Invisible Barbados Prime Minister travels to New York

UPDATED: September 9, 2010

Prime Minister Thompson’s sudden trip New York City is for medical treatment relating to complications. Story at The Nation.

BFP’s original story published 10:35 GMT, September 8, 2010…

According to The Nation, Prime Minister David Thompson slinks off to New York City, but our largest newspaper doesn’t know why.

“PRIME MINISTER David Thompson left Barbados early yesterday for New York, according to sources.

The nature of the trip is unknown, but comes just over a week after his return from two months of medical treatment overseas. He returned to Barbados on Sunday, August 29, and was back at the helm of Government the next day. (TS)”

… from the September 7, 2110 Nation article PM off to New York

A month ago we read somewhere that the PM would be appearing at some environmental conference in New York in early September. Maybe that’s where he’s gone. Maybe not. We’re trying to find the reference. Even the journalists at The Nation appear to know less than we do.

Meanwhile the Barbados news media continues to publish old photographs of David Thompson as he was months or even a year ago.

We, the citizens, deserve better than this.

It’s time, Mister Prime Minister. Your citizens, your country and your political comrades need to know the true state of affairs about your health and your capabilities. It’s okay… whatever it is we will understand and cut you some slack. Need a couple of months more? That’s okay too. We can handle the truth…

But what you’re doing to us now is bullshit.

Further Reading at BFP

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59 responses to “Invisible Barbados Prime Minister travels to New York

  1. John Da Silva

    I agree. Maybe he has gone for more medical treatment. He needs to come clean to the people of Barbados. If he is medically unfit to continue as Prime Minister, he needs to resign. Please do not put party politics before the needs of the country.

  2. Sadly true

    The opposition is starting to get fired up over this issue and they should. If Mr. Thompson is not well enough to appear in public to offer his comments on the recent murders, he is not well enough to lead.

    If he wasn’t well enough to take the leadership he should have left things as they were.

  3. Donald Duck Esq,

    The DLP government needs to let us know what is going on!!! Here we have a PM who returns to Barbados after being two months away, doesn’t tell us how well he is and then leaves Barbados again without telling us again what the state of his health is.

  4. Mathilde

    Just heard the Prime Ministers telephone interview on the radio, didn’t give much in the way of answers, very evasive on all fronts. WORRY WORRY WORRY

  5. Bismark

    The Barbadian people want answers and much as they need direction. After ten or more days back in office, without once appearing in public, the PM can find the need and or see the importance of addressing the bajan people from New York? My simple advice would be to bring Barbadians into his confidence and stop either playing or appearing to be playing politics.

  6. foster

    fully agreed with David Ellis today…. The citizens of this country need answers…..

  7. lighthearted

    Absolute Rubbish!

    The PM is absolutely within his right not to speak before he fully ready to do so. You people always feel you know what “the people” want. It would be cool if I knew what was ailing the PM, but frankly speaking I really do not need to know.

    And more importantly, I will not die and the country will not shut down if we have to wait a few more weeks or even months to know.

    Mr. Ellis questions though not earth shattering were entirely out of place in the context of such an interview. The PM, as I understood him to say, was calling in to let the country know that he has to leave the country for an emergency procedure but will be back early next week.

    Before Ellis leave the thing at that, which the man well or even ask if it is likely that we will get a fresh update on his when he returns, he asking the man rubbish about a Cabinet reshuffle and if he still able to be PM.

    Those questions might be relevant but in another place, time and context. We will have more than enough time to explore those issues in time.

    Stupse! just leave the man and let him organize himself. As he said to Ellis, I will never do anything to to harm the country I love.

  8. Patience


    Are you a light weight as well?

    The country has been on standstill while Shocks and Lashes come one after the other.

    Freundel has blatantly refused to ACT or even pretend and you think that Ellis was out of line?

    You can bury your head bro/maam…but the real world has not pulled over while the PM plays possum with BIM.

    reshuffle and offload some o the work load…and for heavens sake do something!


