Children, poor people to fill empty seats at Commonwealth Games

Barbados vs England Net Ball – 58 spectators including players’ families

A quick thought before bed about the Delhi Commonwealth Games. In a country of a billion people, 58 spectators showed up to watch Barbados and England play net ball. 20 people occupied 5000 seats for the first tennis match and on Tuesday no more than 100 people sat in the 19,000 seat MDC field hockey stadium.

Lately these mega events are missing the mark in many areas. As we saw ourselves in Barbados with Cricket World Cup, the organisers always wildly over-estimate the spectators, economic and social benefits that the mega-events will bring. They always grossly exaggerate their capabilities and resources available to bring it off successfully.

The host country’s taxpayers end up paying for the mistakes – sometimes for decades. Always the same. In Barbados the hundred million dollars plus that could have been used for a new hospital instead sits in our Cricket Palace. Even former Tourism Minister Noel Lynch after a rum or two would have to admit that Cricket World Cup would have been just fine at the old Kensington just the way it was, wouldn’t it?

Where is our new hospital?

But the companies who built everything at Cricket World Cup got paid. The organizers, advisors, consultants and service companies got paid, didn’t they?

Don’t talk to me about the great leaders of business and industry because mostly just like Parris and Duprey and a host of others they are bailed out and subsidised at every turn. The risk is ours, but all the profits are theirs.

The motto of the elites on this island and most everywhere is “Privatize profits, socialize losses.”

Something to think about the next time our glorious leaders want to spend our money on big and flashy instead of maintaining and bettering the foundations of our society.

“I don’t know how much the government spent on Cricket World Cup, but every time I go past that big white elephant Kensington Oval I think of my son and all the tears and fear over that filthy, falling down slum we call our hospital.

BFP, please print the photos of the QEH toilet next to the hundred million dollar Kensington Oval, and let people decide if our government made the correct choice on how to spend that hundred million dollars…”

… from Your Child Is Sick: Welcome To Barbados Queen Elizabeth Hospital

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5 responses to “Children, poor people to fill empty seats at Commonwealth Games

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    The last time my BFF was in Barbados he was involved in a serious car accident. After being in QEH for 48 hours he was air ambulanced out of Barbados back to Canada in fair of dying in that “hospital”. To think that in 2010 that building is still being used. I had my tonsils removed at the QEH when I was 5 years old! I’m now in my 40’s!!! Really now!

  3. Slap Happy

    So sad!
    These were the worst games ever!
    What a waste of money.

    Although a $1 billion rupees ($23 million cdn) to build athlete’s housing where Canada spent over a $1 billion dollars to house the athletes for winter 2010. Another waste of money.

    Waste of money is easy to say; not like said money spent would be used on something worthwhile.

    Man, I haven’t even had a chance to watch any of the commonwealth games. When I was a child watching the games on CBC (Canada) was the thing to do during the respective summer. Oh man, it is autumn right now.

  4. aforic

    i really like this post, you are good