How Owen Arthur manages his guilt

“One way corrupt people manage their guilt is to give some of their ill gotten booty to charity. The corrupt delude themselves into thinking that their God would not only forgive them for stealing if they give some to the poor but he might even bless them with even bigger opportunities to illegally pocket state funds once they give something to the lucky poor and chosen political party rather than squander all on high-rises in Florida, European vacations, big cars, Ten Cane Rum, and outside women.”

… from This Beach Called Life’s post Managing Corruption in Trinidad and Tobago

“A group of 41 former cricketers from Barbados, including some famous names, is clubbing together to help former team-mates who have fallen on hard times… Prime Minister Owen Arthur, an ardent cricket fan, has personally donated US$150,000, an amount that has been matched by local hoteliers.”

“… think about the wealth it takes to give away US$150,000.”

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One response to “How Owen Arthur manages his guilt

  1. Huh?

    Do you remember when David Thompson held up that $75,000 cheque that Owen Arthur put into his personal bank account? He called him to the lowest for that unethical action.

    After David Thompson won the election he forgot about Arthur’s corruption and elevated him to some “elder statesman” position to supervise elections for the UN.

    Two peas in the pod. It was all for show during the election campaign. Thompson and his DLP no differnt than Arthur and his BLP. Two peas in de pod both.