    Get better but let Chris Sinckler do what he is most natural at…LEAD and manage tough situations.
    He is far more capable than the rest of the nightly parade of TV p-poor PR stunt attendees.

    This calls for some urgent attention by proven persons who can step up everytime they are asked to.

    Sinckler has proven he is capable.

  9. Tell me Why


    It is you that really talking rubbish. What’s wrong with the question of a reshuffle. Ellis simply was extremely cautious with the questions he was asking. It is the PM who stated that he cannot operate like before, thus the reason for reduced duty. That mean a reshuffle will transfer some of the workload to another minister.

    BTW. The PM had nuff confidence in Mr. Ellis, that is why he had the telephone conversation with him at VOB. The PM did not converse with Tony Marshall, he did not call CBC and talk to Eversley, he did not send a press release to the Advocate or the Nation. He did not give Hartley the script to speak on his behalf. He did not call the acting PM to inform the public…..I can go on and on. He simply had confidence in Ellis. Take a bow Ellis.

    We are all trying to lash out at anyone who are asking pertinent and concern questions about a PM that we all loved.

    Let’s be realistic. Suppose the PM should die without the electorate who placed him in office know of his illness. The population will be weeping and wailing and after everything, it will be the party who will then be subjected to scrutiny. Why, the people will feel that no transparency was present and why the secrecy and why the lies, thus the people will have no trust in the party. Believe you me people.

  10. Tell me Why

    I also agree with “Patience” that Chris Sinckler professional administrative skill is being wasted. The only person that can match the intelligence of PM David Thompson is the said Sinckler. He is a worker, a thinker, a proactive minister and a diplomat when it matters. He is not like the other REACTIVE ministers that are holding office. My guts big and I can deal with the partisan attackers.

  11. Tell me Why

    BFP. You are withholding my comments.

  12. The Doctor

    Chris Sinkler???

    Get real Patience, he is a first time parliamentarian and first time minister who has shown his short comings over and over again. Leading and managing tough situations is not all that is required to be Prime Minister, what about judgement, respect, virtue and diplomacy?

    How does he get to be, as you call it, a replacement Prime Minister for David Thompson? Chris Sinkler has made it known to all who would listen, that he wants the Prime Ministers job and that he’s NOT willing to wait long for it either. Both of which, in the present circumstances are to be seen as unbridled political ambition.

    Sinkler is way down the line in terms of support, is he not behind Stuart, Jones, Sealy and Estwick?

  13. Patience

    that pecking order is laughable since you raised the issue of “showing short comings”.

    From where I sit ,even all of those who won before Chris did lack what he has…the Je ne sais Quoi factor that captures the imagination and mobilizes people. Barbados needs a strong hand at this while you thinking about traditional approach the country needs a radical change…dare I say it..A La Obama in the US.

    We are adrift mate…and only Sinckler has consistently proven his skill.

  14. Tell me Why

    Why are you holding my comments. Don’t tell me it is spams when others are using the same language.

  15. rasta man

    PM did not sound too good tonight on TV

  16. browngal

    @Rasta man
    Totally agreed. There is a flatness in his voice, that is worrying and speaks volumes. Lord, have mercy on him, and comfort him.

  17. bullheads

    Barbados has lost leaders in the past.Barbadians seem to forget that death comes like a thief in the night.I was at the Gold Cup in 1985 and i saw the then PM Adams looking strong and well but he died suddenly.The Right Eccellent E.W Barrow died suddenly,it is clear to me that nobody knows the extent of their life. What persons must always bear in mind that but for the Grace of God go i. There is no spirit level on life therefore any of us could die tonight.Has any one of you told your employer that you were sick,many of us when we go to the doctor are worried about what the doctor writes on the sick certificate.I wonder what would would happen if the shoe were on the other foot.

  18. BFP

    Hi Tell me Why

    Upon the inspiration of David Brooks, we’ve just cleaned out our IP caution list so it should be easier for you and others. The problem is that you have been assigned an IP that someone else used to post threats. When the IP rotates as is normal, the next guy gets stuck with the record of the last guy and everything goes to a “look first, then approve” line.

