Suggestion for the Barbados Tourism Authority: Give “Britain’s unluckiest bride” a free honeymoon!

UPDATE: Bajans pitching in!

Peach and Quiet Hotel offers up to 14 days of accommodation to the Wilsons, including some meals! What a wonderful contribution by Mr. & Mrs. Loveridge.

Who’s next to help out? Does Sir Richard Branson read Barbados Free Press? We could use some air tickets. Maybe someone can send this to Virgin Atlantic?

Meanwhile, let’s hear from some other folks. It doesn’t have to be a huge offer. If you’re in the tourism business, just do something nice within your means.

How about a free dinner from Marcia’s Place at Oistins or some fishing with Shaun Sandiford? Somebody phone them up and ask them to help give this couple a honeymoon they will cherish.

Come on folks, it’s time to show what Barbados can do!

Original story…

We should do something nice for these newlyweds – and the publicity wouldn’t hurt Barbados either.

* This article was suggested by one of BFP’s readers via email.

Yvonne Wilson and her new husband Dennis planned on a Barbados honeymoon and saved for over a year, but that was before she collapsed twice at her wedding reception and had to have surgery. It turned out to be benign tumour, but when they discovered there was a six month waiting list for the operation and Yvonne was in such pain, Mr and Mrs Wilson decided to cancel their £3,000 holiday in Barbados and instead use the cash for her operation.

Then Yvonne’s wedding and engagement rings were stolen in a burglary, and to top it all off Dennis was declared redundant and laid off at his work.

Now there’s a wedding story for you!

The Daily Mail has a fairly large story on the couple, with Yvonne being dubbed Britain’s unluckiest bride.” (Our thanks to Daily Mail for the photo too.)

Someone at the BTA could pick up a phone and make this happen.

Okay… we know we have one or two empty hotel rooms ’bout this place, and I’ll bet we could talk Sir Richard Branson into throwing in a couple of round trip tickets on one of his big Boeings. Do that and have the Minister of Tourism greet the airplane and take the couple on a few side trips and I’d bet the worldwide news media would lap it up.

Barbados would come off looking like the great honeymoon place we are with friendly and concerned Bajans pitching in to do something nice for newlyweds who had a rough first few weeks of marital bliss.

We at BFP think it would be a great idea and that the cost would be chicken feed compared with the positive news coverage. The Tourism Minister was saying the other day that we have to get creative, but we’re not the BTA or hotel owners, so…

How about it, tourism folks and hotel owners? We know the Barbados Tourism Authority would recognize the value of our reader’s suggestion to help out the Wilsons. It would make all Bajans feel good to see the couple on honeymoon in Barbados as they originally planned.


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19 responses to “Suggestion for the Barbados Tourism Authority: Give “Britain’s unluckiest bride” a free honeymoon!

  1. Goldenbead

    I think it is a great idea BFP!

  2. hi
    going to forward this to barbados tourist board in uk

  3. Chicago

    Your idea makes good business sense. Barbados brings tourism writers and journalists to the island for vacations quite regularly. Next time include the Wilsons on a junket and the journalists will have something special to write about.

    This is a great idea BFP. I hope somebody listens and acts.

  4. Adrian Loveridge

    As you know Peach and Quiet is NOT a luxury property, but we are a good 2 1/2 star with a enviable location.
    We would be happy to donate up to a 14 night stay and offer some included meals.
    When I saw this at 4am this morning, I sent it to the VP Sales and Marketing -United Kingdom at BTA but I think she is on holiday at the moment.

  5. RLL

    BFP should send this article to the Daily Mail as it progresses. There’s a follow up story for them about everyday people of Barbados wanting to give this couple their lost Barbados honeymoon.

  6. West Side Davie

    Thanks to Adrian and the Mrs. (sorry I forget her name. I’m getting older.)

  7. X

    What a tremendous opportunity for this island. I beg one thing of BFP. If by some incredible stroke of luck this is pulled off by the Gov’t, please don’t pull the “this was our idea, how on earth could so-and-so do this without crediting BFP”.

    Don’t make it about you.

    That aside – this is really a fantastic idea for some quality press coverage at a crucial time for the country’s economy when so much rests on the outcome of the 2010/2011 tourist season.

  8. BFP

    Hi X,

    Thanks for your wise input.

    We’ve already been talking about the conflict that some might have in this appearing on a politically-oriented blog so here is our position – subject to further input and consideration of course.

    1/ This is about the people of Barbados doing something nice for these folks. It’s not about us.

    2/ We received the suggestion for this article from an anonymous BFP reader using the contact tab at the top of the blog. It wasn’t our idea and we’ve revised the article to say that the idea was from a reader.

    3/ We revised our words of encouragement to the BTA.

    4/ If we can move the venue for the project to another website, we’re happy if it helps the cause.

    If The Bajan Reporter or any other non-political blog want to take this over, we’re happy and they can copy and paste the whole thing and the comments too. Heck, if the Nation or Barbados Advocate or Barbados Today want to lead the way, they are welcome to do so. We’ll remove this article and put up a pointer article to their venue.

    That is, I think, the best we can do at this stage of the game unless you have some other ideas. I think the folks at the BTA will realise this is good for the Wilsons and good for Barbados no matter where the idea was first mentioned by a Bajan.

    Once again, thanks for your wise counsel, “X”.

  9. If none of the big players show up, I am willing to provide a rental (car) for one week.

  10. To Cars Now Car Rentals

    Hello Andy,

    A free rental car for a week is a big donation for a smaller car rental company. How generous.

    How about sending an email to BFP from your business email and then they will know it’s really you?

    You can email BFP at:


    Robert of BFP not signed in.

  11. What will they think of next

    Sedgeway tycoon dies riding off a cliff.

  12. Politically Tired

    Wonderful!! hope this comes off & I think informing the Daily Mail now of the idea & what you’re trying to do is a great idea & will encourage others to contribute!

  13. rhubarb

    Why not include ordinary Bajans who would like to help the Wilsons and our tourism industry? If Mr & Mrs Loveridge would handle it, I’d start off a fund with $100. Any followers ?

  14. Adrian Loveridge


    Its a lovely idea, but while I think the private sector tourism partners can collectively donate ALL the component parts, the offer should come from either the Minister of Tourism or BTA.
    I will be at the BHTA headquarters this morning and will mention it to Sue Springer.
    I have already emailed Sir Richard Branson and Helen Richmond the local head of Virgin Holidays.

    I hope someone does eventually respond from the BTA.

    But your kind offer shows that ‘we’ care!

  15. Linda

    Ask Reds Advertising agency Barbados for tickets they manage Virgin’s business in the Caribbean.

  16. Facts

    What has become of the market that was supposed to “save us?” – Brazil?

    I warned you it would be a monumental flop.

  17. Facts

    But you wouldn’t listen to poor Facts

  18. rhubarb

    @ Adrian Loveridge
    Thanks for your comment. If the fund idea doesn’t come off, when I hear the Wilsons are at Peach & Quiet, I’ll drive up to give them maybe a gift certificate! I wish you success with the tourism organizations.

  19. Adrian Loveridge



    I did from Hugh Foster at the MOT and David Rice of the BTA today, so hopefully something can be sorted.