News Item: Turks and Caicos Integrity Commission collects asset declarations from senior judges

As the newly appointed head of the Turks and Caicos Integrity Commission, SIR David Anthony Cathcart Simmons recently ordered that members of the advisory council and consultative forum must now declare their income, assets and liabilities along with all other senior public servants including senior judges. See: Sir David Simmons declares Turks & Caicos public servants must declare assets – but not him!

Thanks to BFP reader “Not Me!” for the comic. It looks like Shona and Clive have some competition!


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3 responses to “News Item: Turks and Caicos Integrity Commission collects asset declarations from senior judges

  1. nevermind kurt

    Mr. Simmons had 35 years of politics and never cared about integrity legislation, conflict of interest or declaration of assets before.

    Why is he concerned about those subjects now?

  2. Pieter Pieper

    A typical shifty Bajan politician and lawyer! Suddenly he is experiencing an epiphany, a complete change in his old age…on the road to “Damascus”.

    How hypocritical!

    And to think that he was our attorney general and thief justice! Bajans must learn not to elect lawyers to represent them in parliament. They only pursue their own interests and are only concerned about their constituents’ interests at election time.

  3. Gascoigne LaRue

    Estwick was ready to hold Press Conferences twice over his repositioning from Economic Affairs to Agriculture, and then his own sop to himself that “TIME LONGER THAN TWINE” – wow, what a vicious bastard! Freundel himself but waiting for the coroner to make official what rumor mills have been hinting for days now so he can rush to Sir Clifford and create a new Party after Sinckler’s ‘promotion,’ which was not even praise but a parting shot of throwing a newbie to the Deep End.

    As for the BLP? Everyone chooses to forget, including Owen and George Payne – when Payne threatened Roy Morris at the Nation on Official Letterhead and with one stroke of the pen, Arthur makes GWP from Housing Min-cum-acting AG to a little backbencher just so! Payne has no love for the Media either – so how he can run for Party Chairman I just cannot understand! He cussed poor Vere Walcott in 2003 about land slippage and apologised only when he realised CBC had the footage – what a sore loser! If it was the USA he’d have been a has-been worse than Howard Dean’s scream!

    Do you really want dictatorial OSA messing up the country again? A man who horns his own wife with his secretary and celebrates his adultery by officiating his unfaithfulness on National TV? The illegitimate child was conceived while he was still married to Beverley! Pays her off with massive cash and a mansion to keep quiet… OMG! I saw Simmons in this item and it made me think of himself while still AG – Orders David Simmons to suppress stories on the St George Post Office on CBC by threatening to destroy the TV station with bombs delivered by Task Force officers? What a leader!

    So far, Mia is not operating on the basis of who you vote for and verifying if you indeed cast your ballot (it can be traced, I should know), she will let you know up front if total or partial assistance can be granted to your plight no matter how huge or minuscule… Barbados has to accept at the end of the day, with all her astuteness, tact and insight? Mia Amor Mottley WILL be the next Prime Minister of Barbados!