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The Muslim vision of the future for all Barbadian women

We were happy to see the girls and women of the Alfalah Muslim School out on the weekend helping to clean up Long Beach.

Their veils, dress and close supervision are not the norm in Barbados – but will be the norm for all Barbadian women if the Muslim vision for the future of Barbados becomes reality.

Photo credit – The Nation: All hands on deck!


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Dilma Rousseff about to be elected as Brazil’s first female President. Meanwhile, in Barbados…

If the polls and pundits are correct

… a former Marxist urban guerrilla who was arrested and tortured by the military government in 1970 is about to be elected as the first female President of the South American powerhouse known as Brazil.

With Brazil having a population of 200 million, incredible resources and an economy that is on the rise unlike most other countries, 63 year old grandmother Dilma Rousseff will arguably become the most powerful woman in the world. This is all the more remarkable because Ms. Rousseff was diagnosed in April of 2009 with lymphatic cancer – which is “under control” according to her party.

Hopefully the BHTA, BTA and some of our other leaders will get those congratulatory letters composed and all ready to go. It doesn’t hurt to be first to offer best wishes, you know – because it shows that Barbados cares about Brazil. (Hey, who in the neighbourhood wouldn’t care? Brazil has 200 million people and they are practically within waving distance. I can’t believe it took over ten years to put up a Portuguese language tourism website and welcome signs at Grantley Adams but that’s another story.)

The Sydney Morning Herald has an excellent article that explains why Brazil is so important right now and how Ms. Rousseff has the backing of retiring President Lula da Silva: Steamroller push for next Brazilian President

Does Barbados elect enough women to Parliament?

Inspired by Ms. Rousseff’s impending election, we also want to take the opportunity to compare the number of women elected as Members of Parliament in Barbados with a few other countries. Continue reading


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