    Anyway, we’ve emptied out the old IP list and we’ll start again.

    Thanks for your patience.


  19. BFP

    Hi Tell Me Why,

    It’s your IP and we took it off the list now.


  20. The Right Mix

    @ Patience

    Please remind us of the stellar achievements of Chris Sinkler thus far? It was surely not when as Leader of Government Business, he advised the House that the appointment of Adiel Braithwaite was a substantive appointment, was it now? If Mr. Stuart accepted a role of PM (ag) how for the love of God could Adiel Braithwaite appointment be a substantive one unless Mr. Stuart accepted that upon PM Thompson resuming his role of prime minister, he (Stuart) would go on the backbench? Think about it.

    Why did PM Thompson had to move him out of Foreign Affairs, is it because it became obvious he did not understand the iron fist in the velvet glove concept/technique? Did he not prefer the iron fist in the iron glove technique?

  21. Tell me Why


    Thanks for enlightening me regarding the assigning of IP’s and the possibilities of an IP being used to threaten others. Thanks again buddy.

  22. Tell me Why

    The right mix

    First, let me state the appointment and announcement was handled unprofessionally. Any announcement should have been announced by Acting PM Stuart. Mr. Brathwaithe performed admirably for the short period and spoke with conviction minus the unnecessary big words and the Latin quotes as displayed constantly by the maximum holder of that office. And get your facts right. The first statement from the PM was the Attorney General will return to his substantial post with immediate effect.

  23. The Right Mix

    @ Tell me Why

    But what of the stellar achievements of Sinkler?

    Let get serious, we all witnessed Sealy shine a few years ago when taking on Dame Billy Miller. Since then, he had put his head down and quietly gone about the business of Minister of Finance. In large measure Sealy’s credibility helped deliver the Government to the DLP, it is as simple as that.

    Do you think Chris Sinkler could appeal to the traditional base of the BLP the same way Sealy can and will? Think about it. I wish the PM all the best and hope he returns to Barbados well on the way to recovery. However, if that is not to be……….then I think the best chances the DLP has, and I am not a supporter, lies with Sealy and Estwick.

  24. Tell me Why

    2 the Right MIX

    I don’t think you mean Sealy from Tourism fame. He has not performed and I don’t see him in the forefront of any decision making in the DLP. He skin cuffins for a 2% increase when places like St. Lucia is getting over 4% increases. His projections always fall short. I will go for Estwick and Sinckler. and any other can play. Simple as dat.

  25. Noel

    This situation makes me consider the health of the leaders in Cuba and Nigeria. In Cuba Castro is on the mend, in Nigeria unfortunately Yar’Adua passed away. Only question is who is our Raul Castro or Goodluck Jonathan?

  26. David G. Brooks

    First off, and first time I hear his voice myself tonight on TV …

    @rasta man & browngal

    I agree his voice was not strong at all, actually quite nasal was my interpretation, and for anyone who knows me and my own voice problems over the last 10+ years would appreciate that this is something that I would pick up on it quickly and have some extra-sense about when it comes to mood, condition of health, anxiety, stress, etc.

    Otherwise however, and in keeping with what I said before and further comment …

    I still think that we’ve strung along over the last few months.

    First it came slowly to our attention that the PM was missing for a longer than normal time, weeks rather than just days and more so there was no public statement – speculation started its murmurs.

    Then he appeared back on the island a bit guant in appearance – obvious lost of weight and so on – and said (I avoid using the word promised, but I think most Bajans took it as that) that hopefully there would be a diagnoses in a week or so time.

    Forgive (or correct) me if my memory fails me on the timeline, but this is as I recall it.

    This week passes and no word, he was still in the island at this time and no word on the diganosis or was he – you see this is were things start to blur and one wonders if its by design or what?

    Well, yes, he does go back away and after a few weeks he comes back and says that hopefully we should here what the diagnosis is.

