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Almond Resorts says not one Barbadian is good enough for any of these positions

UPDATED: March 8, 2011

Barbadians “suitable” to clean toilets, mind babies at Almond Resorts, but not good enough for management!

How is it possible that no Barbadian is “suitable” to work as Executive Chef, Director of Food & Beverage, Executive Assistant Manager or Director of Hotel Operations at Almond Resorts?

This story from last September is front and center again and we do not and will not accept Almond Resorts’ claim that no “suitable” candidates can be found in Barbados in this downturn and with so many begging for work.

Oh, we smiling Bajans are suitable enough to clean toilets, roll out deck chairs, bring drinks to the wandering hands tourists and to mind their babies while our own children wait alone at home for mum to return. We’re just not good enough to supervise. Not trained enough, not experienced enough – just plain not qualified. Not one of us is good enough.

We won’t have any more of that nonsense from Almond Resorts, thank you very much. What about their in-house training and “career path” that they promise when they hire? They can hire or promote a Bajan or shut down for all I care. We’ve had enough of this nonsense.

Prime Minister Stuart… ARE YOU LISTENING?

(Check out Barbados Today’s story: Concealed racism)

BFP’s original story as published September 15, 2010…

“With the number of hotels closed down during the past few years and an economy that has relied so heavily upon tourism for decades, it is unbelievable that Almond Resorts Inc. could not find even one Barbadian ‘suitable’ for any of these positions. This is an outrage. Where is our government on this? Where are our community and labour leaders?”

… editorial comment by Barbados Free Press

No Suitable Local Candidates for Tourism Jobs – I STRONGLY OBJECT!

by Mark Brathwaite

I was looking at one of the leading local print publications over the last week and was absolutely surprised and disgusted to see the number of applications for work permits for various positions at the Almond Hotel Properties. The advertised positions were, Executive Chef, Executive Assistant Manager, Director of Hotel Operations and Director of Food and Beverage.

Now I cannot for one minute believe that given Tourism has been our number one business for years, and the number of Barbadians graduating from institutions and gaining experience over the years at our local hotels, that no suitable locals can be found to fill this many Tourism related positions.

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Let’s clean up our island home!

The Clean Up Barbados event will take place September, 18, 2010. Many of our open spaces, beaches, gullies and roadways need attention. Clean Up Barbados is linked by the membership to the Clean Up The World weekend, held the third weekend of September every year. The event gives groups and individuals the chance to get out and get involved with cleaning an area that needs attention and that the community shares a passion in maintaining. www.cleanupbarbados.org Continue reading

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