Michael Winner is a #1 fan of Barbados and we love him no matter what he says about us.

    Besides, we love his Death Wish movies. Plot, cinematography. Just look at some of the camera angles. The man was way ahead of his time and dozens have lifted his techniques without so much as a thank you. You have to appreciate the raw talent and we certainly do.

  3. RRRicky

    I love your cartoon creations. Too funny!

  4. ” Unbelievable” A great read. Can`t wait for the sequel.
    C`mon Michael, get pen to paper!.
    Mike Foster.

  5. Anonymous

    He is gay more and more each day !!!

  6. 208

    ordered book some time ago and no show yet reflecting service in some eating houses getting less than warming reviews.perhaps better with hot cross buns rather than cold shoulder.