    Admitted I do not recall the exact details of the PM’s trips back and forth since his illness was made know, but I do seem to recall two (2) statements that a diagnosis would be forthcoming with a week or so, yet none came.

    This ‘week or so’ seems to continue even now. ???

    While I respect the PM’s right to privacy, I am disappinted in the way it has been handled. For instance, the PM’s condition could have been described as serious and personal from the beginning, with no promises of a diagnosis given at all.

    Indeed, the initial vagueness about the illness and the seemingly drawn out process of pin-pointing a dianosis, kind of made one wonder if the PM had some rare or unknown ailment.

    Again, the PM’s condition could have been described as serious and personal from the beginning, with no promises of a diagnosis given at all.

  27. Hands off Buddy

    Who Chris Sinckler is Right Mix really talking about?

    He don’t mean the same Chris Sinckler that was reputed to be a successful and respected Minister of Foreign Affairs, in and outside of Barbados. That slipped into the slot left by a 30 year political Veteran, 22 year minister, and 15 year Deputy PM at Foreign Affairs like clock work without missing a beat. Not the Sinckler that the PM summoned home to take charge of the government’s flagging social development programme which Denis Lowe had driven in the ground. Not the same Sinckler that has brought order to the dis-order at UDC and RDC where corruption and inertia were destroying the organisation? Not the Chris Sinckler that stabilize RDC and got it building more that 50 new houses a year when its mandate allows it only 15. Is this the same fella that manage to get to long promised (since 2000) but never delivered Poverty Assessment finally conducted? or the same fella that face down Denis Clarke and the NUPW three times in a single year at UDC, NAB, and Welfare, and win, leaving the union talking about shutting down the country and going to court….none of which has or will happen.

    Is this the same Chris Sinckler that came in and within three months of assuming office in Social Care had the constituency councils bill before parliament and passed and the forst of the councils set up in six months?

    Are we talking about the same Chris Sinckler that again when the DLP fortunes in Parliament were sagging that the PM summoned to be Leader of Government Business to take on Mottley and the Bees directly when Ronald Jones was cowering in Mottley’s wake. Why would the PM give a “first time MP” as you put it, such a big task if he was confident of his ability to manage the entire legislative programme of the government.

    Is this the same Chris Sinckler the the PM again has made Chairman of the Government Social Policy Committee of Cabinet under which fall oversight for Housing, Health, Education, Home Affairs, Labour Youth and Family etc. You give that kind of responsibility to a person with no talent.

    Is this the same Chris Sinckler who, apart from Thompson was the biggest speaker and draw card for the DLP in the last election and along with Estwick and Thompson himself are the three heavy hitters in the DLP line up.

    And finally, is this the same Chris Sinckler who seems to be nailing down his seat in North West with programme after programme after programme. Community project after community project after community project. While people like Richard Sealy continue to struggle to win a seat in South Central. In fact a man who had the worse performance of all the second term MPs from the DLP.

    Is this the same Chris Sinckler who in the last Wickham poll who came out with 17% of the of the respondent support as the next in line to Thompson. More than any other DLP MP?

    Man if yuh dont like the man suh so, but dont talk foolishness. Get the Facts!

  28. David G. Brooks

    @Hands off Buddy, you wrote …

    “He don’t mean the same Chris Sinckler that was reputed to be a successful and respected Minister of Foreign Affairs, in and outside of Barbados. That slipped into the slot left by a 30 year political Veteran, 22 year minister, and 15 year Deputy PM at Foreign Affairs like clock work without missing a beat.”

    I thought Senator Ms. Maxine McClean was and is the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

    I may have a bad memory or missed something along the way but what are you smoking?

  29. David G. Brooks

    My concerns now turn the what Harley Henry is doing, since he tried and failed at his propaganda stratagy of Owen vs. Mia, when probably well knowing of the PM potential condition in the early stages. Maybe the Baptist parish looks like easy pickings since all other main contenders can’t up and resign there current elected positions to move.

    History repeating itself maybe.?!

