Bajan Reporter website crashes due to high traffic!

The popular Barbados online news site The Bajan Reporter has been down for at least eight hours after 6,000 unique visitors in 12 hours caused the server to crash.

We have three thoughts for our friend Ian Bourne, who writes and runs The Bajan Reporter…

1/ Congratulations! Achieving an effective rate of 12,000 unique visitors per day is a big deal. If you could keep it up that would be over 4 million visitors per year. That’s huge numbers for a website focused on a population base of less than three hundred thousand people.

2/ Ian, in our opinion the continuing success and exponential growth of The Bajan Reporter is due to your chosen mix of topics, your writing skills and your extensive contacts. When something happens you probably hear about it long before many of the other journalists in Barbados.


3/ Time to get a new hosting service with enough capacity to handle your increased traffic.

Big Question: Will Ian Bourne be covering the Arch Cot Inquest?

Only one newspaper mentioned the October 18th start of the inquest into the 2007 deaths of five members of the Codrington family – killed when their home collapsed into a known cave. In short, Barbados cannot rely upon the oldstream news media to provide complete and accurate coverage of this important inquest.

Ian Bourne could do the job… but will he?


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11 responses to “Bajan Reporter website crashes due to high traffic!

  1. Editor

    There is a 4th caveat for Ian Bourne… please make your web site more readable with a more attractive format. When one logs on to the site, one is overwhelmed with a whole load of type… it makes one want to run away…

  2. Been like that for a while...

    That message has been there for about a week…I agree with Editor, I don’t like the format. Maybe 1/100th of the content interests me anyway.

  3. New server, almost done tweaking – also looking for more ad space… I appreciate all support from advertisers and readers so far, hope to offer more services soon!

  4. The Watcher

    6000 unique visitors in 12 hrs crashed you site? Sounds strange. Maybe want to check with your hosting company to ensure that they are giving you what you pay for. That number of visits equates to 500 an hr or just about 8 visits a minute. Back in Web 1.0 days, that may have resulted in a crash, but today it doesn’t ring right.
    Check it out and avoid further embarassment.

  5. This is a common scenario for most websites when a hit happens and they are not ready for it.

  6. Tealc

    Actually 6000 extra hits in 12 hours on top of your normal heavy traffic on any website that isn’t a brochure (purely informational website) will crash on most hosting accounts. All entry level hosting is shared hosting, all those visitors pulling data from different parts of the database will skyrocket CPU usage and shared hosts will ban you.

    Especially with WordPress, its a notorious issue. See the millions who have also been “embarrased” or

  7. A – My site is back up! 🙂

    B – My site is back up! 😉

    C – My site is back up! 😀

    D – The Bajan Reporter is now so overloaded with material while offline…

    So Arch Cot is unfortunately the Low Man On Totem Pole, but I hope they stick it to Dale Marshall, he is a two-faced slug – not even worthy of Ghanaian or Nigerian gourmands!

  8. BFP

    Hi Tealc

    Thanks for contributing. I loved that Lorelle@wordpress blog. Lorelle sounds like a good resource so thanks for that.

    A couple of points to do with your comment.

    There is a vast difference between setting up your own WordPress site on your own server or hosted server (which is the case for Ian Bourne) and having host the site which is the situation at Barbados Free Press.

    The best 24 hour day we’ve ever had was 44,087 visitors on Friday, February 20, 2009 and that traffic was no problem at all for I think that was some sort of breaking news with Rihanna and the whole world started coming to one of our past articles. We’ve had many 20,000+ visitor days, but takes that sort of traffic without a complaint and it’s probably not huge numbers compared with some of their major sites like People magazine etc.

    The Lorelle article you referred us to was 4 years ago and I think that has progressed immeasurably since then.

    Your point about hosting WordPress on your own server or a normal hosting service remains true: it’s not as simple as folks make it out to be. Everything is fine while you’re getting a thousand visitors a day, but when someone tags one of your pieces and the meter hits five or ten thousand over a couple of hours, down she goes! There’s no problem like that with because the whole thing is massive and scalable. The downside is you can’t have advertising on the blog. Ian wants to make a living so he has to have advertising and his own server.

  9. anonymouse

    Bourne says he’s not covering Arch Cot because he’s too busy. Nation and Advocate are too busy. CBC too busy to cover the inquest too. Everybody in the news too busy to cover the Arch Cot inquest.

  10. @anonymouse – Be my staff for free? Cover event then, entirely welcome…

  11. tealc

    Ye. Hosting on versus your own server is similar to renting via homeowning. If there is a plumbing problem in an apartment building the landlord will look into it. Your own house you gotta fix it. Both have their ups and downsides. I just commented because “watcher” commented about “embarrassment”. Google and Facebook have more servers than most and they crash from time to time. Twitter “fail whales” every week. That’s the way of the net.