Barbados Prime Minister Thompson has pancreatic cancer

Coming back from New York City next week

Early this morning Prime Minister David Thompson’s physician, Dr. Richard Ishmael, announced that the PM has pancreatic cancer and went back to New York City last week to deal with complications.

Our prayers and thoughts go out to the PM and his family.

Breaking: Nation News – PM Thompson diagnosed with pancreatic cancer


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31 responses to “Barbados Prime Minister Thompson has pancreatic cancer

  1. Anonymous

    Pancreatic cancer has been the diagnosis that all Bajans have known now for months!


    Unfortunate for us all to have it confirmed,however
    for it likely will cut him down in the prime of life and career
    A great shame. — His poor mother.
    No-one needs to bear this grief for your child.
    I’m sure the entire nation will be praying for him.
    How very very unfortunate.

  2. de hood

    @Anonymous September 16, 2010 at 8:27 pm

    Not a promising prognosis. According to medical circles only a miracle by divine authority will help the PM now.

  3. Politically Tired

    Sad to hear this rumour confirmed. Not a good prognosis at all.
    My thoughts are with him & his family.

  4. Johnny Postle

    The Postle family extends well wishes to the PM and his family. We are deeply sadden by this revelation.

  5. “Carcinoma of the Pancreas manifested in the form as a tumor in the pancreatic glands”
    “Thrombus in the vein s surrounding and traverse the pancreas”

    Frightening words that transfixed me, but does it mean praying any harder. The Prime Minister did not know this time last year that he had the makings of any cancer. None of us know what is around the corner so when we pray, pray to the maximum. Don’t wait until you are scared by new information or the depth of the information

    An Acrostic Poem

    My Good Friend Has The Big C

    More tears today, seldom dry eyes
    You can understand why this Nation cries

    Got more sad news today that tugged on us
    Our people have had a series of bad news in Barbados
    On a briefing to the nation on behalf of the Prime Minister
    Doctor Richard Ishmael confirmed the presence of Pancreatic Cancer

    Frightening disease delivered in an even more frightening tone
    Reading from notes in a language to laymen unknown
    It’s a “Carcinoma of the pancreas manifested…..…as a tumor”
    Enlightening us of cancer in the pancreatic glands to end further rumor
    Not all of us even know what the pancreas is
    Don’t know what it does and if it were a quiz

    How many know it’s functions, the many things it must do
    All seem to know it’s the worse of cancers, but why, only a few
    So here is a brief intro about this dual functional gland organ

    That forms part of the digestive and endocrinal system in one
    Hormones it produces like insulin, glucagon, and somatostatin
    Enzymes to help break down carbohydrates, proteins, and fats within

    But how ever intricate it seems what ever the recovery rate
    Intercession was early and pray never too late
    Got in touch with the specialist, the only one who can truly mend

    Called the biggest healer, now My Good Friend Has The Big C, Christ our friend

  6. A Muslim aka Going North

    I would like to extend well wishes to the PM and his family also. I hope they get through these difficult times with strong faith.

    155) And surely We shall try you with something of fear and hunger, and loss of wealth and lives and crops; but give glad tidings to the steadfast,
    156) Who say, when a misfortune striketh them: Lo! we are Allah’s and lo! unto Him we are returning.
    157) Such are they on whom are blessings from their Lord, and mercy. Such are the rightly guided.
    (Surah 2 : verses 155-157)

  7. de hood

    @ A Muslim aka Going North September 17, 2010 at 2:13 am

    Sir, with all due respects we don’t really read or know from whence you have taken those quotes. We are much more familiar with what we know as the Holy Bible. Are you familiar with that too, Sir?

  8. 740

    come on de hood,dont u know that de holy quran is also Gods message just as is the holy bible ,the holy bible u are so familiar with,declares one lord one faith one birth, there are no divisions in Almighty God he is lord over all, both the muslim and the christian, and even the man who does not even believe.

  9. rasta man

    740,Is the quran really the word of God?
    I thought it was the writings of the prophet Mohommad.

  10. Gascoigne LaRue

    Ian Bourne’s Bajan Reporter has Dr Ishmael’s audio, Ishmael himself don’ sound too healthy yuh!