  30. Mobert

    Who met with Clinton when she came. Stuart? No. McClean? No. Sealy? No.


    That speaks volumes.

  31. J

    Tell me why wrote ” a PM that we all loved… The population will be weeping and wailing and after everything”

    Please do not speak for me. I do not love the PM. I’ve never loved ANY of our PM’s because I’ve never met any of them and so I have never known any of them.

    Am I the only person who finds it impossible to love someone that I’ve never met?

    Am I a freak?

    Or are the rest of you who pretend to love complete strangers freaks?

    The PM did not cry when my parents died. If I should die before the PM I know for certain that he will not cry, and if the PM should die before me I will not be crying.

    I don’t know the man.

  32. J

    Let me ask the question that David Ellis was too delicate to ask.

    What if the PM should die without answering the questions that we have been asking about CLICO etc. for so many months now?

    What if the PM knows that he is dying and has made a decision not to answer these important questions?

    What then?

    And people are telling me that I should cry?

    My question is WHY?

  33. Hands off Buddy

    Sorry Mr. Brooks I don’t smoke, but I am sure your memory is not so bad that you can even pretend not to know that Chris Sinckler was the Foreign Minister of Barbados for 10 months at the start of this government’s term.

  34. Donald Duck Esq

    Why are my comments still waiting moderation

  35. Bismark

    This is funny.

    Whosoever think Chris “Brutus” Sinkler is ever going to be a Prime Minister in Barbados, simply does not know the real Barbados and the way things work. Sinkler has told anyone that would listen, that he wants the job of Prime Minister and that David Thompson should be made to step aside or do so willingly. It would be kind to him to only say he has some rough edges, the truth is he is a ruffian and bully.

  36. A Thinking Man

    Mr. Sinckler has one problem which you’ll over look, but the people he will have to lead (the DLP) did not, the Garrison School.

    the comment i heard was “no garrison boy can’t lead us.”

    now i don’t believe in that kind of talk, i think it’s BS really but that is the words of some of the other people you’ll spoke about. take it, leave it, run with it. just adding that to the mix.

  37. Christy

    I am pleased that news from Nice Radio (St Vincent)says that Prime Minister David Thompson is to speak about his personal health when he returns to Barbados.

    This will win the Prime Minister a multiplicity of benefits including goodwill, prayers and an awakening in all people that every stratum of society is subjected to changing health. Let me congratulate the prime minister for getting it right. He has nothing to lose by his disclosure when it is made.

  38. runner

    @christy but why on St.Vincent radio ? don’t we have media here ? this is nauseating and insulting if correct.

  39. Hartley for PM

    Do not fear Barbados…

    If (and when) our PM should pass from PANCREATIC CANCER (There I said it!)

    Hartley Henry shall ride to our rescue as your next PM….he is already taking David’s safe seat of ST. John…

    He is the only one running Government business….(usually by running his mouth)…

    The rest are mere puppets…

    Remember…where policies are non -existant or fail (and there are many such failures..look at Sealy and Chinese/Brazilian tourism models)..


    Fear not and await your next PM…PM THE HONOURABLE?!! HARTLEY HENRY!

  40. BFP

    Hi Donald Duck

    Your comments are not still waiting. Nothing in the spam basket. Please check again and if they didn’t make it it looks like it happened on your end, not ours. That can happen sometimes if you’re using a proxy or anonymouse or something. Always keep a copy until you see it posted is a good policy.

  41. J

    Look Hartley for PM you got me so scared I think that I will buy a ticket outta here today.

  42. FearPlay

    Has anyone stopped to ask why would a PM not step down if he is incapable of continuing in office because of health? Could it be that if a person were to pass away while holding the office of PM, his/her spouse would be entitled to a (much) higher pension than otherwise, and this until death of the surviving spouse (provided there is not a remarriage)!
    How many late Prime Ministerial pensions are being paid by the Barbados Government to surviving spouses at this time (and to ex-Prime Ministers two)? Count them. Can this small country afford such luxury?

