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Kammie Holder lays 11 preventable deaths at the door of Barbados government’s selective enforcement and complacency.

For the record, we at Barbados Free Press agree wholeheartedly with Kammie Holder about the deaths of 11 good people at the Arch Cot cave-in and Campus Trendz fire. Oh yes, Kammie asks questions in his piece, but all of us know he’s making statements. That’s just the way it is ’bout hey…

Kammie Holder - Candidate for Parliament?

“Why in the year 2010 do we have six young people in the prime of their lives dying because the Town Planning Department or the Barbados Fire Service may have been less than diligent?

We cannot allow this to be another Arch Cot, and families of these victims will be encouraged to seek redress via a civil suit, if the law permits. Did any Government institutions fail to enforce the law?

Thus, I ask these institutions what’s their mirror image? Tell us it’s not selective enforcement or complacency? Those with voices must speak for the voiceless.”

Read Kammie’s full article at The Nation: SWIMMING UPSTREAM: A mirror image to boast about?


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Ground Zero Mosque nothing more than Rubbing Salt in the Wound

For Edward from Brooklyn

“The kind of Muslims I wouldn’t mind building a mosque at Ground Zero (and there’s lots of them) would NEVER EVEN DREAM of building of mosque there.”


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