Barbados digging out, drying out as flood waters drain

Mud, water, more mud!

When we talk about this in a few months, many of us won’t remember the water so much as all the mud. There’s nothing to put you in a mood like shoveling mud from inside your home. Shovels are in short supply. We tried and failed to buy a couple yesterday.

It’s supposed to rain tomorrow (Wednesday) but not heavily. Fortunately a friend’s home is on slightly higher ground and remained dry through the weekend mess. It has become the local hotel for the foreseeable future for a few of us. Good to have friends.

The water went off earlier this evening for an hour but it’s back on. The power is off and on like a trapped politician having to answer a “yes or no” question.

Tired. Everyone you meet is tired, physically tired from cleaning up the mess, not sleeping well or upset from not being able to go home. “Mud, tired” are the two words that define life right now.

Sorry to be on such a low, but that’s life today on this rock. We’re almost done – not back to normal – but almost done the cleanup. Tomorrow will be better.

Photo courtesy of Mark@bgi: Raid or mud doan matter as Barbados Fire heads out for another call. They’re tired too but out they go because they have to. Thanks guys!

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3 responses to “Barbados digging out, drying out as flood waters drain

  1. Chicago

    May God bless Barbados and my friends at Barbados Free Press. The best advice is the old advice of ‘get as much rest as you can and take your vitamins.’ Things can be replaced with work. The sun will shine again.

  2. First Hi Cliff.

    Where on earth do you LIVE??

    I had none of the problems you mention!!
    So we had 4 days of steady rain, no big deal.

    Sounds like you live in low-lying wess coast ex-swamp-land and complaining because the watercourse tek back its flood-plain as it will, every 20 yrs. or so.

    Doan build in a pond-bottom, OK?

  3. Politically Tired

    First Hi Cliff

    Sympathetic soul aren’t you?

    A friend of mine lives in the Holetown area, they’re used to flooding & dealing with it, no problem, but not on this scale, they’ve lived there 30 years.
    Construction in the area has not helped, the water used to drain away over pasture, now its caught by a huge wall on a new development & has nowhere to run except back into a row of old cottages behind.The cars destroyed as well as all the furniture/appliances.
    Drains that were constructed were blocked, that big concrete gully opposite Discovery Bay was ‘full’ of mud,marl & vegetation.