Arch Cot Inquest: Sky News, USA Today, Times of India following Barbados Free Press coverage

The world is paying attention, even if the Barbados elites wish it was not so

The Inquest into the deaths of five sleeping members of the Codrington family will start tomorrow, Monday, October 18, 2010 – but the inquest is being ignored by the oldstream Barbados news media. The Nation printed a few paragraphs last week announcing the inquest but nothing else, and no other Bajan news outlets mentioned the inquest at all.

“In a free society with a free press the day before the start of the inquest the Sunday papers would be full of the story of how a family of five was killed because of criminal greed and government corruption.”

Barbados deserves better from the news media

In a free society with a free press the day before the start of the inquest the Sunday papers would be full of the story.

Who wouldn’t be interested in how a home was built on a known cave and how five people were killed when their home fell into the collapsing cavern? There would be a review of the historical background and reprints of past coverage. The news media would ask why the inquest wasn’t called for three years. Fearless journalists would demand answers and wouldn’t stop asking tough questions.

In a free society with a free press.

But this is Barbados, so nothing appears in the press because some big names are involved…

It took three years of relatives, friends and blogs screaming for an inquest before the government and the Coroner announced a last-minute inquiry.

The Barbados news media is ignoring the inquest

Sunday papers and internet: The Nation: NOTHING. Barbados Advocate: NOTHING. CBC: NOTHING. Even Barbados Today – that feisty little upstart internet paper is ignoring the inquest. NOTHING. Ask them why.

But the world is not ignoring the deaths of a sleeping family of five, who were trapped in the rubble while politicians drank and ate at the scene between press conferences.

The story of the Codrington family is NEWS and the world is paying attention by following Barbados Free Press: the only Barbados news source that seems to give a damn. USA Today, CNN, Sky News, Times of India and so many more news agencies are carrying the Barbados Free Press story feed.

It’s news. It’s important to Barbados and to people around the world. Five people died in circumstances where somebody might as well have put a pistol to their heads as they slept. Preliminary investigations by family and friends confirm: what happened was a caused event. Predictable. Preventable.

We’ll publish more on this story tomorrow as the disgusting staged theatre of an inquest begins.

Further Reading

BFP, October 10, 2010: Arch Cot Inquest witness intimidation: Professor Hans G. Machel reports intimidation, fears of arson, bodily harm, job loss against potential witnesses.

BFP, October 9, 2010: Surprise Inquest called into Barbados Arch Cot cave deaths

Hey! Try a Google or BING! search for “Arch Cot Inquest” and see what you get…



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15 responses to “Arch Cot Inquest: Sky News, USA Today, Times of India following Barbados Free Press coverage

  1. WSD

    You tell it BFP! Keep telling it!

    thank you to BFP.

  2. family

    We never heard about no inquest We read it at free press on_nation papers.

  3. anonymouse

    May the person who removed the rule against building on this land BURN IN HELL. May the person who built the home BURN IN HELL. May the politicians who covered up BURN IN HELL. May the people who inspected the cracks at Donavere’s home and gave the OK to continue wiht the building BURN IN HELL.

  4. BA88/98

    Nothing in the Barbados papers the day before the Inquest.

    The family members didn’t know about the inquest until they saw it at BFP.

    Was the geologist from Canada invited to provide evidence at the inquest? (Machel)

    It’s a play. The script is written. It took three years to write it but it is ready for a performance on stage.

  5. passin thru

    “Barbados deserves better from the news media”


  6. rasta man

    And what will all his prove??? NOTHING!!!
    Another waste of taxpayers money

  7. Ok, look where and what time is the event happening? Simplify please, have been checking BFP’s articles and not clear where or when?

  8. permres

    According to the Nation, it is at 9.30am, Coroner’s Court, Roebuck Street. Coroner Faith Marshall-Harris.

  9. 7

    And would the general public (far less journalists)
    be allowed in at coroners court?

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  11. permres

    Well, nothing on Channel 8, CBC TV News 7.00pm.
    Did the inquest begin in Roebruck Street?

    Was anybody there?

    Regrettably, I guess, no demonstration outside the Coroner’s Court? Or was it not newsworthy?

    I really feel for the family and friends of the deceased. God bless.

  12. Oh dear

    Inquest adjourned to nov 15th, first day was too hot. And that ain’t even half of it, Doctor building on land he don’t own, based on a gentleman’s agreement and a whole family dead… since Feb 2007, Doctor and engineers aware of the cave, walk through it, proceeded to move all the top soil, trees and… then scrape away the rock, see cracks and hole, sent down BDF men, get a 3D scan of the cave, decided to change the plan approved by the town and country planning and put a carpark up there and the building to the bottom of hill, Capt Clarke say stop work now, that was at the end of July, and big doctor, that come court in he white coat cause we don’t know what a doctor look like, decided work could continue at the bottom of the hill, COws and crew went ahead, worked until the 22nd of Aug.

  13. 198

    Ah boy…land scarce in Bim!

  14. J

    I expect that a lot of the middle age media MEN are patients of Dr. Jerry Emptage. There is a lot of benign prostate enlargement and a fair amount of prostate cancer in Barbados. Dr. Emtage is the only urologist. Maybe the media MEN don’t wish to offend their doctor.

    But Kaymar Jordan at the Nation has NO BALLS, so she doesn’t have to care about whether the urologist lives or dies (professionally or naturally) Kaymar’s balls are not on the line, because she has none. Maybe we need more urologists in Barbados. We certainly need JUSTICE in this case.

    The court officials should have made the doctor remove his coat before he entered the court. I was in court just last week and I saw a court official make a young man pull up his pants, even though his boxers were NOT showing.

    I expect that wearing the coat to court is a tactic to influence the magistrate by reminding her that “I AM AN IMPORTANT AND VERY BUSY DOCTOR” But we know that it would only have taken 15 seconds to pull off the damn coat and toss it in the back seat of the car. Fortunately the magistrate does NOT have any balls.

    Normally balls give a lot of status and authority. In this case NOT HAVING BALLS may be best.

    I think that we the people need to squeeze this doctor’s balls. HARD.

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