Barbados citizens beat alleged child molester. Lost faith in police and Justice System?

Begging for mercy as the kicks and blows landed

A suspected pedophile – the alleged sex attacker of an 11 year old girl – was tied to a pole and beaten by a street crowd in Bridgetown on Wednesday until police arrived to arrest and rescue him.

The as yet unnamed man needed medical attention and is apparently still assisting the police with their investigations.

Ian Bourne at The Bajan Reporter posted an uncensored video of the incident that shows the suspect tied up and members of the large crowd punching and kicking him at various times even though he was not resisting or attempting to leave. The man can be heard begging for mercy.

By the looks of the video there were many videos and/or photos taken of the suspect and the people who assaulted him. Many of those in the crowd show a real mob mentality, verbally encouraging the assault even though not directly participating themselves. It’s one thing to arrest a criminal and hold him for the police – it’s another thing and so wrong to administer street vigilante justice. I mean, where are we… Jamaica?

Good woman attempted to calm crowd, stop brutal kicks, punches

One good woman can be seen trying to calm the crowd and confronting those delivering the kicks and blows. Undoubtedly she prevented more serious injuries or maybe a wild scene the results of which we hesitate to even think about. She did the right thing and it took courage.

Now what are the police going to do?

The video and photos show clear facial views of many of the people assaulting the suspect. Some look like they are taking real pleasure in delivering the pain. Are the police going to track them down and charge them?

If there is to be rule of law and no repeat of this the next time, the police should do exactly that.

Is the crowd’s action and anger a symptom of something larger?

As Ian Bourne’s article correctly points out, Bajans know that when a crime is committed there is a two-tiered response by the police and the justice system. If the victim is connected, a tourist, wealthy or a large business, the police come faster and the perpetrators are pursued with more energy and resources by the police and the courts.

If, however, the victim is a nobody, a small business or someone who is at odds with the ruling elites (like hotel owner and foreign investor Adrian Loveridge, Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary owner and foreign investor Peter Allard or a DLP candidate Irene Sandiford-Garner when the BLP were in power) the police pretend to care or don’t come at all.

And, if the perpetrator is a member of the island elites – well, it’s been well proven that they can even get away with murder.

There is also the additional cultural factor that means that sex crimes against women and young girls are seen as lesser crimes by the police and the justice system.

Rapists are generally allowed to pay off their victim or the family of a child victim and walk free. If that remedy is thought to be unseemly, the courts allow the rape case to be delayed for years until it is tossed. Again it depends upon the individual situation and especially the people involved, but that’s generally the rule about rape and child molestation on this rock.

The Bajan Reporter takes it further and reviews some examples of the police response to crimes against various “classes” of victims.

We say The Bajan Reporter has a point.

Further Reading

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33 responses to “Barbados citizens beat alleged child molester. Lost faith in police and Justice System?

  1. Amazed

    Although we have those moments when we as humans want to avenge, we have to overcome it. Unfortunately, it again shows a breakdown in our society where lawlessness prevails.

    Had they just detained him until police arrived and public outcry would have demanded that he be tried for his terrible crimes would have been justified. To become criminals in this ‘mob mentality’ similar to what has happened in other countries as well as here is not acceptable.

    I do agree that there is something wrong with our judicial system as I understand that rape or assaulted victims have to face their attackers and identify them. We do live in a society where victims are not protected. But we cannot have this.

    A number of years ago a neighbor’s son (in his twenties) came back home with his friend to find a burglar attempting to break in to his parents home. They too, tied him and beat him until the Police arrived. We were frantically calling the Police begging for them to arrive faster as it was sickening. They did take a LONG time to come and just carted the man away without so much as a question as to why the man was bloodied and in the condition he was in.

    We need more public outcry for criminals to get what they deserve at judicial level. We need Ian Bourne to continue; we need BFP and BU; we need law and order.

