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Mia says “Hard Times a’ comin’.” Cliverton says she looks sultry…

1:23am Grape Hall, Barbados.

1. (of the air or weather) Hot and humid.
2. (of a person, esp. a woman) Attractive in a way that suggests a passionate nature

Ok. Had afew or more.

Listening to AC/DC over the net on Powerland at www.radionomy.com. All the AC/DC all the time. Now playing: Highway to Hell, then Bad Boy Boogie live. LIVE I tell ya!

Surfing to The Nation and I see an article Mia: More hard times

It’s about the economy but pay no attention. Look at the photo. Hot and humid, fuh sure!

Damn, Mia’s almost sultry. Look at the downcast eyes. The hair a little askew. Nice lips. Maybe not “almost”. Damn!

I know she’s got a few years on me, but look at the photo. Something a little wild there. Continue reading


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