  43. checkit-out

    Fear Play;

    I don’t think that ensuring the qualification of a spouse for a full prime ministerial pension is even worthy of consideration as a justification for a Prime Minister staying on in office after he/she is reasonably sure that he/she is incapable of fullfilling the onerous duties of that office.

    I think however, that other considerations for a PM to stay on als long as possible in such a situation might be;

    – Knowledge that infighting on the part of his/her colleagues for the PM job could seriously jeopardize the chances of the party for reelection.

    – Knowledge that if anyone else takes over as PM, it could spell the end of any special personal project or protections which that PM is actively supporting and disclosure of which could seriously damage the PM’s and the party’s image.

    – a possibility that the PM’s legacy could be besmirched by information coming out of the possible infighting.

    – A need to hold the party together as long as possible, while making feverish changes for succession, in the face of a perception that no one else in the party was capable of leading the country at the time.

    – A need to finish the job he/she started for positive change in the country and thereby to stamp out trends suggesting a disturbing increase in the incidence of persons in the party skirting the government’s financial rules.

    There are probably several other justifications for the speculative scenario drawn by fear play.

  44. J

    Dear Fear Play:

    Both Grantley Adams and his widow are long dead.
    Both Errol Barrow and his widow are long dead.
    Tom Adams’ widow is still alive almost 25 years after his death and to the best of my knowledge she has not remarried.
    Bernard St. John’s widow is still alive
    Both Erskine Sandiford and his wife are alive.
    Both Owen Arthur and his wife are alive.
    Both David Thompson and his wife are alive.

    So presumably Barbados is paying pensions to Mrs. Adams, Mrs. St. John, Mr Sandiford and Mr. Arthur, and a salary to Mr. Thompson, 5 people. Not an unreasonable number consider that Barbados has a pretty high life expectancy.

    All of the women have raised children and presumably some of those children pay taxes in Barbados. A number of Prime Ministerial wives/widows were professional women who paid a lot of taxes during their careers.

    And presumably all of the wives/widows were of social, practical and emotional help to their Prime Minister husbands.

    We should not begrudge our elders their pensions, although we might consider using the top up method that National Insurance already uses. That is the widow/widower does not receive the deceased spouse’s full pension but only the difference to bring the lower pension up to the rate of the higher. And of course if ther are minor children or even children who are older than say 18 but younger than say 25 and who are in continuous full time education we should continue to provide for them. And we should do the same if it happens that a Prime Minister has an adult child that is so disabled that the adult child cannot work

    I don’t think that we should require our elderly former Prime Minister or their widows or their minor or dependent children to live in destitution.

  45. What will they think of next

    I prefer Hartley to Mia for PM any day.

  46. dmc

    I believe that Mr. Thompson will recover an lead again. However if that is not the will of God we will all line behind the next Prime Minister chris sinclair. He is the only one for the job now as Mr. stuart does not like to fly. (on a softer side after owen anbody can become PM. All you have to do is ……) Chris for prime minister

  47. checkit-out

    DMC; I essentially agree with you. I think that, with the excellent treatment that Mr Thompson is getting, he should recover and lead Barbados again. My problem at this time is the most inept way that He, his handlers and the media have mangled the PR surrounding his illness and the mixed messages that have been sent to the general public. But perhaps circumstances beyond his control might have been mainly responsible for this.

    Re. Prime Ministerial material in the DLP and based only on what I’ve seen on TV and in the press over the last 2.5 years. I think Chris Sinckler stands out, followed by Mr. Stewart then Mr. Sealy then Mr A Brathwaite. But I think that Mr. Stewart’s attributes are arguably the best fit for a Brbados PM if needed in the near future. Outside of the Ministers mentioned above, I don’t think there are any others in the current cabinet that are capable of attaining that level in the short or even longer term.

  48. Leave a Reply

    Our Prayers go out to the Prime Minister, his wife Mara and the girls. I wish him a speedy recovery if that be God’s will.