  11. de hood

    @ 740 September 17, 2010 at 11:55 am

    You wrote:- ” come on de hood,dont u know that de ‘holy’ quran is also Gods message just as is the holy bible……..”
    My answer……..OH REALLY! Too bad I’m not aware of that.

  12. Someone who cares

    I have many thoughts. There are numerous stories of people on the internet who have utilised alternative ways of healing for cancer and other diseases which have worked. My PM has chosen the traditional route which is going to mess him right up.
    Chemotherapy is more negative than positive from all I have seen and heard. Anything which makes you puke and lose all your hair etc cannot be good for a body. Instead of poisoning the body he should be trying to heal it.
    I remember Patrick Swayze the actor and also a man who was a brother of one of the billionaires who live on these shores; both died from pancreatic cancer. If chemo was a cure there would be survivors; even if only the rich ones.
    I am appealing to Margaret Knight and Mara Thompson to take their son and husband out of the death grip he has placed himself. Try one of the tested cancer protocols you can follow up on the web.
    He can go to Houston where there is a clinic run by a Stanislaw Burzynski, Or the Mariposa clinic in Spain, or the Gerson clinic in Washington or wherever it is.
    When there is nothing to lose you can do anything for there is nothing to lose. If I had any say in the matter he would be back here on a raw food diet and an anti- cancer diet.
    Some may scoff at what I have said but I know a woman who cured herself of cancer just through her diet. That was over 10 years ago. She had no surgery, nothing and we were all waiting to hear when she had passed away. She is still here today.

    This thing can be sorted out, but not with chemo.

    Oh, I only posted this here so that Ms Knight could see that there are other people who care for the PM and want him to live and not die unnecessarily. I tried calling at a number I believe to be your home number this morning but I got no answer so I came to this blog.

  13. bajantoy

    Rasta man,the HOLY QURAN was reviel to the prophet Mohammud from ALLAH,the words are ALLAH words.

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  15. ninemikemike

    Barbados is a Christian country, and while I’m sure Mr Thompson and his family are grateful for all expressions of goodwill, it would be polite not to include mention of barbarian paedophiles.

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  17. Politically Tired

    There used to be an Irish Comedian in the UK that ended each program ‘with may your God go with you’. Respect.

  18. Sean Browne

    Pancreatic Cancer or any Cancer is bad news. That’s horrible to hear. But in the past 30 years or so, cancer has almost become a common thing among people.

    I’m always thinking about how much money I should have in case of an emergency. What my life will look like later down the line. Cancer can take away all the good things in life in one fell swoop. At the same time making it almost impossible to pay for medical bills. But even having all the money in the world cant stop cancer. I hope one day there will be a cure for all cancer so people wont have to suffer, no matter who they are.

    Please feel free to check out my blog and leave comments for me at

    Thanks everyone and I hope to hear from you soon.

  19. Anthony 14619


    Your comments are offensive and wholly inappropriate considering issue being blogged, namely the illness afflicting our Prime Minister.

    If those are your real feelings then do us a favour and post the blog in your real name, this is of course if your man enough. Damn coward.

  20. ninemikemike

    Anthony 14619 (that is a very strange real name!) – yes they are very definitely my real feelings. I am sick and tired of the excuses made for the ‘religion of peace’ – it is a force for evil, which Barbados could well do without. Just look at the trouble caused by it in Europe and America – wake up.

  21. Anthony 14619


    I suggest you sign up for an online history course as clearly you are nothing but a knucklehead when it comes to religion and its place in history. You don’t think Chistianity has and does continue to have its dark periods, you think Muslims have committed any worst or more crimes against humanity that Christians?

    You should spot spewing your nasty, childish and immature religious comments online.

  22. 138

    it wud appear that although xianity has evolved from and got through its dark ages of inquisition and other fun stuff
    that islam is still stuck in that era. and that is the peculier bit – they are still going through their inquisition and dark ages -we can only hope they get through it quickly but i have my douts

  23. Carmen

    I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer three years ago and I am still here. It is a distressing form of cancer. Paramount to the PM’s survival rate will be the grading of his tumor. It does not ‘always’ mean instant death. I hope that by coming out and verifying his cancer, that it will enable other Bajans to be more open about this and other illnessess. There should never be any ‘secrets’ when it comes to health. As long as people view sharing what they know about cancer as ‘talking out their business’ the more likely many people are to die in ignorance as well as from cancer.

