Barbados pimp starts Caribbean Gay social media website – sets gay cause back 50 years.

The Nation Newspaper buys into Human Rights discussions hosted by a pimp.

by Cliverton

Let’s make one thing clear before we start: no matter our differing views on many topics, each of the staff at Barbados Free Press loathes Charles Lewis – the admitted pimp and self-proclaimed “sex industry expert” usually seen being interviewed by the Barbados news media on a slow day. In today’s Nation, Lewis announces he’s all for gays. He doesn’t realise that like most Barbadians, most gays probably view pimps the same as we do. (The Nation: Gay network online)

You can get an understanding of our feelings by reading our last article on Mr. Lewis: Barbados Pimp pushes “sustainable” development of sex tourism. All he needs is to recruit your children…

A daughter or son is still my child no matter what their age. Mr. Lewis is a proponent of having our children selling themselves to strangers for foreign exchange. In my value system, and in the minds of tens of thousands of other Bajans, that puts Mr. Lewis just a little lower than toilet bowl scum.

But that doesn’t seem to bother The Nation Newspaper who interview Mr. Lewis like he’s just a normal person with a normal job. “Nothing wrong here” is the message from The Nation.

That’s not how I see it.

No doubt that Caribbean gays, lesbian and bisexual/trans-gendered folks (GLBT) could use an invitation-only private social media forum to discuss their issues and communities. There’s lots of gay discussion online forums out there and probably a few Facebook groups too. (Just checked and there’s oodles of them.)

The problem we see with GLBT folks jumping on board an association set up by a self-proclaimed pimp that most Bajans view as toilet scum is that everything that happens thereafter is seen to be occurring in that toilet scum venue. Consider it this way: the pimp venue operator lowers the image of those who attend.

There is discussion needed on gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered issues. There are human rights concerns, there are concerns about how we structure our society, our laws, our rules. Even how we record and view history. And there’s probably a need for a Caribbean gay online dating website.

Auntie Moses will surely disagree with me, but I have no issue with GLBT folks. I didn’t always have that opinion, but that is my position for the last ten years or more.

Here is my point about Charles Lewis, the Pimp, providing a venue for the Caribbean gay communities…

By aligning themselves with a pimp, the Caribbean gay community lowers itself to the expectations of many who oppose any discussion at all of human rights as they apply to GLBT people. By allowing itself to be used and promoted by Mr. PIMP Lewis, the Caribbean gay community plays right into the hands of those who view gays as low.

The Caribbean Gay communities should take the high road and not align themselves with such a low person as a pimp.

Those are my thoughts. You might agree or disagree, but try to keep the comments civil.

Thanks ever so much,



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14 responses to “Barbados pimp starts Caribbean Gay social media website – sets gay cause back 50 years.

  1. passin thru

    I can’t figure BFP out. I can’t think of any other articles where you came out for or against gay rights but I didn’t expect you to be on the “for” side. Comments from the BFP crew please!

  2. just reading

    as it is open to comments, i am already biased against GLBT folks, though I do understand your point. A part does hope they do play into their hands and their view as a decent socially acceptable group would vanish, pimping may be an avenue of income and convenience for sex without the “fluff” it is not social acceptable, and I am surprise the nation gave Mr. Lewis free advertising for his business. I love BFP and your radical ways.

  3. Tell the Pimp, he’s late. There’s already with 3,500 members from across the Caribbean or who are Caribbean and gay living elsewhere in the world.

  4. Facts

    He is a pimp; lowlife, who thirsts for media attention.

    Promotion of this life style is not good for the society.

  5. LOL

    I met this guy once and he actually told me that he was a pimp when I inquired about his line of work!!!


    Amazing that The Nation will print what this guy says, but censors Kammie! What a rag.


    Since BFP and other media are addicted to writing about Mr Lewis, which only brings me to the conclusion that the pimp is obviously a publicity genius.

    I read that Mr Lewis has retired from pimping prostitutes and now he is obviously pimping BFP and other media.

    Each time you print unceremoniously negative things about Mr Lewis you only give him the publicity he has so cunningly and calculatingly engineered to boost his profile and his projects.

    For someone to be involved in the two most controversial issues in Barbados and yet enjoy this media frenzy, I can only say “Kudos to the Pimp”

    BFP loved to hate Mr Lewis. And the reality is the media need people like him to keep your readers coming back. It would appear that the media are also pimping the pimp.

    He also also pimping the readers of BFP as I too cannot get enough of articles about the pimp. I also read that he is publish his autobiography, and thanks to BFP we all want to buy his book.


    It would be interesting to find out why the BFP loathes Mr. Lewis so much.

    The tone of this article seems to be very bitter and venomous. Therefore we get the impression there is a personal vendetta of some sort.

    It raises questions about the integrity and professionalism of the BFF.

    Be care not your offend your readers at the same time.

  9. BFP


    First, don’t use multiple names to post comments and have conversations with yourself to advance your cause. It’s dishonest and it will get you suspended or banned at BFP. First and last warning.

    As to Mr. Lewis, nope, never met him and I don’t think any of the others here at BFP have met him either. We know Lewis and his ideas and values from reading what he has written and said during various press interviews in print, online and on the CBC.

    Venomous? Yes, most parents are when they hear Mr. Lewis talking about the recruitment process for prostitution. How about you? Do you mind if Mr. Lewis sits down and has a little chat with your 18 year old son or daughter about the benefits of working for him? How about it?


  10. Jane

    No one really believes that your issue is with the use of multiple names to publish comments. Certainly this choice of name to use is the prerogative on the reader.

    It would appear that you have an issue with readers who oppose your views as strongly as you oppose those of Mr Lewis.

    Obviously, the name Barbados FREE Press has no no relation to the right to FREE expression.

  11. wonder

    charles is crazy he should check his lifestyle does he have kids

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  13. Anonymous

    yes lewis has twins with a korean woman in switzerland. he had planned on duping her of her family fortune but he wasnt so smart;afterall

  14. Anonymous

    i know charles lewis very well and although he has a lovely charming side he is sly, calculating and would cheat his granny, not just given a chance but he’d create the chance! hes driven by his want for money, ive known him to rip off people and has been known to hit the girls who work for him. The worst thing you can do is give him any media time… your playing right into his hands.