Breaking News: Barbadian Victor Bourne, mother Maria Alleyne Bourne, charged in massive cocaine smuggling via American Airlines

Other Barbadians involved “Arrests not over”

– US Indictments in massive money laundering and drug smuggling through Barbados.

US$300+ million dollar profits being seized by US Government

– “Bourne Organization” kingpin Victor D’Acosta Bourne used violence, threats against witnesses, airport workers, debtors, dealers

– American Airlines personnel involved in smuggling tons of drugs over a 10 year period. Ships also used.

– Drugs came from Caribbean where “Bourne Organization” members placed drugs on American Airlines flights “throughout the Caribbean” including Barbados.

Brooklyn and Barbados businesses used as cover for smuggling, distribution, money laundering.

Drugs are big business and that reality is no different in Barbados – which now finds itself the focus of worldwide attention in the fight against organized crime.

With only three persons charged, but allegations of a multi-country conspiracy heavily based in Brooklyn and Barbados, there have to be some other very worried folks in Barbados right now. We’re talking hundreds of millions of dollars, tons of drugs and violence by a criminal organization that has tentacles “throughout the Caribbean”, according to the US Attorney’s office.

Is this related to the Suleman Esuf case?

On September 17, 2010, The Nation newspaper reported the arrest of 22-year old “businessman” (!) Suleman Esuf charged with smuggling almost 3,000 pounds of cannabis via a shipping container through Bridgetown Port.

Esuf, who was already out on bail on shooting and gun charges was granted bail on the drug smuggling charges a few days ago!

The shooting charges arose out of two separate incidents on Friday 20th August, 2010 and they sure sound like drug dealer “knee capping” to us. Here’s what the Barbados police said at the time…

“1.    A 31 year old Christ Church man, received gunshot injuries to his left knee and right leg whilst at Cane Vale, Christ Church; and
2.    A 20 year old Christ Church man, received a gunshot injury to his right buttock.”

The absurdity of the Nation newspaper referring to Esuf as a “businessman” is only exceeded by the idiocy of granting bail for major drug smuggling charges to a 22 year old member of organized crime already out on bail for guns and violence.

Welcome to Jamaica, folks!

Here is the Press Release from the United States Attorney’s Office about the “Bourne Organization”

United States Attorney’s Office 
Eastern District of New York
Robert Nardoza
 Public Affairs Officer
(718) 254-6323

October 14, 2010


Enterprise Allegedly Smuggled Over 150 Kilograms of Cocaine into the United States Which Was Hidden Within American Airlines Flights Arriving at JFK

A superseding indictment returned by a federal grand jury in Brooklyn was unsealed today charging former American Airlines baggage handler Victor Bourne and former American Airlines dispatching crew chief Miguel Bozza with drug trafficking and related charges. The superseding indictment also charges Maria Alleyne, the mother of Victor Bourne, with structuring the purchase of money orders to avoid financial reporting requirements.1

The defendants will be arraigned later today before United States District Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis at the U.S. Courthouse, 225 Cadman Plaza East, in Brooklyn. The charges were announced by Loretta E. Lynch, United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, and James T. Hayes, Jr., Special Agent-in-Charge, ICE Office of Homeland Security Investigations in New York. Assistance for the investigation was provided by the Internal Revenue Service, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, the United States Postal Inspection Service, and the Drug Enforcement Administration.

According to the indictment and other court filings, between 2000 and 2009, Victor Bourne, a Barbadian national, was the leader of a drug trafficking organization (the “Bourne Organization”) that relied on corrupt employees of commercial airlines, including American Airlines, at domestic and international ports of entry to smuggle drugs into the United States and throughout the Caribbean. As part of its criminal activity, the Bourne Organization allegedly arranged for cocaine to be stowed aboard American Airlines flights leaving the Caribbean for John F. Kennedy International Airport. The organization then paid dispatching crew chiefs at American Airlines, including Miguel Bozza, to assign crews of baggage handlers, who were also paid by the Bourne Organization, to retrieve the cocaine upon arrival.

As part of the government’s investigation, Customs and Border Patrol officers seized multiple shipments of cocaine from American Airlines passenger flights. According to a court filing by the government, the Bourne Organization was responsible for the importation into the United States of over 150 kilograms of cocaine. The indictment further alleges that the organization was responsible for the shipment of over 5,000 kilograms of marijuana aboard cargo vessels, in part through a Brooklyn footwear business owned by Maria Alleyne, to businesses in Barbados, and that Bourne and Alleyne structured the purchase United States Postal money orders to avoid federal reporting requirements and thereby enable the organization to transfer clandestinely its drug proceeds.

