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Invisible Barbados Prime Minister travels to New York

UPDATED: September 9, 2010

Prime Minister Thompson’s sudden trip New York City is for medical treatment relating to complications. Story at The Nation.

BFP’s original story published 10:35 GMT, September 8, 2010…

According to The Nation, Prime Minister David Thompson slinks off to New York City, but our largest newspaper doesn’t know why.

“PRIME MINISTER David Thompson left Barbados early yesterday for New York, according to sources.

The nature of the trip is unknown, but comes just over a week after his return from two months of medical treatment overseas. He returned to Barbados on Sunday, August 29, and was back at the helm of Government the next day. (TS)”

… from the September 7, 2110 Nation article PM off to New York

A month ago we read somewhere that the PM would be appearing at some environmental conference in New York in early September. Maybe that’s where he’s gone. Maybe not. We’re trying to find the reference. Even the journalists at The Nation appear to know less than we do.

Meanwhile the Barbados news media continues to publish old photographs of David Thompson as he was months or even a year ago.

We, the citizens, deserve better than this.

It’s time, Mister Prime Minister. Your citizens, your country and your political comrades need to know the true state of affairs about your health and your capabilities. It’s okay… whatever it is we will understand and cut you some slack. Need a couple of months more? That’s okay too. We can handle the truth…

But what you’re doing to us now is bullshit.

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Barbados 1936: Happy natives dive for coins, Nazi swastika flies in Bridgetown

Critical Past archival film shows an edited version of Bajan life in 1936

Our thanks to a reader who directed us to the CriticalPast.com archives where we found some 1936 film footage of “Barbados Island” showing the way we were. Well, the way we were at least according to some American tourist who edited their home movie. Lot’s of stereotypes and a big Nazi surprise too! Continue reading


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