    I think Mr. Stuart is safe, responsible pair of hands but right now Barbados needs someone with a little more courage, a little more of an unorthodox approach to the problems facing Barbados. In that regard, I don’t see that anyone besides Richard Sealy that has this ability.

  49. checkit-out

    There is a very interesting article in yesterday’s Barbados Today about a cabinet meeting which the substantive PM chaired at Ilaro Court that bailed out CLICO. If one connects the dots, it provides a rationale for the strange PR from an ailing PM over the past week or so.

  50. Patience

    I just find it amazing how obvious DLP supporters consistently mimic cannibals when it comes to offering support to their own.

    I seriously doubt that anyone in Barbados including die hard Dems and Yardfowls ( there is a difference) feels confident about our state of affairs.

    The Ideal situation is for the PM to return and look and sound fighting fit,

    next answer all the questions from CLICO to the obvious abuse of the DLP TV..sorry..CBC TV.

    Address former PM Arthur ‘s accusation about the Pier project etc etc etc.
    Avenesh Persaud just rang some more blows of doubt into the adminstrations ethos the other night too.

    we cannot thread water ad nauseum…the people getting tired and many dont have any snorkel masks or oxygen tanks.

  51. 99

    Why, the people will feel that no transparency was present and why the secrecy and why the lies, thus the people will have no trust in the party. Believe you me people.



    —–NO !

  52. EyesWideOpen

    @FearPlay: By stealing from tax payers and, for example, not paying back their taxes this small country can surely afford such luxury.

    @J: Do you really believe that they pay taxes?

  53. Our Family

    Is Arthur correct about the Pierhead marina shinanigans? Arthur says he told then Minister Lynch and then BTI CEO Darcy Boyce that there was to be no hanky-panky in the tendering for the marina project. VECO, SIM Infrastructure Solutions and Glyne Bannister are all the same. This is the same gang from Dodds Prison fame to whom the Barbadian Government has to pay BDS$30 MILLION a year for 30 years to lease the prison from?

  54. Twirly-Wirly

    @ Our Family

    Maybe the Ministry of Finance can call the former Chairman, Dr. Jerry Thorne and the other directors of BTI who resigned to come in for an interview, so we can find out more about the 48 million this country is spending on the marina redesign?

  55. Boy blue

    I wish Thompson well. I like Mia as PM or better yet for Owen to return. However, as a public officer the most energetic, sensible and visionary Minister to my mind is the Minister of Health Donville Inniss. He has taken over the largest and most challenging Ministry and despite the odds have really turned it around.

    I am told that he is the most fearless of all Ministers taking on the PM and all. He is schooled in public sector management and international business. Has worked in the world of diplomacy and has a pretty secure seat. He strikes me as the one with the better business skills. If not he should be deputy PM.

    However, the issue is on the PM. He needs to come clean about his health and the prognosis. He owes
    it to the party and the country.

  56. Hardy

    @Boy Blue

    Please get real. Minister Inniss is a lightweight plus recommending him for Prime Minister is dangerous to our health and well being.

  57. Boy blue

    Hardy. Get real. You are out of reality. Inniss understands politics, is a successful businessman, deep rooted in dlp politics, is a good manager. To say he is lightweight is to say is to show your failure to understand the issues.

    Anyhow the DLP will have to decide. But I like Sinckler and Inniss. They are the right team for the times.

    May Thompson make a full recovery.

  58. BFP

    Hi Boy blue,

    Interesting name, as in what used to be called “blue” films? Candid photographs? (Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, know what I mean? Know what I mean? Say no more! Say no more!… A nod’s as good as a wink to a blind man!)

    So riddle me this… Would the people of Barbados accept as Prime Minister a man who had raw pornography websites?

  59. Hardy

    @ Boy Blue

    Please could you indicate the sucessful business or businesses Mr. Inniss has led as the CEO or owner?

    As to deep rooted in DLP politics, what does that have to do with getting the support needed to become Prime Minister. Sinckler & Inniss make a good team, why not throw in Kelly cause then you’ll have three men in a tub.

    Sealy as Prime Minister and David Estwick as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance.