My Rustic Bajan Garden soothes the soul – and the floodwaters

There is no flooding in the garden – and there is a reason for that.

We’ve been remiss in not mentioning a popular Bajan blog that is seen on more and more computers at work these days. When folks need a break they visit My Rustic Bajan Garden because they can almost feel the tranquility flowing through the computer and into the room.

Barbados is a beautiful place and our friends at My Rustic Bajan Garden transport you to every little path through their delightful photos.

There is also a message in the news photos this week if you care to see it…

More concrete equals more flooding. More gardens and other natural areas make for less flooding.

Like many folks, some of us at Barbados Free Press have been hit badly by the recent flooding. One of our friends lost a lifetime of small personal treasures, a collection she started in school and had been nurturing for 37 years. Her furniture, clothes, bedding, camera, photos, PC, television – everything – all gone because this time the high water visited areas it never has before in living memory. She was at work when she received the call that it was too late already.

There is something going terribly wrong.

More and more areas are now viewing flooding as a “normal” event. We have forgotten that this is not the way it was even five or ten years ago. Not like this.

It’s not about all the rain. We’ve had big long rains in Barbados since forever. Always have. It’s as if this poor island has had all the abuse it can take. Garbage and debris everywhere and when it rains it floats into the channels and drains and blocks them even if they were clear before the rain started – but that’s not all it is. If everything could be solved by picking up debris and garbage we would rejoice because as much work as that would take, with the will it could be done.

But debris and blocked drains and channels are only a piece of the problem…

The difference is the concrete

The rab lands. The agricultural lands that are now idle and waiting for permissions. The cane fields that burned and were never worked again because people gave up.

The willy-nilly building everywhere without a drainage plan for the building lot, the community or for the island. Willy-nilly building without rules and without a building code. Building without environmental legislation to protect natural drainage channels and ponds and lowlands that in the past provided natural buffers to sooth and direct the raging waters.

Our leaders failed us, and we failed ourselves by allowing this to happen.

Can we undo the damage? Visit My Rustic Bajan Garden to see how things might be, and are, in the beautiful gardens of Barbados.

Photo of flooded roadway courtesy of Barbados Today

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