  2. Johnny Postle

    A pressure cooker can only take that much and no more. Justice must not be arbitrary in the execution of law but when the execution of law is made arbitrary and obvious then society tends to execute its own law.

  3. What will they think of next

    That sort of behavior is barbaric and must not be encourged.
    A few years ago a man was killed in Westbury Road because it was thought that he was the perpatrator of a crime. It turned out that his killers were wrong. Of course that came to late for the victim.

    This is the law of the jungle! We are suppose to be better than that.

  4. J

    People have not lost faith in the system. The system has its flaws but it ain’t broke yet.

    People have lost their REASON.

    And some of these blogs encourage emotional responses instead of REASONABLE responses.

  5. Cherylann

    How could human beings hurt someone like this, especially when no one knows for sure if it is so. Did they find him with the girl, did they find semen matching his on the girl? It truly hurts that people can be so brutal. Moreover; how can anyone watch this and enjoy it and think it is fun? If it is fun, really check your own heart and find out what character seperates you from the ones beating and insulting this man!

    As for the justice system, I have many ideas on how some things should be handled; from running traffic lights to destroying buses, but that is for another time or forum.

  6. trinibajan

    One thing for sure, the hurt that he may have experienced is nothing close to what the child may have to live with for the rest of her life. To add insult to the child’s injury, by the time this matter comes to court, she may be in her 20’s and the jury will look at her and think that she is a big woman could ‘take that’. Barbarism on all sides: it is barbaric to beat him like that, and equally barbaric for the child who is scarred for life

  7. bajandave

    There is no excusing what this man allegedly did, but two wrongs don’t make a right – I hope this is not the sign of things to come in Barbados.

  8. John

    Wow, that lady in the orange is one good samaritan with a hell of alot of courage.

  9. Mobert

    September 10, 2010 at 1:01 pm ,

    Interesting post….are you against blogs ‘J’?

    I disagree, these blogs encourage thought, on specifics and on principles.

  10. Mobert


    In the case of the beaten burglar, do you not think the Police knew the criminal as a regular and were relieved that someone had worked to deter, as he would be out in a few weeks anyway?

    Think it funny to chase the same old idiots everyday?

    Then have jokers saying, but cuhdear, he only brek de man home tuh get a lil sumting.

  11. J

    No Mobert. I am not against blogs. I am against un-REASON.

  12. The Watcher

    I am happy to see that finally someone is taking maters seriously. The Police can’t do it all as much as they would have you believe. They just can’t!
    Are they incompetent? You be the judge of that.
    Unfortunately, this man did not commit the crime that the mob was lashing him for. There was not a shred of evidence found to substantiate that he did. The young lady it was eventually discovered, tried to frame him by running out of the residence occupied by them both at the time, naked to lend credibility to her claim. And all for a sum of money she asked of him that he refused to provide, pointing her instead to the fact that she should have been in school on that day and at that time.
    So yes, I am happy to see that there are still citizens who will take charge. The police don’t want vigilante’s because it diminishes their roles, authourity and above all, visibility But just think if there were people like this out there on Tudor St last Friday night, we would not be in a national state of mourning today.

  13. BFP

    To The Watcher

    Give substantiation for your claims right now.

  14. xkcd

    lol, would be funny if this dude is innocent haha.

  15. You mean funny as in how much money he could sue for? It’s why I was very careful not to make any proclamation on his status. If he is not guilty he can clean out every last joker who cuffed, kicked or spat at him and criminally prosecute as well!

  16. 162

    It’s NOT barbaric behaviour.

    It’s FRUSTRATED behaviour
    from a general populace well aware of the fact that Justice has been denied time and again,
    and if the guy is gonna get ANY correction at all,
    it best be done here and now, on the streets!
    -by the ppl who know the A-hole best of all
    —his cohorts. Who better?

    so get used to it, all you bleeding hearts!

    It’s called Social Justice,
    and it happens when The Judicial Process breaks down, as it has, these last 30 yrs. now without any hangings at all.

