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Please visit our friends at… Peach and Quiet Hotel

Click on the banner to visit the website of the award-winning Peach and Quiet Hotel

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Suggestion for the Barbados Tourism Authority: Give “Britain’s unluckiest bride” a free honeymoon!

UPDATE: Bajans pitching in!

Peach and Quiet Hotel offers up to 14 days of accommodation to the Wilsons, including some meals! What a wonderful contribution by Mr. & Mrs. Loveridge.

Who’s next to help out? Does Sir Richard Branson read Barbados Free Press? We could use some air tickets. Maybe someone can send this to Virgin Atlantic?

Meanwhile, let’s hear from some other folks. It doesn’t have to be a huge offer. If you’re in the tourism business, just do something nice within your means.

How about a free dinner from Marcia’s Place at Oistins or some fishing with Shaun Sandiford? Somebody phone them up and ask them to help give this couple a honeymoon they will cherish.

Come on folks, it’s time to show what Barbados can do!

Original story…

We should do something nice for these newlyweds – and the publicity wouldn’t hurt Barbados either.

* This article was suggested by one of BFP’s readers via email.

Yvonne Wilson and her new husband Dennis planned on a Barbados honeymoon and saved for over a year, but that was before she collapsed twice at her wedding reception and had to have surgery. It turned out to be benign tumour, but when they discovered there was a six month waiting list for the operation and Yvonne was in such pain, Mr and Mrs Wilson decided to cancel their £3,000 holiday in Barbados and instead use the cash for her operation. Continue reading


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Barbados Bar Association blames public for choosing crooked lawyers “at random”

President Leslie Haynes cautions public to avoid lawyers with “cash flow problems”, and to ignore recommendations of friends.

Barbados Bar Association website recommends lawyers who have been caught stealing from clients!

The President of the Barbados Bar Association vented at the public on Saturday while appearing at a seminar on conveyancing. When asked about the high number of lawyers lately charged with misappropriating clients’ money, Leslie “blame the victims” Haynes said that Barbadians “have to stop picking a lawyer at random or choosing one simply because a friend suggested a name.”

So it is the fault of the chickens for not knowing which mongoose will eat them. Or, more properly, the fault of honest Barbadians for not knowing which lawyers are dishonest.

The Barbados Bar Association does not provide a list of lawyers who have been disciplined or took money then paid it back when caught. Why not?


Astoundingly, BBA President Haynes also predicted that more Barbados lawyers will misappropriate their clients’ money because times are tough… Continue reading


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