  24. Anonymouse Not By Choice

    I am glad to see that “over here”, the discussion of the PM’s illness has not digressed to petty political quarrels or as one poster “over there” has suggested that the PM is reaping what he has sown.
    In the end the PM and leader of the DLP is a man, a family man, like any other man and I wish some people would have a little respect and compassion for what he and his family are going through.
    No matter what you think of his party, his politics or his success as PM, he is a human being now faced with the ultimate challenge that life can offer.
    It is up to him, whether he makes peace with his conscience, his religion, his God or just himself because none of us will be with him on this journey.
    All religions, whether Christian, Muslim, Jewish or Buddhist speak of the final journey that we all must eventually take and to argue about whether any religious persuasion has or hasn’t the right to wish the PM well, is childish and petty beyond belief.

  25. reality check

    Anonymouse Not By Choice


    politics and religion aside, the PM and his family are human beings and must face the same journey we must all walk.

    May they have peace and quiet

  26. Chipperangel

    Isaiah 57 vs. 1 & 2
    The righteous pass away, the godly often die before they time and no one seems to care or wonder why. No one seems to understand God is protecting him or her from the evil to come. For the godly that die will rest in peace.
    Jeremiah 29 vs 11-13
    I alone know the plan I have for you, plans to bring youprosperity and not disaster, plans to bring about the future you hope for. Then when you call to Me and you will come and pray to Me and I will answer you. You will seek Me and you will find Me because you will seek Me with all your heart.

    To the P.M and Family…God be with you. Lifes circumstances are tailor-made to keep us on our knees. They are designed to teach us patience and trust. You will learn to wait patiently on the Lord to fix it, or wait for Him to lead you in a different direction. Pay attention to your life. “God WILL supply ALL your needs.
    Love & Best Wishes

  27. So let’s get this straight, if the Talmud or Bhagavad-Gita was quoted, then that’s a problem too?

  28. Chipperangel

    Please out of respect for the PM and Family you people should act like adults and stick to the task at hand offering well wishes and a speedy recovery to the PM. Yes I know about freedom of speech and that…but there is some monotony with regards to the comments I am seeing. Please, God looks at the heart and not the writing.He knows all and sees all.Let God do the judging. “Today for me, tomorrow for you.”

  29. AOD

    Please say it isn’t so…..not now!

  30. TheGospelKnightRider

    My fellow Countrymen,
    This came into my possession so i am passing it on. I hope one of you can get the message to our beloved Prime Minister. It was directed to Dr Ishmael.

    ———————sent 12am 10/09/20
    Dear Dr Ishmael,

    My apology for a typo sent to you at 1.00 in the am –was a bit too tired after all that research to spot the error.

    My last email to you dealt with a treatment (nano) that had not reached human trials as yet. That night I was actually trying to find another treatment option that I was aware of and is presently showing promise (especially with forms of inoperable Pancreatic Cancer) but I could not remember the name of the procedure. It is not a cure, but rather it is something worth considering –eg. will it buy the PM more time? Will it be better tolerated than outright chemo and or radiation? (having more options to consider is better than having fewer).

    Again, I am sending this information to you just in case it may help in some small/big way. I am sure that the specialists are already aware, but just in case, here it is.

    Trials on skin cancer using Photodynamic Therapy (80 to 90% for complete cure)

    Results on a trial that was done on 16 people with pancreatic cancer

    not sure if this treatment meant less adverse side effects.

    Must see Video on subject matter (“doctors have been slow to recognize this treatment” – 2009)

    More Articles on the subject matter

    Please share this with your peers, as time is of the essence. Lets not wear the PM down with the present treatment until he is not strong enough for another option OR lets not wait until the spread of the tumor to other places (if not the case already).

    Again, I do “hope” this information is helpful. The Prime Minister is a good man and a lot of us would like to see him around for a long time.

    >name of sender suppressed<

  31. Sheila

    My prayers go out to the Prime Minister and his family God lead the way to home, we all have to
    follow that path some day,
    The lord is our shephard he lead us in the path of
    rightiness he died for us.