    You ARE going to see more and more of this
    and it is an entirely natural process
    despite all our attempts to intellectualise it away by saying cutely
    “We should be above that sort of behaviour”..

    Well, we’re just humans(not Euro-intellects)

    Get real, just like how de Wellington St. people got real.

    If you don’t want to see this sorta thing happening..
    – IT IS BROKEN and badly so!

  17. John

    Ian Bourne
    September 11, 2010 at 12:37 pm
    You mean funny as in how much money he could sue for? It’s why I was very careful not to make any proclamation on his status. If he is not guilty he can clean out every last joker who cuffed, kicked or spat at him and criminally prosecute as well!

    And all are recorded on camera,

    …… even the ones who stood, did nothing and let what happen happen.

    There must be some argument as to their complicity along with those who inflicted bodily harm on him.

    That’s why I think the lady in orange is a special person.

    Here is some thinking on guilt by association in the case of gang rape.

    Maybe what happened to the man is not a gang rape but a gang is certainly identifiable, and recorded on camera.

    Yes, the Police are necessary.

    … but we need to know they respond promptly

    … act fairly and within the law,

    … and investigate diligently.

    So, we need to know the outcome of their investigations ….. will a charge be laid or not?

    … and if a chrge is laid, we need to know the outcome of the prosecution ASAP,

    …. preferably not 20 years later.

  18. Mobert

    Watching the video, I thought you said that the man was beaten and screamed for mercy?

    Call that a beating? That was really mild.

  19. John

    “If the police don’t come fast this man is not going to be living long”

    Listen to the lady in orange at the end of the video, 7.27 minutes into it.

  20. AOD

    If only you all knew the depth of this story and the history of the major figures in it… the man may well be innocent, or if guilty purely from a statutory point…wait for the forensics.

  21. John


    Not saying the man is innocent or guilty.

    Just that the near miss he had with death is not right.

    By all means restrain him and wait for the police, but don’t kick him when he is restrained.

    Sometimes we do one thing right and then spoil it by the next action we take.

  22. The Watcher

    To BFP

    To provide that level of information as to my source(s) is to do two things:

    Reveal who I am
    Reveal where my information comes from thus exposing my sources.

    As a journalistic entity, you woudl know that actions like that are a no-no! So sorry.
    But, like me, you guys have your source of information and I am certain that when you tap your sources, you can find out as much as I have hopefully.

  23. kool_1


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  25. Sayed

    @watcher since you call it your sources, if we assume you speak the truth, most likely that source is the police.

    If you are referring to your self and you are the source, I doubt anyone would go to the effort to find out who you are.

    And it will come out in public sooner or later if it has not that it was not the man if it wasn’t. So what need is there to hide this information?

    I’ll personally check on whether the individual featured above was eventually charged with the alleged crime.

    If he was charged that is public information. If not again, the public will find out anyhow, even though that too is public information.

    I’ll update you tomorrow.

  26. Sayed

    The person in the video who was held/beaten was indeed charged for the crime of rape.

    The girl is of a tender age.

    Trial pending.

  27. Sharon

    “I mean, where are we… Jamaica?”

    Based on comments above this type of lynch mob has happened before in Barbados. You are very much not in Jamaica. I am in Jamaica and I pray I would have the courage to put a stop to something like this.

    I have been reading your blog for some months now and your issues are similar to those we have in Jamaica. Sadly, you seem to be going down the same path we are on.

  28. BFP

    Hi Sharon

    Wonderful people in Jamaica and I’ve had some of the best times of my life there still to this day. In the last 15 years though I’ve seen the fear feeling move from the forts and into the business offices and in people’s talking with each other. Every one so careful now makes me sad to see it the fear is always there.


  29. Swift justice again – are bloggers responsible? Check my site for Update

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  31. Sayed

    he cannot be sentenced on a indictable charge by the lower court.

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  33. Sam I Am

    I wonder what would have happened to him if this occurred in Jamaica?