Sir Cliff Richard now a Barbados citizen – Telegraph UK

When did this happen?

Being a British “non-resident” and living in Barbados is one thing. Becoming a full citizen of Barbados is another.

Today Bill Latham, the spokesman for Sir Cliff Richard, is reported in The Telegraph to have confirmed that Sir Cliff is a full citizen of Barbados.

Is this report correct? Did I miss it in the Barbados news media?

Sir Cliff is always pushing Barbados and we thank him for that. We have no issues at all with him acquiring Bajan citizenship and we welcome him to the family.

We do have questions though – about who gets Bajan citizenship, the process and the rules. We can’t find a comprehensive guide published by the Barbados government and we wonder if the whole process isn’t quite arbitrary.

We’d love to hear from some Immigration staff on this one!

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23 responses to “Sir Cliff Richard now a Barbados citizen – Telegraph UK

  1. Politically Tired

    I was under the impression the only way to become a citizen was to marry a Bajan! Otherwise you apply for residency, I’ll be very interested to hear the official outcome of this.

  2. Anonymous!

    The “Gold Coast” just got far more “golden”. I see nothing to rave about. We Barbadians had better check the set of our sails. Our ship is heading into a dangerous harbour, straight for the rocks!

  3. Anonymous!

    Barbados remains the choice of sexual odd-balls! I am not taken in by this “companion” talk. Call it what it is : Homosexuality or as expressed in bajan parlance : “B . . ling”

  4. mac

    @Anonymous, If you’re going to be ignorant, at least put your name to it.

  5. St George's Dragon

    The Green Paper reviewing immigration says the following about Citizenship:

    “In Barbados Citizenship may also
    be granted through descent from a parent who is a citizen by birth, by marriage to a
    citizen, by registration, or by naturalization, having resided in the country
    continuously for a qualifying period.”

    It also recommends:

    “In terms of shaping Government’s policy on immigration, provision must be
    made for systems that allow the requirements for acquisition of immigrant status
    and ultimately citizenship to be subject to a less onerous process. This is deemed
    appropriate especially in cases where there is a need to attract persons from
    overseas who have much needed skills and expertise as well as investors who have
    the requisite capital to contribute to the country’s development.”

    Cliff Richard would presumably fall under the last category so this is all in accordance with Government policy.

  6. 353539-35467-3235-M

    I’d much rather have HIM for a Bajan
    than a thousand guyanese muslims..

  7. Anonymous 207

    Ignorant about what Mac?

  8. sean lorde

    It is amazing how Farley finds it’s necessary to make the news every single week. Why the principals of Harrison’s College or Queens College don’t be in the media lime light every single week. Maybe it is because they are busy educating the children and the results speaks for themselves in the CXC and Cape results. Sadly the Garrison can’t boast of such results so instead Farley has found another area to grand stand about and it is uniforms. I would really like to hear or see if the academic results of the Garrison have improved since Farley was appointed principal. If there were no improvement then I put it to you Farley that you are a failure. Focus on educating the children.

  9. mac


    The article relates to how Cliff Richard got citizenship. It has nothing to do with his sexuality, so to bring it up is homophobic given your language. The only time a person’s sexuality is at issue is when they make anti-gay remarks or propose anti-gay legislation when they or suspected to be gay, then the public has a duty & right to question the hypocrisy. (such as the current issue with Pastor Eddie Long in the USA, who has made many homophobic statements). Using offensive language for the sake of it is IGNORANT.

    The significant issue is how Sir Cliff got his citizenship, given that he is not related to a Bajan citizen (as far as I know). St. George’s Dragon quotes the green paper on immigration (notably the last section) & other than buying a house or saying nice things about Barbados, full citizenship is questionable. Permanent residency is more appropriate. If it was down to saying nice things about Barbados, there would be about 45million citizens of Barbados.

    The article is not an attack on Sir Cliff, but it questions the immigration criteria & process.

  10. 133

    Having Cliff Richard as one of our homies
    is a huge feather in Barbados’ cap.
    Many of his well-heeled friends will bring $$ to the island.
    We need more like him.

    Quite frankly, I’d make it known publicly and globally
    that anyone rich enough to afford US$1 million CAN BUY Barbados citizenship, with passport(included in that price)

    -plus the right to residency(with appropriate Bajan ID card)
    if they also own a property here
    but they cannot work here.

    Easiest $Mill we ever made!

  11. Facts

    Talk what you like about his sexuality; but you have to admit that this man is in possession of something that keeps him looking like 35.
    Can you share it, Sir Cliff?

  12. Facts

    Facts wants to look young again. Please help.

  13. So what became of Planet Barbados’ goal to do same, re – Citizenry?

  14. So what became of Planet Barbados’ goal to do same, re – Citizenry?

    Ah, yes, Ian, good question. What HAS happened with that?! From the officials handling this I’ve heard exactly … nothing. I have no idea how long it took Mr Richard to obtain citizenship but I have the feeling that, despite my having married a Bajan, I’ll be waiting … awhile. How long is anyone’s guess. Perhaps Sir Richard had been waiting a very long while as well….

    I’m curious how one obtains citizenship here in Barbados if not marrying a Barbadian citizen. I suppose anyone can apply …

    More power to Sir Richard and congrats … I certainly don’t begrudge anyone else citizenship.

    I will certainly keep you apprised of my process, Ian … although I have the feeling that as we wait, you and I both will be growing old 🙂

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  16. Dawn W. Nott

    Why this ridiculous obsession with Cliff’s sexuality? He has always answered that he is not gay in the past. Who can blame him for not answering people’s silly, rude questions anymore? I think some gay people want him to be gay, but no amount of wanting will make it come true. Regarding citizenship, of course you don’t have to marry someone from a country to take their citizenship. What about our actors who’ve taken American citizenship? Cliff has spent plenty of time in Barbados and has a home there and I wish him all the best of everything while he is there, or anywhere else come to that.

  17. Anonymous

    Ive always thought Cliff Richard was insincere

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  19. Anonymous

    His choice of domiciled residency has no extradition agreement with the UK.

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  21. Matteo

    Did he have to give up his British Citizenship? Since this was through naturalization and not descent, maybe dual is not allowed?

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