“These charges are another example our continuing pursuit of international drug traffickers through a global enforcement strategy,” stated United States Attorney Lynch. “We will continue to investigate and prosecute workers at our ports of entry who threaten the integrity of our borders.”

“The use of commercial aircraft to smuggle narcotics creates a serious threat to both national security and public safety,” said ICE Special Agent-in-Charge Hayes. “As the investigative arm of the U.S. Dept Homeland Security, HSI is committed to bringing to justice individuals directly involved with these criminal enterprises and those who are complicit in furthering their schemes.”

Bourne is charged with conducting a Continuing Criminal Enterprise; Bourne and Bozza are charged with importing and distributing narcotics, as well as conspiring to do so, and wire fraud conspiracy; and Bourne and Alleyne are charged with conspiring to avoid financial reporting requirements through structured financial transactions. If convicted of all charges, Bourne and Bozza face a maximum sentence of life imprisonment, and Alleyne faces a maximum of five years’ imprisonment.

The government is also seeking forfeiture of the organization’s criminally derived proceeds.

The government’s case is being prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorneys Toni M. Mele, Patricia E. Notopoulos, Alexander A. Solomon, and Tanya Y. Hill.
The Defendants:



1 The charges in the superseding indictment are merely allegations, and the defendants are presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty.


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25 responses to “Breaking News: Barbadian Victor Bourne, mother Maria Alleyne Bourne, charged in massive cocaine smuggling via American Airlines

  1. six for five

    There was some recent news stories about meetings in Barbados between the US and Barbados governments about drug smuggling. Was the US politely telling us that we have a problem? Was the container of drugs seized at Bridgetown Port a US directed operation? Something is happening.

  2. cq8

    i have to ask. are they any relation to ian bourne?

  3. ComeHere

    It is beyond third world Banana Republic stereotypes that the Barbados authorities cannot control the open drug trade. The only reliable and punctual NISE customer service in BIM can be found from the daily deafening sound of the motor bikes running the drugs up and down the coast highway at 100 mph. Good job, Drug Squad, keep up the good work. Beach vendors and paros openly harass tourists to buy their drugs; and when they refuse, its a litany of rass dis and rass dat to the frightened spenders of desperately needed foreign exchange. Great job, NCC officers !

    SO is it surprising that in our bankrupt BIM society where we have a former Minister of Tourism now worth millions after his Gov’t service, where politically connected cronies of the current administration can be seen smiling for the cameras and swanning around at cocktail fetes despite having either gambled, stolen, or simply mismanaged at 35,000 feet, tens of millions of policy holder dollars, and at the same time we watch as countless no tender building contracts are shuffled like dominoes to the same above-the-law contractors, is it surprising that DRUGS are an issue? Just another hog at the trough! Another milestone for Barbados.

  4. 683

    What deafening motorbikes?

    They don’t exist on Gov’t. vehicle registration books.
    You ever had one of them stop nr. your car?

    Look for the number: M xxx ..M-what. X what?
    NO NUMBERS no number plate.

    Or if it DO have a number, it pointing up at de sky
    with lil fine peeny numbers that yuh can’t read anyhow
    – certainly not positioned how they are!

    It’s a total farce that Police can’t catch these guys -you can hear them a mile away ripping gyne up Bishop’s Court Hill and Collymore Rock
    all hrs. of the day and night!

    Always wondered how come these guys could get away with that..

  5. yatinkiteasy

    There are a few of these loud motorbikes or ATV`s up and down Oistins, Enterprise, Atlantic Shores too.

  6. Jinx

    This little island is without (enforced) rules boundaries and limitations.

  7. 934-22/A5

    It’s the very same half-dozen extremely loud motorbikes that we are all seeing
    whether it be in Oistins or Bridgetown.

    There aren’t that many of them
    and easily half of them are entirely illegal.

    Problem is…the cops CAN’T CATCH THEM!

    The cops can’t catch them???

  8. yagga yo

    the police are like you and me…how do you think they can stop a Yamaha YZF450 or a Honda XR650…no police car can keep up with them..i dont even think the police on bikes can be bothered to risk their lives chasing after a couple pounds of weed…ya cant really carry too much on a motorbike……LOOK AT THE BIGWIGS THAT BRINING IT IN….

  9. Yagga yo, somebody knows where they sleep, don’t they?

  10. 934-22/A5

    Someone knows where they sleep
    and where the bike is parked up during said sleep.

    Enforcement is about will power.
    It is about caring enough
    to actually get out there and enforce.

  11. mac

    In march this year a boat passed through here with $600m in cocaine on board, only to be picked up in Ireland. Now a major racket smuggling racket with Bajan links. I wonder what the Minister for National Security has to say,…….oh! That’s right he’s not here, what about the acting minister???Looks like National Security is important after all!!

    Re ATV’s, earlier this year the Nation published a picture of an ATV on a roundabout on it’s two left wheels. the picture clearly showed a number plate on it so I hope the police acted accordingly (I tried to find the picture on the web site, but no avail). As long as the police allow illegal activities such as these to continue, respect for the law will continue to be non existent.

    Another issue is when these criminals are deported back to Barbados as is the USA’s want, will they be thoroughly monitored & supervised to ensure they don’t just restart the operation, like other criminal deportees have done?

  12. 198

    do we need foreign/white upper level cops(plural!)
    to bring a major paradigm shift to local enforcement?

  13. Sharon

    Leave Jamaica out of this. Many Jamaicans like myself did not know what was happening in until the indictment of Dudus Coke. Barbados does not seem much different. We have to take back our countries. Blogs like this is one way by not being silent.

  14. freeyamind

    coke is one thing, ganga is another and alchohol still another, since the caribbean puppet leaders love to follow the US gov’t, follow them on this, california has legalized the possession of small of amts of ganga. washington state grows the most hydro as with Arizona, when are the caribbean leaders going to wake up and smell the perspiration of their people suffering in the burning sun and oppression of the tourist (modern slave system) and free the ganga trade in the caribbean!

  15. stupidgp

    this is crazy the story is lies like im so dizzy my head is flolting


    Ethnic cleansing is high Tech now, the slave driver gives the ghetto rat Cocaine, they kill each other and he laughs all the way to the bank and owns all the prestige Real Estate, it is caleed the perpetual Caribbean Paradise.Give them crumbs and they kill each other for nothing

  17. Observer

    To Donald Pascal
    It happens because some don’t haves must get at all cost. Plus, the the face of the slave drivers these days looks the same as the ghetto rats.

  18. M Byer

    Ever heard of road blocks and speed traps police radios to call ahead.
    Too fast ,You know where they live, where they travel and what hours.
    Corruption is the problem not just the Police but the society as a whole.
    No job but own a $250000 car. No Job but always going overseas. No job but living like a king. They do have a job selling dope.
    A corrupt socitey that even rip off their families by stealing their houses and land. Change the law stop pocessory titles on land ,that is what the British lords did to steal foreign lands.
    Bajans are consumed by corruption and greed.

  19. 194

    imagine what the world has become chaos….everyone including the usa is broke so we all know whats happening….”little bim” just a pawn in the big game…

  20. Newbie

    We all know that it is not the little man in the street that moves large amounts of drugs whatever its description, but it is the little man that pays the price, if caught. Drugs in any country is ghetto currency and we all have to eat. Alcohol and tobacco are equally intoxicating and in some people more so, however they are both legal due to the fact that they are not manufactured by poor people and also governments collect large amounts of revenue by way of taxes.
    As it is said in American movies:
    FOLLOW THE MONEY!! you will normally find the guilty parties.

    Ever noticed the AD they put on cigarette packets?
    When was the last time a cigarette manufacturing plant got shut down?

    By the way does anyone know what the crime rate is like in a place like Amsterdam where ganga is totally legal? Stop blaming drugs for all the ills of society. We are all responsible for our actions, people who do not use drugs commit crimes also and they exploit the drug users for their own ends.

    @freeyamind: I agree that the tourism industry is modern day slavery. A lot of workers in the industry are treated like slaves by some employers and some customers, then workers are punished in some way if they dare to object.
    Slavery has not been abolished, just the format and the taskmasters have been changed. Babylon released the chains but dem a use dem brains, (song lyrics).

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  23. bajans were in denial for years about the drug trade and who were involved. if it was family membes, so called elite in society, politician, police, lawyer, doctor, storeowners or the well connected they just look the other way and shut up, while snitching on each other to the police on a daily basis. cant look the other way now though. its all becoming unraveled. HA

  24. Amani Smith

    yeah YOU Bajans … wanna … harass our Jamaican females and sexually harass them under the pretense theyre looking for drugs stuck in thier lil purse and vagina…. and treating the men like were all criminals …while its your own…country man bringing down your … good name YOU People SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSLEF….BEFORE YOU PASS JUDGEMENT ON OTHERS LOOK UNDER YOUR OWN BED….disgraceful….