Forbes picks up Barbados Free Press news feed!

We’re not sure why it’s happening.

Our visitor stats are surging and BFP will soon welcome our 9 millionth visitor. Yesterday we told you that Sky News, USA Today, CNN, Times of India and a host of other outlets are following our coverage of the Arch Cot Inquest.

Now we see that a few hours ago picked up our article Michael Lee-Chin’s AIC Finance – Another CL Financial CLICO situation in progress?

Our thanks to author Afra Raymond for that one! didn’t pick up Barbados Advocate. They didn’t follow The Nation or the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation feeds. They tuned in to Barbados Free Press. OMG!

Why should the some of the world’s most prestigious news organizations pay attention to a nothing little blog like Barbados Free Press?

We haven’t a clue… but it’s happening.


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8 responses to “Forbes picks up Barbados Free Press news feed!

  1. bap! bap! unu large!

  2. St George's Dragon

    Well done but be careful not to let these sorts of articles be seen as self-congratulation otherwise I think you will find people turning against you.

  3. BU gone crazie

    Dear BFP

    Forbes connected with your blog because you are looked upon as a credible source of news and opinion. You are sometimes quirky and amateurish but always credible.

    On the other hand you will note that your old associates at Barbados Underground have gone mad with a never-ending series of articles about how bad the Jews, Whites and Guyanese “mango sellers, rat catchers” are.

    The best was posted yesterday and says everything about BU. They published an article by a 9/11 conspiracy theorist that states the World Trade Center was destroyed by a small nuclear charge in each building.

    That is what Barbados Underground has come to.

  4. 198

    BU may be islamic-sympatico in the current global thrust?

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