Ground Zero Mosque design: falling Stars of David are not symbolic of Jewish defeat. Honest.

Let’s see if I have this correctly…

No symbolism in the location of a mega-mosque on the site of a building damaged in the 9/11 attacks. No symbolism in the design showing falling Jewish Stars of David. No symbolism in the design that has a bend that seems to invoke the image of two buildings. No symbolism in the outside design, especially at night, that seems to invoke light and dark patches resembling smoke.

And it’s built by moderate, tolerant Muslims who do not wish to see Sharia law imposed on the United States and the rest of the west.

And in an obvious (even if obliquely delivered) threat, the Muslim leader behind the project says if it’s not built there will be violence.

Oh. Okay. You can all go back to sleep now. Nothing to see here. Move along, folks. Move along.

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Daily Mail Online: First look at sketches of the Ground Zero mosque

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25 responses to “Ground Zero Mosque design: falling Stars of David are not symbolic of Jewish defeat. Honest.

  1. sweetyam

    I see what you mean. It couldn’t be any clearer unless it was designed like a middle finger sticking up. FU Jews, FU New York and FU America is what this design says.

  2. Dan

    Seeing falling Stars of David in that design is somewhat akin to seeing an image of Jesus on a piece of burnt toast or a patch of mould on a building.

    Some people will see anything that reinforces their preconceived notions.

  3. Anonymous

    But if that is the message, there is a rather strange alignment of forces who are backing it. Unless of course they have an ulterior motive. But who would buy that? These are, after all, such honorable, noble and altruistic (not to mention, generous) people.

  4. island shopper

    bfp… how about doing a story where by you can show why the minorities in bim who were around from slavery days are still controlling the majority fo the economical power as well as showing why they influence most of the decision making in this country and also hamper others who want to go into similar business ventures as what they do.Are they afraid of losing their economical influence in this country

  5. I In Town Long

    Oh. Okay. You can all go back to sleep now. Nothing to see here. Move along, folks. Move along.
    That is exactly what I am doing. Did you actually mentioned the word Jews in your posts?

  6. Man say

    Imam Rauf say you betta build it or Muslims will do violence.

    That sounds like a true statement to me.

  7. Excuses

    Dan said “Seeing falling Stars of David in that design is somewhat akin to seeing an image of Jesus on a piece of burnt toast or a patch of mould on a building.”

    Read the Daily Mail article Dan. The mosque developers have admitted that they are Stars of David, but say they are put there to foster religious peace you see.

    In other words, they admit they are Stars of David deliberately done.

    Now what do you say? Still burnt toast?

  8. Excuses

    The intent and motive are what matters now that they confirm the stars were a deliberate design.

    I don’t believe their motive is peace, I believe their motive is a anything but peace.

  9. Dan

    What Daily Mail article? Link?

    Because there’s nothing in the linked article above that mentions Stars of David.

  10. Dan

    My mistake. I did not see the Daily Mail link because it wasn’t in the main BFP article. And there are no photos in the linked AP article. Apologies anyway.

    So yes, the developer says there are some hexagrams in the design (impossible to see in the photos above). You do know the hexagram is not exclusive to Judaism, right?

    This entire controversy was ginned up by a right-wing fanatic named Pamela Geller. Prior to her tirades, no one, not even Fox News, objected to it.

    Do you realize there is a prayer room in the Pentagon used by Muslims? What about the memory of those who died on that site? Perhaps that should be closed down, although the US military doesn’t seem to mind.

  11. Green Monkey

    Here’s some interesting background info for you on the Star of David and its origins. I wonder if the fundamentalist Christians like the good Pastor Hagee, for example, who always support the Israeli government position come hell or high water and in spite of whatever war crimes the IDF troops might have recently perpetrated on the Palestinians are aware of the interesting history of the Star of David.

    From a book review of “The Six Pointed Star: Its Origin and Usage”:

    The book’s thesis is a valid and little known one that needs more widespread explanation, however. The Magen David/Star of David/Seal of Solomon/Hexagram is NOT of Jewish origin, but instead finds its origin in pagan idolatry towards Ashtoreth which was adopted by Israel’s king Solomon in defiance of God’s commandments. The six pointed star was used in Gnostic and even Islamic artwork and symbolism before it came to use amoung Jews. It was adopted by Cabalists who got their beliefs from the earlier heretic Gnostics who believed the God of the Old Testament was evil and worshipped Lucifer. Issac Luria was a Cabalist who popularized it in the sixteenth century and it was used on a coat of arms by the banking family of Rothschild. Further on down the line the hexagram was utilized as the symbol for Zionism and became the emblem of the Israeli flag.

    More at:

  12. cq8

    Green Monkey, your information on the historical significance of the hexagram is 100% factual.

    It is also 100% irrelevant to the truth that the inclusion of this symbol in the outside of the building and in the manner that it is shown is intended by the mosque developers as a provocation and an insult: as is the location and size of the building.

    Muslims have hair trigger sensitivity over their religious symbols and regularly rampage, burn and murder over matters as small as a scribbled cartoon. Imam Rauf is on record saying there will be violence by Muslims if the building is not allowed at the chosen location.

    Your history of the Star of David is designed to obfuscate the real issue and the truth.

  13. Green Monkey

    Imam Rauf is on record saying there will be violence by Muslims if the building is not allowed at the chosen location

    And some Americans are saying that their will be violence if the Mosque is allowed to proceed.

    Watch the video above and see the fine company of patriotic Americans (and a few Saudis) who consort with this Imman and are directly or indirectly supporting his work. Doesn’t it make you wonder? Some of you really can’t tell when you are being played for suckers and used to fulfill a larger agenda.

  14. I In Town Long

    Dont let *FP fool ya all. These people do NOT represent the voice of Bajans, hence the star of David is present. haha.
    Firstly this article has been copy n pasted from a muslim hate site( see fa yaself.
    Secondly , hexagrams have been used in Islamic architecture from time immemorial, even before the Jews. here are some links , see fa yaself….

    Also check:Constructs of Symmetry in Islamic Art
    by Terry Allen
    Cairo: Mausoleum of al-Malik al-Ṣāliḥ Najm al-Dīn Ayyūb
    In the exterior of the Mausoleum of al-Malik al-Ṣāliḥ Najm al-Dīn Ayyūb (647–48/1249–50) the three windows have decorated flat arches and relieving arches. Of these only one, that on the left, shows any variation in coördinate detail. In the relieving arch there are roundels separated by cartouches; the roundels contain a star in the center, interlaced hexagrams in the middle of each side, and a cropped rosette at the edges:11

    For the uneducated, Arabs were famous mathmeticians(check for the origins of algrebra) and astronomers(majority of the stars in the sky have arabic names),and calligraphers hence the use of geometric designs are prevalent in all of its architecture.
    Another example is the Taj Mahal(built by moslem shah jahan as a memorial for his wife mumtaz), everything is symmetrical . check it out.
    It should also be noted that they are any “images of people” (definitely flowers) in islamic architecture.

  15. I In Town Long

    And dont forget wikipedia, Muslims are also mentioned in ref. to use of Hexagrams.

    p.s I missed out the word “hardly between ‘are’ and ‘any’ from above last sentence.

  16. I In Town Long

    Here is a nice pic from the Qutub Minar in India, built by the muslim moghuls……..

    Notice the hexagrams and other designs……as I said before, move along,move along, much ado about nothing. stupse.

  17. Chicago

    In town, are you arguing that no stars of david are present, or that they are normal Islamic symbols?

    You try and argue both points when you say that only BFP sees the stars. Read the daily mail article and you’ll see the mosque builders acknowledge the stars. What’s this about jihad watch? I don’t see any copying from there. They covered the story in their own way from the news media like BFP did. Your post is confusing my brain.

  18. Chicago

    cq8 said “Muslims have hair trigger sensitivity over their religious symbols and regularly rampage, burn and murder over matters as small as a scribbled cartoon.”

    That is the truth and another reason why this debate about the intentions of the people building the 9-11 mosque is useless. Their intentions are plain to see. Their prediction of Muslim violence if they don’t get their way say it all. That was a mistake for them to say it but if you’re dealing with thugs their thug attitude comes through the pretending once in a while and that’s what happened.

  19. I In Town Long

    I am saying they are present, and I am also saying “so what?” if they are present. whats the boohoo all about? It has been used in past islamic designs.
    *FP dont only see stars. they see symbolism,symbolism of so-called jews falling. symbolism of black n white smoke. O crumbs ! get real. You know what I see ? I see the holes in the thing the *FP call a brain.
    You know what else it looks like? A Crunchie bar, with that honeycomb look. You can see what u want. Thats why its called architecture.

    I finish with here. No use wasting my time . Thats about 21 comments already, the most by *FP since the last moslem post.

  20. I In Town Long

    @ Chicago here is the link , sounds a lot like *FP ‘s comment. Need I say more? Idiots of a feather, flock together.

  21. American by choice

    Over 70% of Americans are opposed to building this mosque. Nonetheless its proponents push ahead because the purpose is not peace and love. The purpose is to erect a symbol of Islamic triumph.

    Most Islamic values are directly opposed to the freedoms we Americans take for granted. That is why the massive opposition to this mosque continues and grows. We’ve got your number I in town long. We know what you and your propaganda are about. Try your best. You can’t win in America because we see through you.

  22. Unimpressed

    if you look even closer you’ll find waldo… but he’s wearing a turban and has a beard…

    i mean really, does BFP have NO credibility?!

  23. mac

    @Excuses, Please don’t take anything that the Daily Mail says as gospel, they wouldn’t know how to print an unbiased story if their life depended on it. They are what is know in the UK as gutter press, their only purpose is to stir up hatred & fear of “difference”. The article has little basis in reality.

  24. laffinatdem

    The apologists for Islam will continue their campaign, they have made their objective clear – total world control and the imposition of Sharia law. Taking civilisation back into the dark ages of slavery and oppression.

    Mohammed conceived his plan to achieve personal power by trying to discredit Jesus as being “just another prophet”. By so doing he could elevate himself as being “another prophet” and somehow he believed and convinced others that he had achieved equality with Jesus, the One Son of God.

    Whatever he did and whatever present day Islamists, ‘moderates’ or ‘radicals’ do, they cannot and will never change the truth, Jesus is the Son of God; He is the only way to salvation.

    Let them fight against Christianity, let them make war and kill, the blood of Christians is on their hands.

    In Heaven there will only be those who believe and accept God as their Maker and Jesus Christ as their Savior; not those who follow just another prophet! Do not discourage the Islamists, let them live in their ignorance and folly.

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