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Sir David Simmons declares Turks & Caicos public servants must declare assets – but not him!

Re-virginated politician David Simmons: “Do as I say, not as I do”

Oh, this hypocrisy is almost too much to take!

As the newly appointed head of the Turks and Caicos Integrity Commission, SIR David Anthony Cathcart Simmons recently declared that members of the advisory council and consultative forum must now declare their income, assets and liabilities along with all other senior public servants. (Turks and Caicos Weekly News: Integrity commission extends its reach)

In truth, that’s a great idea that, in conjunction with other measures, assists in making sure that the political elites have the best interests of society in mind and not their own profits when they make decisions.

Yup. SIR David thinks it’s a great idea for the Turks and Caicos, but not for himself of any other Barbados politician or public servant.

“In the last 35 years David Simmons had many opportunities to propose and implement all kinds of rules and oversight into how people in positions of power access and spend public money. He never did.”

Simmons fought against integrity and transparency laws for 35 years… Continue reading


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Kammie Holder: Give our police their due, they should be our “Police Service” and not “Police Force”

In his Friday column in The Nation, Kammie Holder gives praise to the men and women of our Royal Barbados Police Force and throws a barb at those (including BFP) who don’t temper their criticism of the police with praise.

We at BFP plead guilty to the offence, but we’ll leave it be and just say that Kammie has a point.

Kammie also has a point that words matter. He says that the police FORCE should change it’s name to reflect a new approach. According to Kammie, the Royal Barbados Police Force should change its name to Royal Barbados Police Service.

For the record, we at BFP agree.

Also for the record, dump the phrase “reassure” from the RBPF slogan. We don’t want “reassurance” – we want RESULTS and a safe community.

Please visit The Nation link here to read what Kammie has to say.

BUT… we’ll reprint Kammie’s column in full so that when The Nation wants to change history again by deleting or modifying what they published, at least this post will exist… Continue reading


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